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Dissertations & Theses from 2024

Fortney, Sarah Katherine (2024) The Role of Trait and Specific Expectations in the Experience of Dysmenorrhea

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Dissertations & Theses from 2023

Abdullah, Umm E. Hani (2023) Exploratory Study of Deep Brain Stimulation in the Syngap1+/- Mouse Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Electrophysiology

Abney, Douglas John (2023) Broadband’s Role in Agricultural Job Postings In U.S. Counties

Abou-Rached, John (2023) Counting Closed Geodesics in Orbit Closures

Adams, Caitlin J (2023) Implementation of Superabsorbent Polymers for Internally Cured Concrete

Adekunle, Tiwaladeoluwa Beloved (2023) Communication Influences on US Black Women’s Pregnancy Risk Perceptions and Related Behavioral Responses

Aderinwale, Tunde W (2023) Machine Learning-Based Approaches for Accurate Protein Structure Classification and Assembly

Aggarwal, Aashna (2023) Racializing International Student Discourse in the United States: Recommendations for Counseling Psychology and Narratives from Asian Indian International Students

Ahluwalia, Grusha (2023) Mixed-Methods Analysis of Social-Engineering Incidents

Akkarapakam, Sushmanth Jacob (2023) Values of Ramanujan’s Continued Fractions Arising as Periodic Points of Algebraic Functions

Alamer, Khalid Ahmed (2023) A Multimethod Approach to Identify Factors and Improve the Process of Deprescribing Anticholinergics in Older Adults

Alanazi, Abdulrahman Mubarak S (2023) Methods for Ultrasound Imaging of Multi- Layered Objects Based on Collimated Beam Systems

Al Manasir, Rashed Daoud (2023) Metallurgical Length Prediction in Continuous Casting

Almanza-Soto, Juan-Pablo (2023) Zero-Momentum Point Analysis and Ephemeris Transition for Interior Earth to Libration Point Orbit Transfers

Alrashdi, Yousef (2023) Understanding Teachers’ Instructional Strategies that Apply Real-World Problem-Solving in Integrated Stem Education

Alsharif, Khaled Serag (2023) Proactive Vulnerability Identification and Defense Construction – The Case for Can

Alzate, Edier Gomez (2023) The Acquisition of Adverb Placement in Child Heritage Speakers of Spanish

Anderson, Joseph Pierre (2023) The Statistical Foundations of Line Bundle Continuum Dislocation Dynamics

Anderson, Zada B (2023) Cardiac Effects of Recurring Autonomic Dysreflexia

Anornu, Deborah (2023) Communication Privacy Management: Exploring Health Communication in Families

Armin, Faria (2023) VR-Based Testing Bed for Pedestrian Behavior Prediction Algorithms

Arora, Jassimran Kaur (2023) The Electro-Magnetic Properties of Combined Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon-Coated Iron Nanoparticles-Modified Polymer Composites

Arreola, Hailey A (2023) Will Spacing Retractions Modulate the Continued Influence Effect?

Assaad, Lily (2023) Gender and Sexual Orientation Bias in Categorical and Dimensional Models of Personality Pathology

Awad, Omar Fathi (2023) An Autonomous Small Satellite Navigation System for Earth, Cislunar Space, and Beyond

Awosola, Ibidayo (2023) Business Model Innovation as a Driver of Technologicalinnovation, Organizational Performance, Andcompetitiveness in It Smes: an Empirical Study Based Onit Smes in Africa’s Silicon Valley

Bai, Wenjie (2023) Mechanism Design in Defense Against Offline Password Attacks

Balke, Thilo (2023) Time-Of-flight Neutron CT for Isotope Density Reconstruction and Cone-Beam CT Separable Models

Banan, Abigail R (2023) Essays in Economics

Bartlett, Kristin (2023) A Critical Examination of Spatial Skills Assessment: Validity, Bias, and Technology

Beach, Amanda (2023) An Experimental Investigation of Varied IGV Stagger Angle Effects on a High-Pressure Compressor

Beckett, Linda M (2023) Modulating Oxaloacetate Flux in Dairy Cattle; At the Nexus of Energy and Glucose Metabolism

Beckstedt, Madison (2023) Forest Response Following the Loss of Ash

Behymer, Matthew M (2023) Countermeasures for Cyanide: Organometallics as Novel Cyanide Scavengers

Bekdache, Dalia (2023) Towards Developing a Digital Mission Engineering Framework for Aerospace Applications

Belbis, Michael D (2023) Skeletal Muscle Microvasular (Dys)Function: Mechanisms and Therapeutics

Berardi, Maria (2023) On Hodge Cycles on Products of Certain Algebraic Varieties

Berger, Kristen (2023) Asymmetric Transition Metal Catalyzed Cyclopropanations

Bhaganagar, Siddharth (2023) Cellulose Nano Fibers Infused Polylactic Acid Using the Process of Twin Screw Melt Extrusion for 3D Printing Applications

Bhargava, Akash (2023) An Improved Out-Of-band 90° Branch-Line Coupler Design with Application to Butler Beamforming Network

Bhojwani, Jaya Sunil (2023) A Critical Analysis of Asian International Student Experiences in the U.S.

Bishop, Reagan E (2023) Cardiovagal and Sympathetic Baroreflex Sensitivity and the Ability to Decenter

Blackstone, Kliffi Maria Subida (2023) Effects of Competition, Niche Complementarity, and Enemy Attack on Species Co-Existence and Productivity

Blew, John David (2023) Laboratories of Government: Private Foundations in Modern American Political History

Boodaghidizaji, Miad (2023) Determining Macroscopic Transport Parameters and Microbiota Response Using Machine Learning Techniques

Borge, Mikael (2023) The Evaluation of Modular Manufacturing in Controlled Environment Agriculture for Repurposed Urban Spaces

Branca, Nicole (2023) The Membrane Block to Polyspermy in Mammalian Eggs; Analyses of Calcium Signaling and Actin Dynamics During Fertilization

Brasseale, Kent (2023) Nonlinear Methods for Development of Label-Free High-content Screening Instrumentation

Breckner, Christian J (2023) Development of Catalysts for the Conversion of Light Alkanes to Liquid Fuel Hydrocarbons

Brizgys, Lauren Ann (2023) Improving Pig Performance and Efficiency by Attenuating Transport and Immune Stress Responses Through L-Tryptophan Supplementation

Brown, Lisa (2023) Assessing Field Standard Practices for Incorporating Black Individuals in EEG Research

Bsaibes, Thomas (2023) Short Range Probes to Extensions of the Standard Model

Bulutoglu, Pelin Su (2023) A Computational Investigation of Nucleation Mechanism and Polymorph Selection in Crystallization

Burch, Myson C (2023) A Data-Driven Approach To Genetics

Burton, Bobbie (2023) What Works for you Might not Work for me: Consequences of IPT, Feedback Orientation, and Feedback Environment on Performance Management Effectiveness

Busa, Neel (2023) Optimization of Steelmaking Processes in an Electric ARC Furnace

Bushur, Jacob (2023) Hardware/Software Co-Design for Keyword Spotting on Edge Devices

Butt, Ahmed Ashraf (2023) The Role of Digital Nudges in Engineering Students’ Engagement with an Educational Mobile Application

Cai, Enyu (2023) Image Analysis for Plant Phenotyping

Caiza, Jose Ignacio (2023) Optimal Ordering Policies for Supply Networks with Disruptions

Calvert, Lindee Brie (2023) A Simple Biomechanical Analysis of the Ankle

Cambron, David M (2023) Rural Hoosiers, the Farm Problem, and Agents of Change

Cao, Haichuan (2023) Indirect Detection Search for Dark Matter

Carballude, Laura Collazo (2023) Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Resilient Extraterrestrial Habitat Interior Environment

Castro, Carlos Alejandro Zurita (2023) Studies in International Trade: Essays on the Gravity Model and the Trade Facilitation Agreement

Castro, Eliza M. Osorio (2023) Partisanship and Satisfaction with Democracy: An Examination of Different Shades of Negative Partisans

Castro, Laura Melissa Cruz (2023) Learning Analytics Approaches for Decision-Making in First-Year Engineering Courses

Chattopadhyay, Shrijata (2023) Empirical Essays on Price Discovery Through Venture Capital Investments

Chavan, Mrunal Sunil (2023) Improved Performance of Discrete Implementation of Switching Mode Controller For Urea-SCR

Chen, Mengzhou Cloris (2023) Elements of Local Public Health Infrastructure that Correlate with Best Practice Activities: A Preliminary Analysis

Chen, Xueli (2023) Recalcitrance of Pelleted Corn Stover to Enzymatic Digestion

Chimitt, Nicholas (2023) Computational Imaging Through Atmospheric Turbulence

Chiu, Rong (2023) Heterogeneous Structural Elements Based on Mechanics of Structure Genome

Choi, Baekdu (2023) Digital Halftoning and Gamut Mapping for an Inkjet Nail Printer and Digital Halftoning and Descreening with Deep Learning

Choi, Woongsik (2023) Classroom Translanguaging Practices and Secondary Multilingual Learners in Indiana

Chong, Ken (2023) River Restoration Intelligence and Verification (RRIV): Development of a Low-Cost, Versatile Embedded System for Broad-Scale Monitoring of Water Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Choo, Kyosung (2023) Frequency Reduction and Attenuation of the Tire Air Cavity Mode Due to a Porous Lining

Chua, Mel (2023) Faculty Roles in Curricular Change: Postmodern Narrative Ontologies

Ciupak, Meghan (2023) Biogeochemical Factors Influencing Dissolved Greenhouse Gasses Within Three Indiana Wetlands

Clark, Daniel E (2023) Cesium Lead Bromide Quantum Dot Superlattices: Quantifying Structural Heterogeneity and Its Influence on Exciton Delocalization

Clendening, Reese A (2023) One Macrocyclic Ring to Rule the Iron: Harnessing Macrocyclic Unsaturation to Tune the Properties of Organometallic Complexes

Cody, Jonathan (2023) Mathematical Modeling of Interleukin-15 Therapy for Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Coffey, Aidan H (2023) Quasi-Two-Dimensional Halide Perovskite Materials for Photovoltaic Applications

Connolly, Gavin (2023) The Effects of Dietary Protein on Postprandial Essential Amino Acids Bioavailability as a Substrate for Protein Anabolism in Young and Older Adults and on Cardiometabolic Health-Related Outcomes

Coon, Adam Thomas (2023) Utilization of Additive Manufacturing in the Development of Stationary Diffusion Systems for Aeroengine Centrifugal Compressors

Cooper, Alexander Robert (2023) Transient Temperature Distribution and Thermo-Elastic Stress in Gun Tubes

Cramer, Geoffrey (2023) An Empirical Study of Trust & Safety Engineering in Open-Source Social Media Platforms

Crawford, Christopher A (2023) Examining Relationships among Depression Treatment, Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), and Depressive Symptom Clusters in Primary Care Patients with Depression

Cui, Dixuan (2023) Exploring the Effect of Hand Appearance and Tactile Feedback on the Virtual Hand Illusion

Dandridge, Tikyna M (2023) Building Whole Black Youth: A Case of a Culturally Relevant Stem Educator at the Hit Makers Summer Camp

Davis, Lissa A (2023) Relationships Among Unpalatable Oral Stimuli, Saliva, Repeated Exposure, and Sensory Acceptance

Day, Jodi (2023) Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z Teachers: A Comparison of Generational Preferences for Leadership Practices

Deac, Alexandru (2023) Dissolution Mechanisms of Amorphous Solid Dispersions

Dean, Matthew (2023) Shock-Wave / Boundary-Layer Interaction in Flow over the High-Speed Army Reference Vehicle

Debenham, Christopher (2023) Shaping the Final Frontier: Exploring the Dynamics of Cislunar Space Development

DeLange, Jacob (2023) Optical Properties of Rydberg Excitons in Cuprous Oxide

DeLaughter, Robin Lyun (2023) Aud of the Dead

Delisle, Zackary J (2023) Modeling Density and Group Size of White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) with Distance Sampling

Dell, Frances (2023) Evaluating Driving Factors Behind Relational Contracts in Agricultural Capital Equipment

de Silva, Dhanurja (2023) An Improved Airflow and Watering Balance for a Biowall

Dhamankar, Shveta (2023) Model-Based Approach for Resilient Vehicle Operation

Dickerson, Sydney (2023) Second Language Discourse Markers and Study Abroad: the Case of Pues and Bueno in Peninsular Spanish

Dickerson, Sydney (2023) Second Language Discourse Marker Development: A Concept-Based Approach to Instruction

Ding, Jianing (2023) The Role of Information Systems in Healthcare

Dobben, Johnathan (2023) The Strategic Logic of Arms Purchasing

Dodda, Jhansi Reddy (2023) Reduced Order Modelling of Mistuned Integrally Bladed Rotors

Downey, Laura A (2023) Construal Level Theory and Text Messaging Support for Antidepressant Medication Therapy

Dutta, Trishit (2023) Energy Efficient Hardware for Neural Network Applications

Edwards, Justin (2023) Multi-Spectral Fusion for Semantic Segmentation Networks

Fahim, Nahian Fyrose (2023) Physiological, Immunological, Microbiological, and Molecular Responses of Sea Urchin Exposed to Physical and Chemical Stressors

Farache, David F (2023) Role of Dislocations on Martensitic Transformation and Microstructure Through Molecular Dyanmic Simulations

Farrukh, Habiba (2023) Leveraging Multimodal Sensing for Enhancing the Security and Privacy of Mobile Systems

Fehl, Aaron (2023) Essays on Public Policy

Fendley, Caitlin Brianne (2023) Countdown to Zero: A History of Grassroots Population Activism in the United States, 1968-1991

Fernandez, Alyssa (2023) The Relationship Between Resonant Frequency, Sound Hole Diameter, and Body Depth in Acoustic Guitars

Fink, John Thomas (2023) (U-Th)/He Systematics of Fossil Gar Scales and their Potential for Basin Thermal History Reconstruction

Fischer, Torey (2023) The Impacts of Stocking Density on Behavior of Pullets Reared in Cage-Free Housing Systems

Fitch, Joshua David (2023) Development of an Open-Source Toolbox for Design and Analysis of Active Debris Remediation Architectures

Fordyce, Amanda Lynn (2023) Examining the Effects of Retrieval Practice on Memory for Temporal-Contextual Information

Forsythe, Emily Rae (2023) Using Choice Experiment Data to Estimate the Value of a Statistical Species

Forsyth, Elizabeth (2023) How to Fall Apart

Frase, Robert T (2023) Adult Children's Education and Mothers' Health: Exploring the Roles of Adult Children's Problems and Mothers' Widowhood Status

Fraser, Ryan D (2023) User Controlled Privacy Boundaries for Smart Homes

Fraseur, Joseph L (2023) Optimization of Onboard Solar Panel Geometry for Powering an Electric Vehicle

Frazier, A. Paige (2023) Drag Cuisines: The Queer Ontology of Veganism

Furuya, Keiichiro (2023) Quantum Error Correction in Quantum Field Theory and Gravity

Gableman, Michael (2023) A NeRF for all Seasons

Gaff, Amy (2023) Investigation of Research-Based Communication Strategies for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in an Early Childhood Setting

Gao, Jianfei (2023) Out-of-Distribution Representation Learning for Network System Forecasting

Garcia-Feehan, Caitlin (2023) "Our Primate Materials" Robert M. Yerkes and the Introduction of the Primate to Problems of Human Betterment in the American Eugenics Movement

Gastelum, Juan Carlos Verduzco (2023) A Quest for Better Battery Materials: Accelerating Discovery Through Efficient Exploration and Rational Design

Geldner, Nathan B (2023) Advances in Coastal Flood Risk Analysis

Gellis, Eliza (2023) Encounters with the Divine in the Hebrew Bible

Glasky, Enimini Theresa (2023) Critical Zone Calculation for Automated Vehicles Using Model Predictive Control

Gomez, Caesar (2023) The Syntheses, Characterizations, & Strategies of High-Value, Diverse, Organic Compounds

Gonzalez, Glebys (2023) Pose Imitation Constraints for Kinematic Structures

Grant, Janelle B (2023) Watching From Below: Black Student Engagement With Disciplinary Power at School

Graulich, Dylan Thomas (2023) Measurement of Temperature on the Leg of a Lunar Lander

Grennan, Hugh (2023) Coupling Nanomechanical and Chemical Characterization for Evaluating Properties of Smallscale Molecular Crystals

Grismer, Melinda Ann (2023) Latino Community Health Needs & Workforce Assessment Study

Guerra, Rodrigo Orta (2023) Development of Processing and Joining Techniques for the Fabrication of a Silicon Carbide Heat Exchanger

Guha, Indulekha (2023) Empirical Essays on Bias-Motivated Behaviour

Guo, Siqi (2023) The Effect of Dynamic Rim Lighting on Users Visual Attention in the Virtual Environment

Guo, Yifan (2023) Modeling Wound Healing Mechanobiology

Gupta, Mridul (2023) Detection and Sub-Pixel Localization of Dim Point Objects

Gupta, Vivek (2023) Multi-agent Neural Rearrangement Planning of Objects in Cluttered Environments

Gutierrez, Nicolas Mauricio Morato (2023) Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry for High Throughput Bioanalysis

Guzman, Santiago Ruiz (2023) Deep Learning Approaches for Automatic Acoustic Detection of the Bachman's Sparrow and its Application to Assessing its Response to Prescribed Burns in Subtropical Habitats of Central Florida

Gyamfi, Prince Adu (2023) Effects of Tailored Messaging on Cell Phone Use Avoidance While Driving Through Highway Work Zones: Application of the Risk Perception Attitude Framework

Haarmann, Jesse Andrew (2023) Influence of Application Placement, Resistance Genotype, and PPO-Inhibiting Herbicide on the PPO-Resistance Phenotype in Waterhemp

Hadisurya, Marco (2023) Characterization of Diagnostic Biosignatures for Parkinson’s Disease and Renal Cell Carcinoma Through Quantitative Proteomics and Phosphoproteomics Analyses of Urinary Extracellular Vesicles

Han, Heejae (2023) Smart Security System Based on Edge Computing and Face Recognition

Han, Tianhong (2023) Computational Modeling of Skin Growth to Improve Tissue Expansion Reconstruction

Harbin, Zachary (2023) Computational Mechanobiology Model Evaluating Healing of Postoperative Cavities Following Breast-Conserving Surgery

Harivand, Raman Ghafari (2023) The Future of iO Kids: Establishing Brushing Habit in Early Childhood

Hayek, Zahi Nehme El (2023) Numerical Investigations on the Comparative Study of Headed Studs and Headed Reinforcement

Hazeltine, Alexander (2023) On Intersections of Local Arthur Packets for Classical Groups

Hegde, Monica (2023) User Experience Study of Screen Readers for Visually Challenged Users

Heraty, Ian Patrick (2023) A Comparative Study of Second-Level Computer Science Education in Ireland and the United States

Hernandez-Franco, Juan Francisco (2023) The Synergistic Benefits of Combining Innate Immune Stimulators into Nanoparticle Adjuvants for Intradermal Vaccination

Hernandez, Julio A (2023) Utilizing Embedded Sensing for the Development of Piezoresistive Elastodynamics

Hiatt, Scott M (2023) Duality and Local Cohomology in Hodge Theory

Hickey, Christopher Alfred (2023) Quantum Activation Functions for Neural Network Regularization

Hickin, Abigail (2023) Deriving Ultralight Dark Matter Limits with a Prototype Array of Mechanical Accelerometers

Hiday, Lawrence A (2023) Examining the Performance Improvements Offered by 802.11ax Mu-Mimo in a Classroom Environment

Hiles, Rachel Rose (2023) Battle Tactics: Ralstonia Solanacearum K60 Type III Effector Impacts Plant Cytoskeleton

Hirsch, Alyssa (2023) A Notre Dame Man: How Mike DeCicco Made Notre Dame Fencing into an International Powerhouse

Hoang, Alexander (2023) Automation of the Quality Control Process with the Use of Robotics and a Coordinate Measuring Machine

Hoffman, Alexander E (2023) Design of Lunar Transfer Trajectories for Secondary Payload Missions

Hook, Krista Fay White (2023) Exploring Educator Problem-Solving Beliefs in Indiana Higher Education: A Qualitative Approach

Hristozov, Anton Dimov (2023) Resilient Architectures Through Dynamic Management of Software Components

Hubbard, Benjamin Grant (2023) The Impact of ASC 606 and Firm Characteristics on Revenue Manipulation

Huber, Jarrett (2023) A New State of Affairs: Portuguese-U.S. Relations 1945-1961

Ibrahim, Michael Kamel (2023) Improving Object Detection Using Enhanced Efficientnet Architecture

Irving, Charles D (2023) Phosphonium-Salt Mediated Activation of C-O Bonds: Applications and Mechanistic Studies

Isbister, Duncan Joseph (2023) Development of Experimental and Computational Tools for the Design of Visual Force Feedback Focused Compliant Mechanism-Based End-Effectors

Ishaq, Muhammad (2023) MPC for the Real World: Improving Performance and Usability Via Program Analysis, and Applications to Decentralized Finance

Jahani, Shima (2023) Enhancing Construction Workers Safety: The Design and Implementation of Interactive-Motivational Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Jain, Kaushal Kamal (2023) Model-Based On-Board Diagnostics for SCR-ASC

Jain, Pritesh Rajesh (2023) Understanding the Genetic Basis of Complex Traits Through Multi-Omic Studies

Jame, Sadia Afrin (2023) Influence of Irrigation and Drainage Practices on Water Resources

Jankowski, Kevin (2023) Atmospheric Particle Identification and Characterization of Field Collected Samples

Jensen, Clare L (2023) Predictors, Mechanisms, and Diversity in Human-Animal Interaction Research

Jeong, Dawoon (2023) Three Essays on Water Policy Design

Ji, Jaehoon (2023) Optoelectronic and Electrochemical Properties of Hybrid Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Heterostructures

Joe, Jerin (2023) Incremental Test Pattern Generation for Structurally Similar Circuits

Johnson, Corey (2023) The Design, Synthesis, and Application of a Refined Photo-Switchable Cyclic Peptide Scaffold for Beta-Turn Manipulation

Johnson-Kwochka, Annalee V (2023) A Mixed-Methods Investigation of the Implications of Substance Use Disorder Stigma for Justice-Involved Youth

Jorgensen, Michael D (2023) Designing Coiled-Coil Peptide Materials for Biomedical Applications

Jovanovic, Nina (2023) Understanding the Effects of Technology Adoption Decisions Made by Smallholder Farmers with Incomplete Information

Kang, David H (2023) Objective Flow Pattern Identification and Classification in Inclined Two-Phase Flows Using Machine Learning Methods

Kan-uge, Grace L. Baldwin (2023) Improvements to the Driving Capabilities of a Well-Driver PUP (Purdue Utility Project) to Install Low-Cost Driven Water Wells

Karim, Imtiaz (2023) A Systematic Framework for Analyzing the Security and Privacy of Wireless Communication Protocol Implementations

Katz, Justin (2023) Spectral Rigidity and Flexibility of Hyperbolic Manifolds

Kebede, Daniel Gulti (2023) Three Essays in Economics

Keith, Craig (2023) Exploring Success Factors for ICT Support to Remote Learning in Heis

Kell, Caleb E (2023) Comparative Silvics of Butternut Hybrids in Afforestation and Reforestation Plantings

Kemp, Alexandra (2023) Evaluation Modeling for Energy Management in General Aviation Airplanes

Keralapura Nagaraju, Ksheera Sagar (2023) Addressing Challenges in Graphical Models: Map Estimation, Evidence, Non-Normality, and Subject-Specific Inference

Kern, Jessica (2023) Pre-Weaned Dairy Calf Management: An Investigation Into Colostrum Practices and Non-Invasive Measures of Chronic Stress

Keshari, Abhinav Kaushal (2023) Vision-Language Model for Robot Grasping

Khan, Md Monsurul Islam (2023) Rheology of Suspension of Fibers: Microscopic Interaction to Macroscopic Rheology

Kim, Bryant (2023) QM/MM Applications and Corrections for Chemical Reactions

Kim, I. Luk (2023) Identification of Web Security Threats to Online Business Models

Kim, Junghoon (2023) Joint Learning And Optimization Methodologies for Advancing Next Generation Communication Systems

Kim, Seho (2023) Multiple Signals of Opportunity for Land Remote Sensing

Kim, Seohyung (2023) Pollution as Relations: Reconfiguring Pollution, Toxicities, and Bodies Through Particulate Matter in South Korea

King, Kindyl (2023) On Reconstructing Gaussian Mixtures from the Distance Between Two Samples: An Algebraic Perspective

Knight, Joseph (2023) Constraints on the Action of Positive Correspondences on Cohomology

Konishi, Matthew (2023) Inferring Takeover and Trust in SAE Level 2 Automated Vehicles

Koratikere, Pavankumar (2023) Efficient Sequential Sampling for Neural Network-Based Surrogate Modeling

Korn, Daniel Jonathan (2023) Slide-To-Roll Ratio in Automotive Valve Train Cam and Oscillating Roller Follower

Kosloske, Triston Andrew (2023) Geometric Uncertainty Analysis of Aerodynamic Shapes Using Multifidelity Monte Carlo Estimation

Kosmakov, Maksim (2023) Certain Aspects of Quantum and Classical Integrable Systems

Krishna, Bhawna (2023) Effect of Modalities on Group Performance in Hyflex Environment

Kumar, Parvin (2023) Apex-Ics: Automated Protocol Exploration and Fuzzing for Closed Source ICS Protocols

Kurup, Allycen R (2023) Daily Online Experiences of Marginalization Stress and Social Support for LGBTQIA+ Young Adults

Kuwaranancharoen, Kananart (2023) Analyses and Scalable Algorithms for Byzantine-Resilient Distributed Optimization

Kwaning, Raphael (2023) Instruction as a Communicative Endeavor

LaFarge, Nicholas Blaine (2023) Reinforcement Learning Approaches for Autonomous Guidance and Control in a Low-Thrust, Multi-body Dynamical Environment

Lafleur, Allison T (2023) ZDR ARC Area And Intensity as a Precursor to Low Level Rotation in Supercells

Lamsal, Gunakeshari (2023) Investigating Germinating Seeds as Oxygen Scavengers in Hermetic Storage: Implications for Insect Mortality

Lancaster, Nicholas Allan (2023) Public Perceptions and Valuation of Wildlife in the U.S.

Laniog, Jehu Emmanuel G (2023) Narratives from the Rice Fields: Colonial Legacies, Agricultural Change, and Coping Strategies in Nabua, Camarines Sur

Larsen, Jacob T (2023) Characterization of the Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Porcine Brain Tissue in vitro

Lazorchak, Nathaniel (2023) Framework for In-Silico Neuromodulatory Peripheral Nerve Electrode Experiments to Inform Design and Visualize Mechanisms

Ledbetter, William (2023) Comments as Reviews: Predicting Answer Acceptance by Measuring Sentiment on Stack Exchange

Lee, Dong Eun (2023) Pre-Chamber Jet Ignition in an Optically-Accessible Constant-Volume Gasoline Engine

Leidig, Paul A (2023) Impact of Engineers Without Borders USA Experiences on Professional Preparation

Lenfestey, Gloria Koester (2023) A Portfolio Approach to Grain Marketing and Crop Insurance Strategies for an Indiana Case Farm

Lewis, Tyler (2023) Extending Synthetic Data and Data Masking Procedures Using Information Theory

Liang, Jiajun (2023) Risk Interpretation of Differential Privacy and its Applications

Liang, Zihao (2023) Design of Organic Radical-Based Materials for Electrical and Magnetic Applications

Li, Funing (2023) On the Production of Severe Convective Storm Environments in North and South America

Li, Lei (2023) Learning and Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Lindey, Devan (2023) Grove City College v. Bell (1984): Conservative Education on Trial, and the Legacy of J. Howard Pew

Lin, Zih-Yu (2023) Mass Transfer and Stability Properties of Functionalized 2D Perovskite Interfaces

Li, Renfei (2023) Determination of Lake Water Level Using Space Laser Altimetry

Li, Ruixin (2023) Designs and Mechanics of Architectured DNA Assemblies

Li, Tianyu (2023) Curvilinear Structure Detection in Images by Connected-Tube Marked Point Process and Anomaly Detection in Time Series

Liu, Huimin (2023) Supporting Content Generation in Virtual Environments Based on Optimization

Liu, Luqing L (2023) Demonstration of Choroid Plexus-Subventricular Zone Regulatory (CSR) Axis Mediated by Small Extracellular Vesicles: Toxicological, Molecular, and Neurobehavioral Characterizations

Lokhande, Monish (2023) Two-Dimensional Suborbital Slosh Experiment

Lou, Zhouyang (2023) Three Essays of Healthcare Data-driven Predictive Modeling

Lovell, Alexandria (2023) The Evaluation of Phonemic Awareness Lesson Materials

Loviska, Amy Milin (2023) Pubertal Development Pathways to Adolescent Alcohol Use: Testing the Mediating Role of Other-Sex Friendships

Lyon, Graham Pierce (2023) Measuring Authentic Learning within Purdue University’s Epics Program

Lyu, Xiao (2023) Polarization and Switching Dynamics Study of Ferroelectric Hafnium Zirconium Oxide for Feram and Fefet Applications

Magar, Stuti Thapa (2023) Taxonomy of Short-Term within-Person Variability in Job Performance: Review and Empirical Assessment

Mahindra, Vaishnavi (2023) Personality Traits and Resistance to Online Trust Exploitation

Majumdar, Neelakshi (2023) State-Based Analysis of General Aviation Loss of Control Accidents Using Historical Data and Pilots’ Perspectives

Manerikar, Ankit (2023) Self-Supervised One-Shot Learning for Automatic Segmentation of GAN-Generated Images

Mangal, Metali (2023) Gamification of a Virtual Lab Training: Effects of Providing Visual Motivational Feedback

Mann, Thomas (2023) Theoretical and Experimental Investigation Of Deformation in Immm-NI2(Cr, MO, W) Strengthened Haynes® 244® Alloy

Mao, Dake (2023) DNA Self-Assembly on Surface

Mao, Runyu (2023) Learning Based Food Image Analysis - Detection, Recognition and Segmentation

Mao, Zhiyuan (2023) Image Restoration Methods for Imaging Through Atmospheric Turbulence

Martin, Diego A (2023) Essays in Labor and Development

Martinez, Juan Sebastian (2023) The Pursuit of Effective Artificial Tactile Speech Communication: Improvements and Cognitive Characteristics of a Phonemic-Based Approach

Master, Alexander (2023) Modeling and Characterization of Internet Censorship Technologies

Maxam, William P. (2023) Discovering U.S. Government Threat Hunting Processes and Improvements

Maxey, Kayla Renée (2023) Moving Intention(s) to Impact: A Cultural Analysis of the Influence of Engineering Instructors’ Agency on the Professional Culture of Engineering

Meier, Savannah Jane (2023) The Role of Emotional Contagion in Risk Communication

Metah, Chawin (2023) A Parallel Computing Approach for Identifying Retinitis Pigmentosa Modifiers in Drosophila Using Eye Size and Gene Expression Data

Milder, Patrick (2023) Zebrafish Asd Discovery Models for Epileptic Mutations of Scn2a And Scn8a

Miller, Julia (2023) Measuring Community Engagement in STEM Students

Mirza, Mohammad Meraj (2023) Towards a Transdisciplinary Cyber Forensics Geo-Contextualization Framework

Misra, Kanishka (2023) On Semantic Cognition, Inductive Generalization, and Language Models

Mitchell, Chven Andreas M (2023) Microstructural Controls on the Macroscopic Behavior of Analogue Rocks (Geo-Architected Rocks)

Mitchell, Colton D (2023) Dynamical Flow Characteristics in Response to a Maneuver in the L1 or L2 Earth-Moon Region

Modereger, Brent (2023) Effects of Storage Conditions and GC×GC/FID Parameters on the Composition and Flash Point of Jet a and The Identification and Quantitation of Alkylphenols In Jet A Using PREP-HPLC And GC×GC/(+)EI MS

Mohanty, Pinaki R (2023) Beyond Disagreement-Based Learning for Contextual Bandits

Montealegre, Alejandra Agredo (2023) The Role of KMT5C on EGFR Inhibitor Resistance in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Moon, DongWhoi (2023) Essays on Non-Market Valuation of Microplastic Pollution in Various Contexts

Moore, Angus K (2023) Controls on Volcanic Arc Weathering Rates Inferred Using Cosmogenic Nuclides

Moore, James W (2023) Network Methods for Multiple Gravity-Assist Mission Design

Moses, Olayemi O (2023) Understanding Culturally Relevant Engineering Education in Multiple Settings: A Case Study of Nigeria

Mudemfu, Michel (2023) Intelligent Solid Waste Classification System Using Deep Learning

Mukherjee, Avigyan (2023) Enhancing Security in Docker Web Servers Using AppArmor and BPFtrace

Mukherjee, Tamalika (2023) Differentially Private Sublinear Algorithms

Mun, Daeseong (2023) Real-Time Sound Monitoring Based on Convolutional Neural Network for Operational State Prediction of Industrial Manufacturing Equipment

Nafakh, Abdullah Jalal (2023) A Framework for Enhancing Pedestrian Service at Signalized Intersections

Nayak, Sanjay (2023) Surrogate Models for Seismic Response of Structures

Nayfeh, Mohammad (2023) Artificial Intelligence-Based GPS Spoofing Detection and Implementation with Applications To Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Newsome, Eastyn (2023) Examining the Interaction Between Droplet Density, Leaf Wettability and Leaf Surface Properties on Fungicide Efficacy

Newton, David (2023) Retrospective Approximation for Smooth Stochastic Optimization

Nguyen, Nhu (2023) Three Essays on Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Nicol, Audrey (2023) Identifying and Characterizing the Impact of Modifier Genes in a Model of Obesity in Drosophila melanogaster

Nishibuchi, George Maxwell (2023) Properties of Infrared Transparent Optical Ceramics Via Density Functional Theory

Nishio, Yu (2023) Progress Towards the Total Synthesis of Stemocurtisine via Carbonylative Lactonization Strategy

Nketia, Sabina Boatemah Afum (2023) Large-Eddy Simulation of Rotationally- And Externally-Induced Ingress in an Axial Rim Seal of a Stator-Rotor Configuration

Nolan, Sean Matthew (2023) Practical Numerical Trajectory Optimization Via Indirect Methods

Nold, Benjamin (2023) Spaceborne Demonstration of P-Band Signals of Opportunity Remote Sensing: Instrument Modeling and Validation

Nonkovic, Nikolina (2023) Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy Association with DNA Methylation: A Sibling Comparison Design

Norman, Kendal Graham (2023) Analysis of Continuous Learning Models For Trajectory Representation

Novotney, David (2023) Applications of Digital Engineering Tenets to Naval Special Warfare Requirement(s) Definition

Obradovich, Alyssa (2023) Decision by Default: End of Life Care Decisions

Oelschlager, Patrick T (2023) Agbufferbuilder for Decision Support in the Collaborative Design of Variable-Width Conservation Buffers in the Saginaw Bay Watershed

Oesterle, Daniel W (2023) Exploring the Structure of Impelling Risk Factors for Sexual Aggression: Integration of Normal & Pathological Personality Traits

Oka, Aditya Ajay (2023) Mitigating Vr Cybersickness Caused by Continuous Joystick Movement

Orth, Michael (2023) Advancement of Additive Manufacturing for Monopropellant Catalyst Beds

Oyakojo, Emmanuel Oladipupo (2023) Numerical Investigations on Bonded Anchors with Post-Installed Supplementary Reinforcement Under Tension Loading

Padhye, Suyash (2023) International Construction Risk Mitigation: A Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM) Framework to Evaluate Information and Source Credibility

Panchal, Tarang Kiran (2023) Effect of Temperature on the Delamination and Performance of Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Pande, Shrihari D (2023) Reduced Modelling of Oscillatory Flows in Compliant Conduits at the Microscale

Pandey, Ritika (2023) Rewiring Police Officer Training Networks to Reduce Forecasted Use of Force

Pant, Kartik Anand (2023) Enhancing Cybersecurity of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Urban Environments

Papiashvili, Megi (2023) The Evolution of Leftism in Peruvian Literature from the 20th Century to the Contemporary Era: José Carlos Mariátegui, José María Arguedas, and Antonio Gálvez Ronceros

Parajuli, Kusum (2023) Sea Star, Luidia clathrata, Responses to Physical and Thermal Stress

Parra Giraldo, Santiago (2023) The Effect of Visual Feedback on Voice Onset Time (VOT) of Spanish Learners of English

Patel, Justin A (2023) Super-Resolution Sensing and Imaging Using Structured Light

Patil, Ninad (2023) Spray Overlap and Heat Transfer Coefficient Uniformity in Continuous Casting

Pekarek, Robert (2023) A Many-Objective Robust Decision-Making Analysis of Seawall Upgrades at the United States Naval Academy

Pellegrini, Mason (2023) Writing, Activity, and Genre Research in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: The Contrasting Strategies of Microenterprise and High-Growth Entrepreneurs

Peng, Tanya (2023) Investigation of the Gas-Phase Reactions of 2-Methoxypropene with Protonated Pyridine- and Aniline- Based Compounds

Peterson, Brianna Nicole (2023) Chemical Characterization of Nanoplastic Particles Formed in Airborne Waste Discharged from Sewer Pipe Repairs

Phillips, Terron Jermain (2023) Culturally Responsive College Student Retention Theory & Practice

Pictor, Noah (2023) Student Engagement in an Online Stem Camp: Where have You People Been all My Life?

Piper, Megan (2023) Witnessing a Gap: How Digital Forensic Expert Witness Qualifications Differ from Attorney Expectations

Poe, Dylan (2023) Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolyte Evaporation

Ponkshe, Aishwarya Vinod (2023) Improvements in Engine Performance Simulations and Integrated Engine Thermal Modeling

Powlen, Jada Sue (2023) An Integrated Cultural Management Approach for Brown Patch Disease Suppression in Tall Fescue Lawns

Price, Joshua (2023) Artificial Intelligence-Based Solutions for the Detection and Mitigation of Jamming and Message Injection Cyberattacks Against Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Prunty, Sarah G (2023) Paper Spray-Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive-Based Collection for the Recovery and Detection of Drugs of Abuse

Qian, Xun (2023) Explore the Design and Authoring of Ai-driven Context-aware Augmented Reality Experiences

Qin, Fei (2023) Essays on Market Segmentation and Retailers' Competing Strategies

Qin, Juehang (2023) Computational Techniques for the Direct Detection of Dark Matter

Qin, Yue (2023) Examining Dietary Intake, Food Security and Health Among the Population with Low Incomes

Qiu, Lingqi (2023) Unraveling Reaction Acceleration in Microdroplets: Exploring Unique Chemistry at the Gas/Solution Interface

Qu, Xiangyu (2023) Imaging and Object Detection Under Extreme Lighting Conditions and Real World Adversarial Attacks

Ragland, Elizabeth (2023) Impact of Scientific Inquiry Case Studies on Students’ Experience in an Introductory Animal Agriculture Course

Ragupathi, Jayasurya (2023) Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drones Against Battery Drones: Last Mile Delivery Perspective

Rahman, Mohammad Mushfiqur (2023) Exploiting Magnetic Correlations in Low-dimensional Hybrid Quantum Systems: Towards Next-Generation Spintronic Devices

Rahman, Saquib (2023) Ambient Electrostatics of Ions and Charged Microdroplets Produced Via Nanoelectrospray Ionization

Ramakrishnan, Monica (2023) Investigation of the Effects of Beta-Casein Protein Variants on Lactose Maldigestion

Ramakrishnan, Varun (2023) Water Animation Using Coupled SPH and Wave Equations

Ramishetty, Sravani (2023) High Probability Guarantees for Federated Learning

Ramos Cardona, Xavier E (2023) Canine CAR T Cell Therapy for Solid Tumors

Randez, Alyssa Amanda (2023) Cognitive Effort-based Decision-making & Task Preferences

Rapp, Breah Lynne (2023) Effects of Dopaminergic Medication and Deep-Brain Stimulation on Disfluencies in Patients With Parkinson Disease

Ravi, Akash (2023) Understanding First-Time User Experiences in an Educational Crowdsourcing Platform

Raye, Shalin Lena (2023) Rethinking the Critical Paradigm in Education: A Turn to Affective Pragmatism

Regmi, Hari Prasad (2023) Three Essays Evaluating Long-Term Agricultural Projections

Richert, Jacob (2023) Effect of Dietary Manipulations and Weaning Age on Nursery Pig Digestive Physiology and Growth

Roberts, Leah (2023) Countermeasures for Preventing Malicious Infiltration on the Information Technology Supply Chain

Robinson, Alexander (2023) Credit Preference of Farmers when Purchasing Farm Inputs

Robinson, Kailey (2023) Teachers' Opinions on Habits of Mind for High School Students with Disabilities

Roders, Dana M (2023) Beyond Deadly Sins and Virgin Impairments: Medieval Bodies in Disability Studies

Rohde, Michael (2023) Demographics of Adjacent Blanding's Turtle (Emydoidea Blandingii) Populations in Central Michigan

Rolling, Timothy (2023) On Steiner Symmetrizations of First Exit Time Distributions and Lévy Processes

Rosenblum, Alison (2023) On the Topology of Symmetric Semialgebraic Sets

Rosser, John Gregory (2023) Investigation of Jamming Phenomenon in a DRI Furnace Pellet Feed System Using the Discrete Element Method and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Royal, Shelby Monet (2023) Experimental Approaches to Advance Hellbender Headstarting

Russell, Christopher K (2023) Impact of Catalyst Composition on Olefin Aromatization in Presence and Absence of Hydrogen

Russell, Thomas Charles (2023) Investigation Into the Lubrication Mechanism of the Ball Bearing Cage

Sachdev, Gaurav (2023) Ranking Social Engineering Attack Vectors in the Healthcare and Public Health Sector

Sadaka, Noah I (2023) There and Back Again: Generating Repeating Transfers Using Resonant Structures

Sah, Avyay (2023) Design of a Three Phase AC-Side Common-mode Inductor

Sakiewicz, Hunter A (2023) Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Environmental Control Systems for Resilient Extra-Terrestrial Habitats

Salazar, Kara A (2023) Exploring the Role of Environmental Planning and Community Development in Informing Local Government Policies: Opportunities, Challenges, and Recommendations for Sustainable Development

Sang, Lara T (2023) Presence of Adp-Ribosylation Factor 1 (ARF1) in the Choroid Plexus: Impact on Copper Levels in the Cerebrospinal Fluid and Lead Exposure

Sanyal, Amrita (2023) Essays on Gender Gaps in Stem

Schomburg, Michelle (2023) What it all Comes Down To: Women's Liberation And Oppression Continues Breathing Life into Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill

Schreck, Adam (2023) The Application of Lorawan as an Internet of Things Tool to Promote Data Collection in Agriculture

Scudder, Noel Alexander (2023) The Effects of Magmatic Evolution, Crystallinity, and Microtexture on the Visible/Near-Infrared and Thermal-Infrared Spectra of Volcanic Rocks

Senarathne, Lakmini Rangana (2023) Artificial Intelligence Applications for Identifying Key Features to Reduce Building Energy Consumption

Seybold, Samantha L (2023) White Noise: Online Disinformation as Political Dominance

Shabnam, Jannatul (2023) Recombinant BPRAG1 Protein-Based Serodiagnostic Assays for Detection of Baylisascaris Larva Migrans in Birds and Non-Human Primates

Shah, Ajay (2023) Job Crafting Amid Resource Threats: A Conservation of Resources Theory Perspective

Sheets, Tessa Ruth (2023) Leveraging of Machine Learning to Evaluate Genotypic-Phenotypic Concordance of Pasteurella Multocida Isolated from Bovine Respiratory Disease Cases

Shenai, Pratith Narasimha (2023) Generation of Data Sets Using CFD and Realistic Probe Design for a Virtual Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Shenault, De'Shovon Mone (2023) Oh Lipids, the Places we Have Gone

Sheoran, Akhil Jaisingh (2023) Entanglement Entropy in Cosmology and Emergent Gravity

Sherwood, Hannah (2023) Understanding Video Game Developer Intention Versus Outcome as it Pertains to Audience Experience with Game Narrative

Shi, Liang (2023) Thermal Energy Storage Integrated Ground Source Heat Pump System for De-Carbonization

Shim, Soo Won (2023) Elementary Preservice Teachers'Competence in Planning and Implementing Empathic Design in Cross-Cultural Stem Education

Simmons, Forrest (2023) Electronic Fractals in Quantum Materials

Simper, Hunter (2023) Local Cohomology of Determinantal Thickening and Properties of Ideals of Minors of Generalized Diagonal Matrices

Sinclair, Collin (2023) 3D Printing Suppressor for Small Arms Using Fused Deposition Modeling

Singh, Aushij (2023) Evaluating User-Friendly Dashboards for Driverless Vehicles: Evaluation of In-Car Infotainment in Transition

Smith, Stacia (2023) Investigating Factors that Increase Vulnerability to Cyber-Attacks During the First Year College Transition

Soni, Darshan (2023) Nonlinear Dynamics of Thermoelastic Plates

Sparks, Morgan (2023) The Biological Consequences of Cryptic Local Adaptation and Contemporary Evolution

Srinivasan, Karthik (2023) Characterizing Synthetic Antigen-Binding Fragments for Isolation of the Toc Complex

Srinivasan, Vittal (2023) Model Predictive Control Design to Regulate Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Levels in Patients with Hypothyroidism

Srivastava, Prashast (2023) Practical Methods for Fuzzing Real-World Systems

Sundararajah, Kirshanthan (2023) Composable, Sound Transformations for Nested Recursion and Loops

Sundaresh, Ananthesh (2023) Search for Topological Superconductivity in Superconductor-Semiconductor Heterostructures

Susnjar, Antonia (2023) Clinical Applications of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Sutherland, Hayley L (2023) Influence of a Phytogenic Feed Additive on Broiler Chicken Behavior and Welfare

Swope, Abigail (2023) The Bachelorettes Dare

Tandale, Atharva (2023) Data-Based On-Board Diagnostics for Diesel-Engine Nox-Reduction Aftertreatment Systems

Tan, Sheng (2023) Boundary and Domain Wall Theories of 2D Generalized Quantum Double Models

Tedeschi, Brian (2023) Effects of Informal STEM Education on Underrepresented Students

Teeple, Kelsey (2023) Reproductive Competence in Female ICR Mice Following High Fat Diet and Constant Light Exposure

Tetel, Victoria (2023) Rethinking the Avian Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis: A New Role for Cortisol

Thapliyal, Omanshu (2023) Data-Driven Safety & Security of Cyberphysical Systems

Thies, Sarah L. J (2023) Urban High School Students’ Motivation in Food Systems STEM Projects

Torres, Giselle M. Zeno (2023) Dynamic Network Modeling from Temporal Motifs and Attributed Node Activity

Troutman, Blake (2023) Registration and Localization of Unknown Moving Objects in Markerless Monocular Slam

Tung, Caleb (2023) Efficient and Consistent Convolutional Neural Networks for Computer Vision

Twaddle, James (2023) Experimental Assessment of Trans Sonic Rossiter Cavity in Developing Acoustic Streaming and its Effects On Heat Transfer

Ulmer, Jacqueline (2023) A Resilience-Oriented Extra-Terrestrial Habitat Design Process

Valicente, Vinicius Mendanha (2023) Effects of Reducing Added Sugar in Sugar-sweetened Sodas on Sweet Taste Perception

Varvil, Mara S (2023) Utilization of Microrna Signatures as a Diagnostic Tool for Canine Urothelial Carcinoma

Vasilko, Kayla M (2023) Interpret the World and Change it: Overcoming Barriers to Positive Social Change

Villaver, Melvin Earl (2023) Harmonic Resurgence: Reclaiming the Godino Twins’ Journey Through Hip Hop

Vishnugopi, Bairav Sabarish (2023) Mesoscale Physics of Electrified Interfaces with Metal Electrodes

Vivekanandan, Vignesh (2023) Computational Modeling of Dislocation Microstructure Patterns at Small Strains Using Continuum Dislocation Dynamics

Vo, MyVan (2023) Mathematical Modeling with Applications to SARS-COV-2

Voorn, Maxwell (2023) Factors Impacting Bactericidal and Fungicidal Efficacy of Disinfectants on Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces

Vukovic, Vera (2023) Annual Bluegrass (Poa Annua L.) Ecology and Herbicide Resistance

V. Vagedes, Rose (2023) Sources of Spatial Soil Variability and Weed Seedbank Data for Variable-Rate Applications of Residual Herbicides

Waduge, Charitha Saumya Gusthinna (2023) Taming Irregular Control-Flow with Targeted Compiler Transformations

Wang, Jingya (2023) Direct Policy Search for Adaptive Management of Flood Risk

Wang, Mingqian (2023) Numerical Modeling of Fluid Flow and Argon Injection in Primary Cooling of Continuous Casting Process

Wang, Xiaokang (2023) Mechanics in Organic Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductors

Wang, Yaqin (2023) A Large-Scale Uav Audio Dataset and Audio-Based UAV Classification Using CNN

Wang, Yifu (2023) The Reduction of Certain Two Dimensional Semistable Representations

Wang, Yuchen (2023) Quantum Computation in Qudit Space and Applications in Open Quantum Dynamics

Wang, Ze (2023) Efficient Adaptation of Deep Vision Models

Webb, Alexis (2023) Distribution and Interaction of Lead (PB), Mercury (HG), Selenium (SE), And Other Metals in Brain Tissue Using Synchrotron Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence

Weech, Shelton (2023) The Rhetorics and Networks of Climate Change

Wee, Hansol (2023) Effects of Surface Rheology in Free Surface Flows

Wei, Guannan (2023) Metaprogramming Program Analyzers

Weldon, William (2023) Experimental Assessment of the Effectiveness of Unmanned Aerial Systems in Search and Rescue Operations

Weston, Richard (2023) Analysis of the Relative Risks Associated with Firearms as an Active Shooter Mitigation Technique on School Campuses

White, Brandon C (2023) Evaluator Feedback: Do Teachers Get what they Want or Need?

White, Shelby M (2023) De-mixing Decision Representations in Rodent DMPFC to Investigate Strategy Change During Delay Discounting

Wiethorn, Matthew A (2023) A Solution-Culture Assessment of Phosphorus Status on Maize Growth and Nutrient Dynamics

Wilder, Ayla (2023) Identifying Humanity Through Narrative: A Pedagogical Approach to Young Adult Literature

Winders, Timothy A (2023) A Comparative Analysis of Dual Credit and University Students in Subsequent University Courses at a Regional Public University

Wishard, Carlisle A (2023) The Dynamical Evolution of the Inner Solar System

Witherspoon, Natalie (2023) An Analysis of African American Undergraduate Students’ and Mentors’ Perceptions of the Impact of their Mentorship Community on College Persistence at a Predominantly White Institution

Wogen, Benjamin E (2023) Automated Bridge Inspection Image Localization and Retrieval Based on GPS-Refined Similarity Learning

Woodford, Sharonda (2023) News Coverage of Housing Matters: Examining Housing Crises During the Great Recession and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Wright, Ethan (2023) A Network Level Feasibility Framework for Beam-Powered Aircraft

Wu, Fanqi (2023) Movements, Home Ranges, and Habitat Use of Juvenile Green Turtles in Santa Elena Bay, Matapalito Bay, and Leoncillos Bay in Costa Rica

Wu, Haiyue (2023) Enhancing Interpretability and Adaptability of Manufacturing Equipment Health Models and Establishment of Cost Models for Maintenance Decisions

Wu, Liming (2023) Three-dimensional Fluorescence Microscopy Image Synthesis and Analysis Using Machine Learning

Wullenweber, Tayler Lynn (2023) A Reflective Process on Ableist Design Assumptions : Disability, Food Access, and Their Relationship to Design

Xie, Yucheng (2023) Non-Intrusive Wireless Sensing with Machine Learning

Xin, Cheng (2023) Decomposition and Stability of Multiparameter Persistence Modules

Yang, Yao (2023) Toward Excellence with Equity: Role of Mathematics Self-Efficacy in Enhancing Mathematics Achievement

Yan, Lu (2023) Application of Machine Learning Algorithms on Consumer Choices

Yao, Tong (2023) New Approaches Towards Online, Distributed, and Robust Learning of Statistical Properties of Data

Yelishetty, Raja Mahith (2023) Numerical Investigation of Savonius Wind Turbines

Yilmaz, Caglar (2023) Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Diffuser-Ejector Systems for Qualification of Rocket Thrusters at Simulated Altitudes

Yim, Hyejin (2023) Essays on Government Policy and Food Safety

Yim, Lokting (2023) EssaysOnLaborAndEducationEconomics

York, Collin E (2023) Convergence Basin Analysis in Perturbed Trajectory Targeting Problems

Young, Kayla M (2023) Effectively Disenfranchised? Framing and the Youth Climate Movement in the United States

You, Sixiong (2023) Smart-Learning Enabled and Theory-Supported Optimal Control

Yu, Li (2023) A Moderated Mediation Model to Predict the Development of Resistance to Peer Influence in Adolescence: Evidence from an Adoption Study

Yu, Zongxin (2023) Interfacial Dynamics of Ferrofluids in Hele-Shaw Cells

Zanelli, Dafne (2023) Subject Pronoun Distribution in Child Heritage Speakers of Spanish: Semantic Constraints Regulation Overt/Null Pronouns in Focus/Topic Environments

Zhang, Cuizheng (2023) Engineering DNA 2D and 3D Crystals by Geometry, Not Sequence

Zhang, Leqi (2023) Detection of Stroke, Blood Vessel Landmarks, and Leptomeningeal Anastomoses in Mouse Brain Imaging

Zhang, Qian (2023) The Confucian Road to Totalitarianism: How Confucianism Predisposed the Chinese to Totalitarian Rule

Zhang, Qiusi (2023) Development of Fluency, Complexity, and Accuracy in Second Language Oral Proficiency: A Longitudinal Study of Two International Teaching Assistants in the U.S.

Zhang, Rong (2023) Exploring Reader-Text Transactions Between Wordless Picture Books and Young Children

Zhang, Shiyu (2023) The Long Shadow: Literary and Cinematic Representation and Re-Imagination of Chinese Female Traumas in the Second Sino-Japanese War

Zhang, Zhuo (2023) Revamping Binary Analysis with Sampling and Probabilistic Inference

Zhao, Runzhong (2023) Weighted Curvatures in Finsler Geometry

Zhou, Junya (2023) Essays in Strategic Communication and Information Design

Zhuang, Jun (2023) Improving the Robustness of Artificial Neural Networks Via Bayesian Approaches

Zhu, Guanhua (2023) Graph Neural Networks Based on Multi-Rate Signal Decomposition for Bearing Fault Diagnosis

Zhu, Zitong (2023) Modeling Acute Care Utilization for Insomnia Patients

Zimmermann, Natalie (2023) Assessing the Impact of Fixant Solutions Applied at Aircraft Accident Sites on Composite Fractographic Evidence

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Dissertations & Theses from 2022

Abbaraju, Praveen (2022) Towards Realization of Aerial Mobile Manipulation: Multirotor Classification and Adaptability to Unknown Environment

Abdallah, Mahmoud Khairy A (2022) Scalable and Energy-Efficient Simt Systems for Deep Learning and Data Center Microservices

Abu-Mulaweh, Nusaybah (2022) Impact on Empathy Development of Engineering Undergraduate Students in a Community-Engagement Design Course

Adam, Georges (2022) Advanced Force Sensing and Novel Microrobotic Mechanisms for Biomedical Applications

Adeoye, Temitope F (2022) Situating Disciplinary Identity and Motivation Negotiation in Undergraduate Students’ Race and Gender Experiences: The Destabilizing Impacts of Academic Probation During a Pandemic

Agarwal, Akash (2022) Program Anomaly Detection for Internet of Things

Agarwal, Kaustubh Shrikant (2022) Beyond the Exceptional Point: Exploring The Features of Non-Hermitian PT Symmetric Systems

Agarwal, Mridul (2022) Reinforcement Learning for Concave Objectives and Convex Constraints

Agostino, Anthony (2022) Multi-Physics Models to Support the Design of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Agrawal, Rachana (2022) Design and Analysis of an Orbital Logistics Architecture for Sustainable Human Exploration of Mars

Aguilar, Pablo Cesar Torres (2022) Experimental and Clinical Investigations of Slowly Digestible Carbohydrates for Improved Physiological Outcomes and Metabolic Health

Ahmad, Adil (2022) Defeating Critical Threats to Cloud User Data in Trusted Execution Environments

Ahmad, Noshin Saiyara (2022) Considering Trip Generation and Route Selection in Regression-Based Prediction of Traffic Volumes

Akkiraju, Siddhartha (2022) Devloping Structure-Property Relationships in Radical Polymers Through Advanced Macromoelcular Design

Akriti (2022) Anion Diffusion in Two-Dimensional Halide Perovskites

Alajlouni, Sami (2022) Thermal Imaging as a Tool for Assessing the Reliability, Heat Transport, and Material Properties of Micro to Nano-Scale Devicese

Alatorre, Jorge A (2022) It Takes More than Transparency: An Assessment of Selected Variables that Ought to Make a Dent on Corruption. a Review on the Cases of Mexico and the United States

Aljowaiser, Omar (2022) Characterization of Electrostatic Spray Breakup in Immiscible Fluid

Almerri, Mohammad (2022) Global Translation of Machine Learning Models to Interpretable Models

Alnabati, Eman (2022) Protein Structural Modeling Using Electron Microscopy Maps

Alvarado, Cynthia D (2022) Does Consumption of a Western Diet During Early Development Exacerbate Hippocampal Microgliosis After Pilocarpine-Induced Status Epilepticus?

Alvarenga, Amanda Botelho (2022) Genetic Architecture of Welfare Indicators and Implementation of Single-Step Genomic Predictions in Beef Cattle Populations

Alviani, Robert Anthony (2022) Characteristics of Hypersonic Wing-Elevon-Cove Flows

Alzahrani, Mohammed Hassan M (2022) Modeling Iron Loss in Electric Drive Systems Under Dc Biased Magnetics

Amador, Mario Amado Ortez (2022) Essays on Cattle-Derived Food Products: Demand, Pricing, and Investigation into Linkages Between Online Media and Future Prices

Amiaya, Anita Ogheneovo (2022) Multiple Intelligences and Teaching Strategies for Entrepreneurship Empowerment and Development in Nigeria

Anthony, Michael (2022) Novel Three-Way-Catalyst Emissions Reduction and GT-Power Engine Modeling

Arkenberg, Matthew R (2022) Orthogonal Click Chemistry Hydrogels for Culture and Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells

Arvay, Jeremy W (2022) Reaction Kinetics of Direct Gas-Phase Propylene Epoxidation on AU/TS-1 Catalysts

Asare, Francis (2022) Sustainable Biochar and Charcoal Production Technologies

Ashby, Iryna (2022) A “Translator” To Bridge Disciplinary Boundaries: An Expansion of Agency of an Instructional Designer

Askin, Jeremy (2022) Model Development for Autonomous Short-Term Adaptation of Cobots' Motion Speed to Human Work Behavior in Human-Robot Collaboration Assembly Stations

Aslam, Aleena (2022) Deep Sketch-Based Character Modeling Using Multiple Convolutional Neural Networks

Asmus, Matthew Duane (2022) Effect of Exogenous Enzymes and a Novel GLP2 on Gut Health and Growth Performance

Asomaning, Jeremy K (2022) Search & Rescue UAV: An Optimized Design

Atherton, Rachel (2022) Narrative & Numerical: Using Technical Communication Methods to Unblackbox Data Systems

Auber, Robert P (2022) Genome Evolution and Specialized Metabolic Gene Innovation in the Medicinal Plant Lithospermum Erythrorhizon and the Toxic Alga Prymnesium Parvum

Awalgaonkar, Nimish (2022) Bayesian Methods for Learning and Eliciting Preferences of Occupants in Smart Buildings

Awomoyi, Krista Johnson (2022) Once Apostolic, Still Black

Azam, Sheikh Shams (2022) Towards Privacy and Communication Efficiency in Distributed Representation Learning

Babatunde, Olufemi (2022) A Further Look at Phosphorus, Phytate, and Phytase in Monogastric Nutrition

Bachman, Brent B (2022) The Impact of Medium-Chain Triglycerides on Energy Intake, Adiposity, and Hippocampal Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor in Ad Libitum and Pair-Fed Rat Models of High-Fat-Diet-Induced Obesity

Bae, Junghyun (2022) A Novel Muon Spectrometer Using Multi-Layer Pressurized GAS Cherenkov Radiators for Muon Tomography

Baietto, Nicholas (2022) Space Object Correlation Between the Space-Track and Vimpel Catalogs

Bailey, Taylor W (2022) Molecular Biological Changes in a Rabbit Model of Vocal Fold Dehydration

Bandyopadhyay, Soumya (2022) Product-application Fit, Conceptualization, and Design of Technologies: Prosthetic Hand to Multi-Core Vapor Chambers

Banovetz, John (2022) Utilizing Supernova Remnant Dynamics and Environments to Probe Core-Collapse Explosions

Barabas, Amanda Jean (2022) Sniffing Out Friends and Foes: How Olfactory Signals Influence the Social Environment of Male Laboratory Mice

Barber, Hayden Clifton (2022) Is My Alexa Happy with Me? Attributions of Emotional Displays in Human-Computer Interactions

Barragan, Evelyn M (2022) Toxicities of Legacy and Current Use PFAS in an Anuran: Do Larval Exposures Influence Responses to a Terrestrial Pathogen Challenge?

Bartusiak, Emily R (2022) Machine Learning for Speech Forensics and Hypersonic Vehicle Applications

Basamad, Saleh (2022) Applying Heat Pipes to Install Natural Convection and Radiative Cooling on Concentrating Photovoltaics

Bates, Sienna (2022) Cybersecurity Industry Needs and the CSEC Abet Curriculum Analysis

Baxter, Amanda Leigh Depoian (2022) Few-Electron Signals and their Implications in Liquid Xenon Time Projection Chambers

Beebe, Chanel (2022) But What Does it Mean to the People Who Matter?: Community Partner Meaning Making in Engineering Engagement Programs

Beer, Cassie J (2022) The Role of Communication in Accessibility Practices for Virtual Music Festivals

Begeske, Jasmine (2022) Development, Psychometric Evaluation, and Validation of an Instrument to Measure Implementation and Accessibility of Preschool Arts Education

Beggs, Robert Paul (2022) Conformal Propellant Tanks and Vane Design

Benedict, Brianna (2022) "Being in the Beyond": An Ethnographic Case Study Exploring How an Interdisciplinary Engineering Program Emerged as a Hybrid Space for Engineering Students

Benke, Ryan L (2022) Molecular Characterization of the Plant Hypersensitive Response and Maize Lesion Mimic Mutants

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Shidhore, Tanmay Chandrashekhar (2022) Assessing the Role of Biomechanical Fluid–Structure Interactions in Cerebral Aneurysm Progression Via Patient-Specific Computational Models

Shi, Jieyu (2022) Intercultural Learning in Hospitality and Tourism Students—Curriculum Design Perspectives

Shikutwa, Christine A (2022) Factors Influencing the Use of Mobile Phone Based Services Among Smallholder Farmers in Agricultural Supply Chain: A Pespective of Bungoma County, Kenya

Shirley, Larissa (2022) Use Of Electronically-Controlled Floor Cooling Pads During Heat Stress in Thermoregulatory and Reproductive Performances in Swine

Shivakumar, Pranavkumar (2022) Strength-Stiffness Correlations for Chemically Treated Soils

Shi, Xueqian (2022) Intersection Crash Expansion Factors Based on Probability Models Applicable to Traffic Conflicts

Shoaf, Trevor Jaan (2022) A Study to Assess Methane Potential of Plant Based Textiles Through Anaerobic Digestion

Shrestha, Samyog (2022) Seismic Isolation of Nuclear Reactor Vessels Considering Soil-Structure Interaction

Shur, Disha (2022) Embedding with Pagerank

Siddons, Spencer Raymond (2022) Drivers of Winter Infection Dynamics of an Amphibian Pathogen

Siefker, Zachary A (2022) Development and Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide Sensors for Building Applications

Simmermeyer, Elizabeth (2022) Creating Awareness of the Turkey Industry Through Stem-Based Curriculum

Singh, Ravinderjit (2022) Auditory Tracking and Scene Analysis - Perceptual Timescales and Neural Correlates

Sinton, Jonathon (2022) Factors Affecting Electric Vehicle Adoption at the Zip Code Level

Sitchin, Eli Vincent (2022) Developing Effectiveness Measures for System Analysis Tools in Hypersonic Vehicle Design

Slechta, Ryan (2022) Capturing Changes in Combinatorial Dynamical Systems Via Persistent Homology

Smith, Preston (2022) The Value Proposition of Campus High-Performance Computing Facilities to Institutional Productivity - A Production Function Model

Smith, Richard Mitchell (2022) Soybean Plant Populations and Digital Assessments

Soberg, Jordan Wesley (2022) Integrating Blood Air Separation with a Microgravity Surgical Facility

Sokurski, William (2022) On Fourier Transforms and Functional Equations on Gl(2)

Sorrell, Taylor (2022) Proteomic and Lipidomic Analysis of Mycobacteriophages Zalkecks and Potatosplit

Soto, Tatyana Yazmine (2022) Costs and Benefits of Self-Fertilization in the Cleistogamous Perennial Ruellia Humilis

Sousa, Victor de Carvalho Britto (2022) A Novel Subfilter Closure for Compressible Flows and its Application To Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition

Speetjens, Tawn M (2022) Regeneration of Hemiparasitic Hawaiian Sandalwood (Santalum Paniculatum Hook. & Arn.): The Role of Seedling Nutrition and Plant Hosts

Spinazzola, Matthew (2022) Examination of a Priori Simulation Process Estimation on Structural Analysis Case

Srinivasan, Balasubramaniam (2022) On Higher Order Graph Representation Learning

Srinivasan, Lakshmi (2022) Analysis of Flame Blowout in Turbulent Premixed Ammonia/Hydrogen/Nitrogen-Air Combustion

Srinivasaprasad, Ashwini (2022) Bibliometric Analysis, Case Analysis and Reappraisal on the Usability and Safety of Medical Devices

Srivastava, Alankriti (2022) Localization of Growing Robot Through Obstacle Collision

Stangeland, Dillon (2022) Modeling of Steel Laser Cutting Process Using Finite Element, Machine Learning, and Kinetic Monte Carlo Methods

Starkey, Kyle (2022) Continuum Dislocation Dynamics Modeling of Mesoscale Crystal Plasticity at Finite Deformation

Steppig, Nicholas R (2022) Evaluation of Trifludimoxazin, a New Protoporphyrinogen Oxidase-Inhibiting Herbicide, for Use in Soybean

Stinchcomb, Taylor R (2022) Beyond Bambi and Big Bucks: Exploring the Social Complexity of Deer Management in Indiana

Strait, Marquetta I.S.S (2022) Assessing Supplemental Instruction Leaders’ Intercultural Competence and Culturally Responsive Practices in Non-Traditional Learning Environments

Stratton, James M (2022) Explicit Historical, Phonetic, and Phonological Instruction in Second Language Acquisition

Struzik, Zachary J (2022) Synthesis and Evaluation of Labeled Phosphatidylglycerol Probes to Elucidate Mechanisms Behind Cholesterol Trafficking in Niemann-Pick Type C Disease

Subramanyam, Siddharth S (2022) Time Delay of Arrival Based Orbit Determination of Geosynchronous Signals of Opportunity

Sudarsanan, Varun S (2022) Deep Learning Framework for Trajectory Prediction and in-Time Prognostics in the Terminal Airspace

Sullivan, Kirsen (2022) A Graybox Defense Through Bootstrapping Deep Neural Network

Sulu, Mehmet Donat (2022) Using Self-Management Interventions to Increase On-Task Behaviors of Students With Intellectual Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms in Türkiye (TURKEY)

Sundararajan, Vijayaraghavan (2022) Assessing Common Control Deficiencies in CMMC Non-Compliant DoD Contractors

Sun, Ruoxuan (2022) Post-Translational Regulation of 4-1BB, an Emerging Target for Cancer Immunotherapy

Sun, Yan (2022) Sparse Deep Learning and Stochastic Neural Network

Sun, Yixuan (2022) Deep Learning Methods for Materials Design and Networked Systems

Szalwinski, Lucas J (2022) Two-dimensional Tandem Mass Spectrometry: Instrumentation and Application

Tabbassum, Sana (2022) In Vivo Neutron Activation Analysis System (IVNAA) to Quantify Potassium (K) and Sodium (NA) in Human Body and Small Animals

Talamantes, John (2022) Experimental Measurement of Blood Pressure in 3-D Printed Human Vessels

Tang, Weitao (2022) Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Learning in Automatic Industrial Image Inspection

Tang, Yu (2022) Visual Cortical Circuit Dynamics in Health and Disease

Tanksale, Vinayak Jayant (2022) Intrusion Detection System for Controller Area Network

Tao, Fei (2022) Physics-Based Data-Driven Modeling of Composite Materials and Structures Through Machine Learning

Tao, Hongcheng (2022) Air Breakdown in Contact Electrification

Tarasova, Yevgeniya Vladimirov (2022) Residual Intersections and Their Generators

Terrell, Catherine (2022) Examining Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens) Composting for Urban Ag Specialty Crop Production

Thakuria, Niharika (2022) Device Circuit Co-Design Utilizing Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Materials

Thapa, Saswot (2022) Numerical Study of Fluid Flow and Solidification in the Primary Cooling Zone of a Continuous Caster

Thiyagarajan, Senthilkumar (2022) Building Resilient Supply Chains Through Supply Chain Digital Twin: An Explorative Study in us Manufacturing Supply Chains

Thomas, Doni Manuel (2022) Experimental Setup and Testing of a Variable Valve Actuation Enabled Cam-Less Natural Gas Engine

Thomas, Madison (2022) Developing Training Materials to Supplement The Indiana Cybersecurity Scorecard

Thompson, Kevin Taylor (2022) Providing Potential Alternatives to Antibiotics: Pakistan Poultry Consumer’s Acceptance of Bacteriophage Technology for Microbial Control

Thompson, Matthew J (2022) Precision of Positional Information Along the Developing Cochlea Radial Axis: Linear BMP Activity Helps Set the Stage

Thouvenin, Phiala Jane (2022) The Impact of Erosion on Exhumation and Structural Configuration in Mountain Belts: Insights from Image Velocimetry Analysis of Coulomb Wedge Models

Topaloudi, Apostolia (2022) Unraveling the Genetic Background of Complex Disorders - Methodology and Discoveries

Troncoso, Elisa Camps (2022) The Discourse Marker Órale In Mexican Spanish: A Pragmatic and Sociolinguistic Approach

Tuell, Jacob R (2022) Combined Tumbling and Postmortem Aging to Improve Fresh Beef Quality, Palatability, and Proteolysis

Twibell, Keely M (2022) A Case Study of a Successful Professional Learning Community Implementation in a Title One School

Urbina, Andres S (2022) Experimental and Computational Studies of Hydrophobic Association and Ion Affinity for Molecular Oil/Water Interfaces

Utech, Hailey (2022) Identifying Agricultural Retailers’ Gaps in Understanding of The Value Proposition for Large Commercial Producers

Uzor, Chukwunedum (2022) Characteristics Of Hydrogen Fuel Combustion in a Reheating Furnace

Van Til, Kaela (2022) Exploring the Structure of Fearlessness Using Self-Report Measures

Venkatesh, Akilesh (2022) Theoretical Methods for Non-Relativistic Quantum and Classical Scattering Processes

Vera, Esteban Alexis Soto (2022) Alternatives to Reduce Grid Disturbances Caused by the Rapid Increase in Distributed Energy Resources

Verissimo, Cristiana Kay (2022) Mothers and Fathers Shape Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices in Rural Tanzania: A Mixed-Methods Study of the Family Food Environment

Vieceli, Michael J (2022) Integrating Laser Plasma Accelerated Proton Beams and Thermoacoustic Imaging Into an Image-Guided Small Animal Therapy Platform

Vijay, Akhil (2022) Modeling of Material Anisotropy in Rolling Contact Fatigue

Villanueva, Ana Maria (2022) New Modalities and Techniques of Augmented Reality in STEM Education

Vora, Fahim (2022) Internal Short Circuit in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Vu, Anh Phuong (2022) Functional Characterization of Candidate Co-Factor Genes Involved in A-To-I MRNA Editing in Fusarium Graminearum

Waghmare, Prajakta (2022) Exploration of Medication Synchronization Impact, Medicare Beneficiaries Enrollment and their Health Outcomes

Wagner, Lauren (2022) Amplification of Streamwise Vortices Across a Separated Region at Mach 6

Wagner, Peter (2022) Essays on Learning and Level-K Reasoning with Evidence from Experimental Games

Wagner, Tyrel (2022) Designing Stationary Phases for Improved Protein Separations

Walia, Kanwardeep Singh (2022) Using Temporal Networks to Find the Influencer Node of the Buggy Sites in the Code Communities

Waller, David R (2022) Organizational Factors and Engineering Student Persistence

Walters, Kelsey (2022) Linear Algebra Proofs and Tall's Worlds of Mathematics

Wan, Changlin (2022) Machine Learning Approaches to Reveal Discrete Signals in Gene Expression

Wan, Dayu (2022) Maniloco: A Locomotion Method to Aid Concurrent Object Manipulation in Virtual Reality

Wang, Chi-hua (2022) Statistical Design of Sequential Decision Making Algorithms

Wang, Lu (2022) Three Essays on Insurance

Wang, Qi (2022) Synthesis and Electrical Properties of Perovskite Nickelates

Wang, Qi (2022) Silver-Iron Oxide Particles as Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Cross Coupling of Arenes and Heterocycles

Wang, Qi (2022) Exact Markov Chain Monte Carlo for a Class of Diffusions

Wang, Shuo (2022) Automated Assessment of Psychiatric Patients Using Medical Notes

Wang, Tianyi (2022) Supporting the Design and Authoring of Pervasive Smart Environments

Wang, Weilong (2022) Strategic Designs for Online Platforms

Wang, Xiaojia (2022) Modeling and Stability of Flows in Compliant Microchannels

Wang, Yanjun (2022) Towards More Scalable and Practical Program Synthesis

Wang, Yaqing (2022) Be More With Less: Scaling Deep-Learning with Minimal Supervision

Wang, Yimeng (2022) Multi-Photon Ionization Studies of Correlation Effects in Excited Atoms

Wang, Yueyang (2022) Mitofusin 2 Regulates Actin Cytoskeleton and Cell Migration

Washer, Benjamin M (2022) Tetranuclear CU(I) Clusters with Tunable Emissions Based on Remote Steric Control

Watkins, Melanie W (2022) Nutrition Enhancement in Early Psychosis (Neep): A Feasibility Trial of Enhanced Nutrition With Text Messaging and a Dietary Tracking Mobile Application

Weaver, Matthew (2022) The Equations Defining Rees Algebras of Ideals and Modules Over Hypersurface Rings

Weigold, Heather Arispa (2022) The Double Bind of Reproductive Expectations: Exploring the Mechanisms Through Which Voluntarily Childfree Women and Mothers are Penalized in Promotion Decisions

Wells, Brandon Joseph (2022) Modeling the Position-Dependent Inner Drop Velocity for a Millimeter-Size Core-Shell Drop as it Approaches Failure at Low Reynolds Numbers

Wells, Scott M (2022) Uncertainty Quantification of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Computational Models

Wen, Dongsheng (2022) Solid-Solution Strengthening and Suzuki Segregation in CO- and NI-Based Alloys

Wen, Yuhao (2022) The Effect of Artificial Damages on Electrical Impedance in Carbon Nanofiber-Modified Glass Fiber/Epoxy Composites and the Development of Fdeit

West, Melissa Packer (2022) Comparing Brief Measures of Narcissisminternal Consistency, Validity, Coverage

Westrich, Benjamin C (2022) Influence of Mesotrione, Als-Inhibitor Resistance, and Self-Incompatibility on Giant Ragweed Management in Soybean

Whittington, Paige Alana (2022) Multi-Body Trajectory Design in the Earth-Moon Region Utilizing Poincare Maps

Wickware, Carmen L (2022) Applied Bacterial Ecology in Livestock System

Widarsyah, Redha (2022) Examination of Self-Service-Technology’s Integration in Casual Dining Restaurants

Wiggins, Sean Evan (2022) Impact Fragmentation

Wilkinson, Jake (2022) Functionalization of Cellulose Nanofibrils and their Applications as Novel Materials

Williams, Michelle (2022) Longer-Term Mental Health Consequences of Covid-19 Infection: Moderation by Race and Socioeconomic Status

Williams, Parrish (2022) Sexual Socialization and College Students' Self-Perceptions About Sex

Williams, Taylor V (2022) 1500 Students and Only a Single Cluster? a Multimethod Clustering Analysis of Assessment Data from a Large, Structured Engineering Course

Willstatter, Kyle (2022) Constant-Modulus OFDM Transmission Using Complementary Sequences

Wilson, Luke (2022) Divine Motivation and Bayesian Natural Theology

Win, Eaint Honey Aung (2022) Medicinal Benefits of Sea Cucumbers From the Waters of the Eastern United States

Winter, Maureen (2022) Identification of the Key Length Scales Affecting Pool Boiling Performance Prediction From Finned Surfaces

Wise, Patrick (2022) Droplet Interfacial Thermodynamics

Witsberger, Paul (2022) A Neural-Network-Based Controller for Missed-Thrust Interplanetary Trajectory Design

Witzig, Tyler (2022) Feedback in Surgical Education: Design of a Knot Tying Board

Wolfe, Zachery (2022) The Relationship Between Insecticide Susceptibility and the Gut Microbiome of German Cockroach (Blattella Germanica L.)

Wolff, Anna-Rose (2022) Generic Distractions and Strata of Hilbert Schemes Defined by the Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularity

Woodbury, Travest J (2022) Sugar Reduction in Baked Goods Systems

Wu, Hao (2022) Probabilistic Design and Reliability Analysis with Kriging and Envelope Methods

Wu, Xianyang (2022) Extreme Fast Charging for Lithium Ion Batteries: Structural Analysis of Electrodes and Solvent Formulation of Electrolytes

Wu, Yumeng (2022) Height Profile Modeling and Control of Inkjet 3D Printing

Xie, Yang (2022) Essays on Market Microstructure

Xie, Yongjia (2022) Limiting Distributions and Deviation Estimates of Random Walks in Dynamic Random Environments

Xing, Yue (2022) Statistical Theory for Adversarial Robustness in Machine Learning

Xue, Xiaorui (2022) Natural Language Processing-Based Automated Information Extraction From Building Codes to Support Automated Compliance Checking

Xu, Yunpeng (2022) Fractional Oxidation State Control of Three-Way Catalyst with Stoichiometric Spark-Ignition Natural Gas Engines Incorporating Cylinder Deactivation

Yadav, Sourabh Deepak (2022) Development, Design, and Construction of a Human-Building Interactions Laboratory

Yadav, Vamakshi (2022) Surface Functionalization of Colloidal Nanoparticles Through Ligand Exchange Reactions

Yamamoto, Mai (2022) Delayed Laughter and Open Class Repair Initiators in English and Japanese

Yam, Christopher (2022) Effects of Forward- And Backward-Facing Steps on Boundary-Layer Transition at Mach 6

Yang, Boning (2022) An Approach to Evaluate Fleet Level Co2Impact of Introducing Liquid Hydrogen Aircraft to a Worldwide Network

Yang, Chuyang (2022) A Low-cost Technology to Assess Aircraft Noise at Non-Towered General Aviation Airports

Yang, Fu-Chia (2022) Holographic Sign Language Interpreter: A User Interaction Study within Mixed Reality Classroom

Yang, Ruochen (2022) Release Mechanisms of Amorphous Solid Dispersions

Yang, Yi (2022) Digital Image Processing and Machine Learning Research: Digital Color Halftoning, Printed Image Artifact Detection and Quality Assessment, and Image Denoising

Yang, Zhanpeng (2022) Unmanned Aerial System Tracking in Urban Canyon Environments Using External Vision

Yang, Zhixu (2022) Individuals’ Preferences in Multiple Goal Pursuit: Revisiting the Conceptualization and Measurement of Multitasking Preferences

Yao, Bojing (2022) Ultrafast Nanoscale Patterning System: Surfing Scanning Probe Lithography

Yermembetova, Aiganym (2022) Design and Fabrication of Flexible Sensors for Single-Use Applications

Yin, Shuning (2022) Addressing Data Imbalance in Breast Cancer Prediction Using Supervised Machine Learning

Yoo, Byungkyu (2022) Weighted Aspects for Sentiment Analysis

Young, Candace (2022) Role of Dietary Interventions in Reducing the Negative Impact of Stressful Events in the Pig

Yu, Xuewen (2022) Essays in Nonstationary Time Series Econometrics

Yu, Yang (2022) Distributed Bootstrap for Massive Data

Zeng, Ziqian (2022) Developing In-vitro Synthetic Blood Clot Models for Testing Thrombolytic Drugs

Zhang, Chengyang (2022) Synthesis and Electrical Behavior Of Vo2Thin Films Grown on Srruo3 Electrode Layers

Zhang, Danyang (2022) Essays On Labor Economics and International Trade

Zhang, Jiacheng (2022) Data Augmentation and Enhancement for Cardiovascular 4D Flow MRI

Zhang, Qian (2022) Functional Studies of RGS2 And RGS20 with Implications for Cancer Biology

Zhang, Shiqi (2022) Dimension Reduction, Operator Learning and Uncertainty Quantification for Problems of Differential Equations

Zhang, Xiaowei (2022) Using Structural Regularities for a Procedural Reconstruction of Urban Environments from Satellite Imagery

Zhang, Yi (2022) Giant Pigeon and Small Person: Prompting Visually Grounded Models About the Size of Objects

Zhang, Yumin (2022) Expeditious Causal Inference for Big Observational Data

Zhang, Yunchang (2022) Making Crosswalks Smarter: Using Sensors and Learning Algorithms to Safeguard Heterogeneous Road Users

Zhao, Wumian (2022) Essays in Monetary Economics

Zhao, Xuejun (2022) Data-integrated Supply Chain Contracts: Learning To Price Under Uncertainty

Zheng, Dandan (2022) Adherence to and Persistence with Adjuvant Hormone Therapy and Associated Clinical Outcomes and Economic Outcomes in Older Women with Breast Cancer

Zheng, Mengxi (2022) Rational-Designed DNA Nanostructures and Crystals

Zheng, Muzi (2022) Detection and Localization of Root Damages in Underground Sewer Systems Using Deep Neural Networks and Computer Vision Techniques

Zheng, Yanchao (2022) Utilizing T-O-E Framework for Evaluating the use of Simulators in Snowplow Driver Training

Zhou, Alexis (2022) The Perception of English Vowels by Native Korean and Mandarin Speakers

Zhou, Jiazhen (2022) Resilient Operation of Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management: Models and Theories

Zhou, Lili (2022) A Narrative Inquiry of Female Mathematics/Stem Educators: Crossing Boundaries Among Multiple Contexts

Zhou, Xiang (2022) Numerical Simulation of Dendrites Growth in Continuous Casting by Using Open Source Software

Zhu, Ming (2022) Resonator-Assisted Atom Cooling, Molecule Synthesis and Detection

Zhu, Wenbin (2022) A Tale of Two Applications: Closed-Loop Quality Control For 3D Printing, and Multiple Imputation and the Bootstrap for the Analysis of Big Data with Missingness

Zhu, Yan (2022) Crops Water Status Quantification Using Thermal and Multispectral Sensing Technologies

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Dissertations & Theses from 2021

Abdelhamid, Ahmed S (2021) Efficient Distributed Processing Over Micro-Batched Data Streams

Abdillahi, Abdirahman (2021) Study of Native Protein Complexes Using Gas-Phase Ion/Ion Reactions Via Mass Spectrometry

Abughali, Bilal (2021) Parametrization of Crop Models Using UAS Captured Data

Abumohammad, Qasim (2021) Modeling and Simulation of the Effects of Cooling Photovoltaic Panels

Abusalah, Bara (2021) Dependable Cloud Resources For Big-Data Batch Processing & Streaming Frameworks

Acevedo, Adriana Catalina Garcia (2021) Autistic Adults and Their Intersections: An Anthropological Approach to Cultural Conceptions of Disability in Indigenous, Campesinos and Urban Families in Colombia

Aderibigbe, Ayodeji (2021) Investigating the Impact of Exogenous Enzymes and Phosphorus-Induced Appetite Regulation in Broiler Chickens

Adetunji, Adegoke Adewumi (2021) Civic Identity Development at the Intersection of Faith and Learning: A Narrative Inquiry

Adhikari, Nirajan (2021) Investigation of Aerothermodynamic and Chemical Kinetic Models for High-Speed Nonequilibrium Flows

Adhikari, Saugat (2021) Designing Combination Drug Regimens to Improve Glioblastoma Chemotherapy: A Pharmacokinetic Pharmacodynamic Modeling Approach

Adsit, Sarah E (2021) Public Perception of Alternative Intersection Designs

Afkhamiaghda, Mahdi (2021) Developing a Decision Support System for Creating Post Disaster Temporary Housing

Afriat, Aaron (2021) Combustion Characteristics of Additively Manufactured Gun Propellants

Aggarwal, Varun (2021) Evaluating Generalizability of Deep Learning Networks for Weed Identification and their Optimization for Deploying on Edge Device

Agnihotri, Shubham (2021) Efficiency Improvement Analysis for Commercial Vehicles by (I) Powertrain Hybridization and (Ii) Cylinder Deactivation for Natural Gas Engines

Agrawal, Amogh (2021) Compute-in-Memory Primitives for Energy-Efficient Machine Learning

Ahandoust, Sina (2021) Osteocyte Signaling And its Effects on the Activites of Osteoblasts and Breast Cancer Cells

Ahire, Vaibhav Kailas (2021) Physics-Based Diesel Engine Model Development Calibration and Validation for Accurate Cylinder Parameters and NOX Prediction

Ahmadi, Arman (2021) Experimental and Analytical Study in Fatigue and Wear of Steel and Nickel-Based Alloys

Ahmed, Hamad (2021) Running Deep Neural Networks Using Divide and Conquer Checkpointing and Tensor Streaming

Ahn, Inok (2021) Differences Between Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions of Teachers’ Need-Supportive Practices

Akomolede, Oluseye (2021) Computational Design and Experimental Validation of Diamond-Based Quantum Emitters

Alam, Md Monzurul (2021) The Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Waffle-Substrate-Based N-Channel Igbts in 4H-SIC

Albertson, Chelsy (2021) Cru’d: Lesbian Identity Tension In Campus Crusade For Christ

Aleong, Richard James Chung Mun (2021) Traversing Interdisciplinary Spaces: A Phenomenographic Study of how Educational Developers Experience Disciplinary Perspectives

Alexander, Henry Clay (2021) Feedback Driven Matching Networks for Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers

Alibeik, Maryam (2021) Airgap-Less Electric Motor

Allmon, Elizabeth B (2021) Cardiotoxic Effects of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Abiotic Stressors in Early Life Stage Estuarine Teleosts

Allred, Jason M (2021) Adapting Neural Network Learning Algorithms for Neuromorphic Implementations

Al-Muhtaseb, Tamara (2021) Building a Tensegrity-Based Computational Model to Understand Endothelial Alignment Under Flow

Alshaibani, Abdullah Bader (2021) Privacy-Preserving Face Redaction Using Crowdsourcing

Alvar, Ann Marie (2021) The Effects of Noise on Autonomic Arousal and Attention and the Relationship to Autism Symptomatology

Alzarieni, Kawthar Z (2021) Development of Mass Spectrometric Methods for the Chemical Characterization of Condensate Oils, the Detection of Reaction Intermediates in Solution and for the Fast Identification of Drug Metabolites

Amstutz, James (2021) Cluster-Based Analysis of Retinitis Pigmentosa Candidate Modifiers Using Drosophila Eye Size and Gene Expression Data

Amuah, Theodora L. A (2021) Graduate Students’ Perceptions and Responses to Bullying from Academic Advisors

Andjaba, John M (2021) Catalytic Nitrene Reactions Enabled by Dinuclear Nickel Catalysts

Andrews, Laura St (2021) Assessing Different Monitoring Techniques for Juvenile Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) in the Bahamas

Andrews, Toy (2021) Opportunities from Disaster: The Case for Using the Circular Economy in Debris Management

Anilkumar, Arjun Narukkanchira (2021) RCNX: Residual Capsule Next

Anisiuba, Vitalis Ebuka (2021) Numerical Investigation of Air-Mist Spray Cooling and Solidification in the Secondary Zone During Continuous Casting

Antonellis, Patrick (2021) Developmental Signaling Pathways in Adult Energy Homeostasis

Antony, Alen (2021) Development of Abaqus-Matlab Interface for Design Optimization Using Hybrid Cellular Automata and Comparison with Bidirectional Evolutionary Structural Optimization

Appaswamy, Krutika (2021) Computational Studies of Cambridge Stratified Premixed Flames Using Transported Probability Density Function Method

Apurv, Kumar (2021) E-Scooter Rider Detection System in Driving Environments

Araiza, Roy M (2021) On the Abstract Structure of Operator Systems and Applications to Quantum Information Theory

Arakawa, Tomohiro (2021) Wireless Powered Communication Over Inductively Coupled Circuits

Aroor, Alisha (2021) Neuropathological Assessment of Beta-Amyloid and Tau Pathology in Human Focal Cortical Dysplasia with Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

Arrubla, Daniela Chanci (2021) Automatic Assessment of Burn Injuries Using Artificial Intelligence

Arul, Glaris Lancia Raja (2021) Understanding Susceptibility to Social Engineering Attacks Through Online Privacy Behaviors

Ashapure, Akash (2021) Machine Learning Based High-Throughput Phenotyping Framework for Crop Yield Prediction Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Athmanathan, Venkatasubramanian (2021) Investigation of Rotating Detonation Combustion Dynamics Using Advanced in-Situ Optical Diagnostics

Atkinson, Allison A (2021) The Narratives of Infrastructure: The Simultaneous Building of Spaces Through Civil Engineering and Literary Theory

Attah, Prince Owusu (2021) Puppy Valley: An App-Mediated Board Game to Enhance Scam and Fraud Awareness Among Us Seniors

Avlani, Shitij (2021) Design of Intelligent Internet of Things and Internet of Bodies Sensor Nodes

Aye-Addo, Papa Aye Nyansafo (2021) Development of a Laser Lifetime Pressure-Sensitive Paint Method for Turbine Analysis

Ayua, Emmanuel O (2021) Studies on Extrusion Processing of Instant Porridge Flours for African Processor Optimization, Acceptance, Marketability for Consumers, and Improvement in in Vitro Fecal Fiber Fermentation

Azmat, Alia (2021) Mind, Body, Spirit: Muslim Women's Experiences in Therapy

Bach, Julie S (2021) Modification of Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant to Tailor Pressure Output Through Additively Manufactured Grain Geometries

Badirli, Sarkhan (2021) Fine-Grained Bayesian Zero-Shot Object Recognition

Bae, Jun Han (2021) Development of an Uncrewed Sediment Sampling System

Bahalkeh, Esmaeil (2021) Patient Flow and Capacity Management in Health Services

Baier, Michael (2021) Development and Characterization of High Performance Ammonia Borane Based Rocket Propellants

Baker, Caroline (2021) Particle Mechanics Approach to Modeling Impact Response and Wave Propagation in Bonded Particulate Systems

Balazs, Joseph (2021) A Forensic Examination of Database Slack

Balling, Caroline E (2021) Clinician Perception of The Clinical Utility of the Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HITOP) System

Bannister, Marvin L (2021) Identifying the Industrial Skill Gap and Advancing Individual Learning Methodologies

Barfell, Theresa (2021) The WHO Interventions to Prevent Bullying Among Students in the Inclusive Classroom Setting

Barrera, Emiliano Lopez (2021) Food Waste, the Double-Burden of Malnutrition, and the Sustainability of the Global Food System

Barreto, Tania Irina (2021) Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting of Class I Railroad Companies Operating in the US

Bass, Emily L (2021) The Relationship Between Working Alliance, Patient Activation, Hope, and Depression in Community Mental Health Care

Bastnagel, Abigail (2021) Factors Influencing LGB Stem Major Underrepresentation in Stem Fileds

Basu, Oindree (2021) Improving Coverage of Circuits by Using Different Fault Models Complementing Each Other

Bath, Daniel (2021) Bernstein--Sato Ideals and the Logarithmic Data of a Divisor

Bechtold, Jeremiah Osman (2021) Interface Functionalization Using Sub-10 Nanometer Striped Phase Films for Controlled Functional Group Presentation and Adsorbate Assembly

Beebe, Chanel (2021) Systems Thinking in Socially Engaged Design Settings

Belak, Connor Paul (2021) Verification of Simulated DSDS and Sensitivity to CCN Concentration in ENKF Analysis and Ensemble Forecasts of the 30 April 2017 Tornadic QLCS During Vortex-Se

Bello, Kevin (2021) Structured Prediction: Statistical and Computational Guarantees in Learning and Inference

Beltran, Monica del Pilar Diaz (2021) Effects of Defaults and Visual Cues as Nutritional Nudges in Restaurants on Calories, Dietary Autonomy, Pleasure, and Behavioral Intentions

Benitez, Elizabeth K (2021) Instability Measurements on Two Cone-Cylinder-Flares at Mach 6

Bentley, Helen C (2021) “I’ve Come So Far it’s Hard to Say It All”: A Narrative Approach to Changes in Perceptions of Student Identity in a Student Success Program

Berman, Alycia G (2021) Ultrasound Imaging of Tissue Remodeling in Murine Models of Vascular Disease and Repair

Bernal, Maria Catalina Nino (2021) Phenolic Characterization and Bioactivity of Microwave-Assisted Extracts from Edible House Crickets (Acheta Domesticus)

Bersin, Lia M (2021) Pyroglutamate Formation and Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange in Lyophilized Therapeutic Proteins

Beveridge, Susan (2021) Quality Control and Verification of Doppler Spectra Collected from a Vertically Pointing FMWC Radar Deployed During Vortex-Southeast

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Wilkey, Andrew (2021) Investigation of PT Symmetry Breaking and Exceptional Points in Delay-Coupled Semiconductor Lasers

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Xu, Tiantu (2021) Software Systems for Large-Scale Retrospective Video Analytics

Yabe, Takahiro (2021) Resilience of Coupled Urban Socio-Physical Systems to Disasters: Data-Driven Modeling Approach

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Zhang, Yuchen (2021) Modeling of Liquid Slosh and Cavitation in Autoinjectors

Zhao, Min (2021) Image Analysis Approaches to Colorimetric and Multispectral Detection of Heavy Metal or Bacterial Contamination with Printed Paper-Based Test Devices

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Zheng, Fudan (2021) Mechanism-Driven, Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modelling of Oral and Subcutaneous Administration

Zheng, Haoyang (2021) Quantifying Implicit and Explicit Constraints on Physics-Informed Neural Processes

Zheng, Jichun (2021) An Experimental Fast Approach of Self-Collision Handling in Cloth Simulation Using GPU

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Dissertations & Theses from 2020

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Aboelnour, Mohamed (2020) Assessment of Land use Urbanization Impacts on Surface Temperature and Hydrology

Aboulmouna, Lina (2020) Towards Cybernetic Modeling of Biological Processes in Mammalian Systems—Lipid Metabolism in the Murine Macrophage

Abutaleb, Nader S (2020) Development of New Antibacterial Agents for Treatment of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci and Clostridioides Difficile Infections

Acosta, Josept David Revuelta (2020) Water-Driven Erosion Prediction Technology for a More Complicated Reality

Agarwal, Ankit (2020) Particle Mechanics and Continuum Approaches to Modeling Permanent Deformations in Confined Particulate Systems

Agbeworvi, George (2020) Engineering Magnetic Transitions and Magnetocaloric Effect in Rare-Earth Transition Metal Icosagenides

Aghajanzadeh, Sara (2020) Camera Placement Meeting Restrictions of Computer Vision

Agrawal, Shubham (2020) Understanding the Cognitive and Psychological Impacts of Emerging Technologies on Driver Decision-Making Using Physiological Data

Agrawal, Shubham (2020) Seismic Design Coefficients for Composite Plate Shear Walls - Concrete Filled (C-PSW/CF)

Agrawal, Soumya (2020) Joke Recommender System Using Humor Theory

Aguilar, Camilo (2020) Novel Model-Based and Deep Learning Approaches to Segmentation and Object Detection in 3D Microscopy Images

Aguilar, Hillary Andaluz (2020) Integrated Strategies to Develop Post-Translationally Modified Proteins in Extracellular Vesicles as Candidate Disease Markers

Agyapong, Phyllis (2020) Examining the Relationship Between Parental Sex Education, Religiosity and Sex Positivity in First- and Second-Generation African Immigrants

Ahn, Jonghoon (2020) Spin Optomechanics of Levitated Nanoparticles

Akash, Kumar (2020) Reimagining Human-Machine Interactions Through Trust-Based Feedback

Akbari, Amin (2020) The Quantification of Force Distribution of a Vibrational Device for Accelerating Tooth Movement

Akbar, Shayan A (2020) Source Code Search for Automatic Bug Localization

Akhand, Saeed Salehin (2020) Pharmacological Targeting of FGFR Signaling to Inhibit Breast Cancer Recurrence and Metastasis

Al-Abbasi, Abubakr O (2020) A Quantitative Framework for CDN-Based Over-The-Top Video Streaming Systems

Alanazi, Rakan Jamal (2020) Serum Microrna 362-3P as a Potential Biomarker to Predict the Extent of Drug-Induced Qt Interval Lengthening Among Heart Failure Patients

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Al Hawwash, Awadh Mubarak M (2020) A Novel Approach to Peripheral Nerve Activation Using Low Frequency Alternating Currents

Alhulail, Ahmad Abdurahman M (2020) Fat and Sodium Quantification and Correlation by MRSI

Aljadhai, Saad Ibrahim (2020) Analysis of the Resilience of Intermittent Water Supply Systems and the Disruption-dynamics of Stakeholders

Aljubran, Hanan (2020) On Random Polynomials Spanned By Opuc

Allen, Brandon C. M (2020) Using Critical Race Theory to Examine How Predominantly White Land-Grant Universities Utilize Chief Diversity Officers

Almakhdhub, Naif Saleh (2020) Internet of Things Systems Security: Benchmarking and Protection

Almalki, Yaser (2020) Can Studying Abroad Change the Attitude of Saudi Males on Sex Segregation?

Almamari, Khalid Saif (2020) Predictive Relations Between Cognitive Abilities And Pilot Performance: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

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Alpsoy, Aktan (2020) Characterization of Novel SWI/SNF Chromatin Remodeling Complex (GBAF) in Health and Disease

Alruqobah, Essam H (2020) Alkali Treatments for Solution-Processed Chalcopyrite Photovoltaics Fabricated from Colloidal Nanoparticle Inks

Alshaykh, Mohammed S.Al (2020) Applications of Optical Frequency Combs in Microwave Photonics and Quantum Optics

Alyakoob, Ali (2020) Pilot-CEOs and Real Earnings Management

anamala, Krishna chaitanya Chetty (2020) Stability and Objectivity of a Bubbly and Slug Flow Two-Fluid Model with Wake Entrainment

Anand, Vishal (2020) Microscale Fluid–Structure Interactions Between Viscous Internal Flows and Elastic Structures

Anaya, Gerardo Joel (2020) Understanding Tourism Moments and the Impact of Smartphone Documentation

Anazco, Mayari I. Serrano (2020) Multimodal Virtual Learning Environments: The Effects of Visuo-Haptic Simulations on Conceptual Learning

Andere, Anne Amarila (2020) Sex Chromosome Evolution in Blow Flies

Andersen, Daniel S (2020) Effective User Guidance Through Augmented Reality Interfaces: Advances and Applications

Andler, Joseph (2020) Synthesis and Environmental Assessment of Arsenic-Containing Copper Chalcogenides for Photovoltaic Application

Andrawis, Robert (2020) Multiferroic Devices: Modeling, Analysis, and Applications

Ankit, Aayush (2020) Hardware-Software Codesign for Efficient Machine Learning Using In-Memory Computing

Ansari, Subia (2020) From the Scammer Perspective: Predispositions Towards Online Fraud Motivation and Rationalization

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Ardinger, Cherish (2020) Determining the Impact of Repeated Binge Drinking on Corticostriatal Theta Synchrony

Aronu, Obinna (2020) Membrane Fouling Mitigation in Water Filtration Using Piezoelectrics

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Asadpour, Reza (2020) Exploring the Potential of Low-Cost Perovskite Cells and Improved Module Reliability to Reduce Levelized Cost of Electricity

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Ashok, Swaroop (2020) Construction Decision Making Using Virtual Reality

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Atal, Nimita Shyamsunder (2020) Application of Big Data Analytics Framework for Enhancing Customer Experience on E-Commerce Shopping Portals

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Avalos, Maria Nieves Brunet (2020) Stereo Vision-based System for Detection, Track and Capture of Intruder Flying Drones

Ayala, Juan Andres Carvajal (2020) An End to End Pipeline to Localize Nuclei in Microscopic Zebrafish Embryo Images

Ayi, Maneesh (2020) RMNV2: Reduced Mobilenet V2 an Efficient Lightweight Model for Hardware Deployment

Ayyaswamy, Abhinand (2020) Computational Modeling of Hypersonic Turbulent Boundary Layers by Using Machine Learning

Azzam, Shaimaa I (2020) Novel Light Trapping and Nonlinear Dynamics in Nanophotonic Devices

Bacon, Joshua S (2020) Defending a Language: The Cantonese Umbrella Movement

Bai, Hao (2020) Non-Destructive Evaluation of the Condition of Subsurface Drainage in Pavement Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

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Bailey, Keisha (2020) Re-Specifying Adolescent Non-Normative Role Behavior Experiences with Military Deployment

Bailey, Neil S (2020) Numerical Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Residual Stresses and Microstructural Development During Laser-Based Manufacturing Processes

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Banaszak, Theodore (2020) Redhawk for Vita 49 Development in Open Radio Access Networks

Banat, Hadi Riad (2020) Assessing Intercultural Competence in Writing Programs Through Linked Courses

Bandyopadhyay, Ritwik (2020) Ensuring Fatigue Performance Via Location-Specific Lifing in Aerospace Components Made of Titanium Alloys and Nickel-Base Superalloys

Bang, Jaehoon (2020) Feedback Control of Optically Trapped Nanoparticles and its Applications

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Banks, Devin Elizabeth (2020) Concurrent Substance Use and Related Problems Among African American Adolescents: A Daily Diary Study

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Wu, Meng-Yang Matthew (2020) Understanding Graduate Teaching Assistants' Experiences and Pedagogy

Wu, Min (2020) Nanomanufacturing of Wearable Electronics for Energy Conversion and Human-Integrated Monitoring

Wu, Rih-Teng (2020) Development and Application of Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Structural Health Monitoring and Metamaterial Design

Wu, Sophie Tongyu (2020) Assessing Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination Risk Using Predictive Risk Models and Food Safety Culture Management in Retail Environments

Wu, Tianren (2020) Studies on Aerosol Size Distributions, Emissions, and Exposures

Xia, Rongxin (2020) Quantum Computation for Electronic Structure Calculations

Xie, Zhuoer (2020) Accelerating the Throughput of Mass Spectrometry Analysis by Advanced Workflow and Instrumentation

Xiong, Chenxi (2020) Hybrid Feature Selection in Network Intrusion Detection Using Decision Tree

Xu, Chengyi (2020) Derivation and Analysis of Behavioral Models to Predict Power System Dynamics

Xue, Jiawei (2020) Structural and Dynamic Models for Complex Road Networks

Xue, Li (2020) Rapid Modeling and Simulation Methods for Large-Scale and Circuit-Intuitive Electromagnetic Analysis of Integrated Circuits and Systems

Xu, Ling (2020) Harmomic Maps into Teichmuller Spaces and Superrigidity of Mapping Class Groups

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Xu, Ruya (2020) Deep Learning-Based Panicle Detection by Using Hyperspectral Imagery

Xu, Shaoyuan (2020) Content Understanding for Imaging Systems: Page Classification, Fading Detection, Emotion Recognition, and Saliency Based Image Quality Assessment and Cropping

Xu, Xin (2020) Semantic Intelligence for Knowledge-Based Compliance Checking of Underground Utilities

Xu, Yibo (2020) Non-Coding RNA Regulators Induce Human Cardiomyocyte Proliferation

Xu, Yifei (2020) Essays on Firms’ Behaviors in the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS)

Xu, Zhenyu (2020) Gravity Driven Chemical Dynamics in Fractures

Yadav, Avinash (2020) Multi-Threshold Low Power-Delay Product Memory and Datapath Components Utilizing Advanced Finfet Technology Emphasizing the Reliability and Robustness

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Yang, Teng-yao (2020) Detection and Exclusion of Faulty GNSS Measurements: A Parameterized Quadratic Programming Approach and its Integrity

Yang, Xuan (2020) The Effect of Comps-Based Problem Posing Intervention On Enhancing Math Performance of Students with Learning Disabilities

Yang, Yun (2020) Study for the Mechanism of Protein Separation in Reversed-phase Liquid Chromatography

Yang, Zhiyao (2020) An Ammonia-based Chemisorption Heat Pump for Cold Climate: Experiments and Modeling for Performance Analysis and Design Optimization

Yang, Zilong (2020) Automated Building Extraction from Aerial Imagery with Mask R-CNN

Yao, Peiyan (2020) BASO4 Nanocomposite Color Cooling Paint and Bio-Inspired Cooling Method

Yarlagadda, Sri Kalyan (2020) Image Analysis for Shadow Detection, Satellite Image Forensics and Eating Scene Segmentation and Clustering

Yaryyeva, Annagul (2020) Russian Immigrants: Transnationalism in the Context of U.S.-Russia Relations Since 2014

Yau, Calvin (2020) Three-Component Visual Summary: a Design to Support Casual Experts in Making Data-Driven Decisions

Yazawa, Keisuke (2020) Effect of Grain Size and Mechanical Stress on Polarization Switching of Ferroelectrics

Yazdansepas, Iman (2020) Room Categorization Using Simultaneous Localization and Mapping and Convolutional Neural Network

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Yeh, Yo-Sing (2020) Efficient Knot Optimization for Accurate B-Spline-Based Data Approximation

Ye, Lintao (2020) Algorithmic and Graph-Theoretic Approaches for Optimal Sensor Selection in Large-Scale Systems

Yim, Daeun (2020) Exploratory Search Using Vector Model and Linked Data

Yogi, Yashwant Sawaisingh (2020) Energy Efficiency and Flux Enhancement in Membrane Distillation System Using Novel Condensing Surfaces

Yook, SungHo (2020) Anisotropic Polymer Blend and Gel Nanocomposites Using External Electric or Magnetic Fields

Yother, Tracy L (2020) Exploration of the Training, Educational Experiences, and Technical Competencies of Entry-Level Manufacturing Engineers in the Commercial Space Industry

Yu, Huidan (2020) Computational Fluid Dynamics for Modeling and Simulation of Intraocular Drug Delivery and Wall Shear Stress in Pulsatile Flow

Yum, Chaehyun (2020) Vitamin D, Obesity and Breast Cancer Metastasis

Yu, Yue (2020) Caregiver Adaptation Among Black and White Families of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Comparison of the Two Racial Groups

Zamenian, Hamed (2020) Dynamics of Coupled Human-Water Infrastructure Systems Under Water Main Breaks and Water-Rates Increase Events

Zehady, Abdullah Khan (2020) Data Mining and Visualization of Earth History Datasets From Geological Timescale Creator Project

Zeng, Danyang (2020) An Investigation of Mature Travelers’ Usage Intention of Intelligent Voice Assistants in Hotels

Zhang, Bruce (2020) Integration of Ferromagnetic Metals in Vertically Aligned Nanostructures for Spintronics

Zhang, Chiyu (2020) Multi-Target Tracking and Identity Management Using Multiple Mobile Sensors

Zhang, Tianshuo (2020) Wireless Sensing of Tissue Deformations Featuring Polymeric Magnets

Zhang, Ting (2020) Multimodal Digital Image Exploration with Synchronous Intelligent Assistance for the Blind

Zhang, Xiao (2020) Flexible Structured Prediction in Natural Language Processing with Partially Annotated Corpora

Zhang, Xinxin (2020) In Vivo Quantification of Heavy Metals in Bone and Toenail Using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

Zhang, Xinye (2020) Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics in Linear Compressors

Zhang, Yaan (2020) Improvement of Structured Light Systems Using Computer Vision Techniques

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Zhang, Yingsheng (2020) PKM2-EZH2 Interaction Elicits Metabolic Vulnerability for Treatment of Triple- Negative Breast Cancer

Zhang, Yizhe (2020) Interactions Among Proteins and Carbohydrates Under Thermal Processing Conditions and their Effects on Dairy Fouling

Zhang, Yucong (2020) Combinatorial Methods for Counting Pattern Occurrences in a Markovian Text

Zhao, Bi (2020) Better Together? Participation and Interaction Among NGOS at the UN Climate Change Summits

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Zhao, Jieqiong (2020) Visual Analytics for Decision Making in Performance Evaluation

Zhao, Lang (2020) Real-Time Precise Damage Characterization in Self-sensing Materials Via Neural Network-Aided Electrical Impedance Tomography: A Computational Study

Zhao, Yumeng (2020) Modeling and Measurement of Dust Dispersion Patterns in Confined Spaces

Zhao, Ziyi (2020) Three Problems in Digital Image Processing: Alignment of Data-Bearing Halftone Images, Surface Coding, and Matching Consumer Photos of Fashion Items with On-Line Images

Zhou, Guoyang (2020) Vision-Based Lifting Load Estimation for Preventing Lifting Injuries

Zhou, Xinwei (2020) In Situ Morphological and Structural Study of High Capacity Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Zhu, Mengmeng (2020) Searching the Edges of the Protein Universe Using Data Science

Zirkle, Joel (2020) Modeling Temporal Patterns of Neural Synchronization: Synaptic Plasticity and Stochastic Mechanisms

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Zurange, Hrishikesh (2020) Regeneration of Cathode Materials from Used Li-Ion Batteries Via a Direct Recycling Process

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Dissertations & Theses from 2019

Aardsma, Matthew Phillip (2019) Alternative Measures of Physiological Stress in Nursery Pigs and Broiler Chickens

Abdelfattah, Mahmoud (2019) Reconfigurable Cavity Filters with Contactless Tuners

Abel, Michael Robert (2019) Associated Particle Neutron Elemental Imaging for Noninvasive Medical Diagnostics

Abney, Scott (2019) Identification of Firms Capable of Producing Renewable Energy Components in the Kentucky Blugrass Region: A Comparison of Repp Standards Classification Usage Versus Self-Identification Using Online Surveys

Ackiss, Sheridan Elise (2019) Investigating the Mineralogy and Morphology of Subglacial Volcanoes on Earth and Mars

Adams, Katherine (2019) Implicit Gratitude Theories

Adams, Ryan A (2019) Carbon Anode Performance and Safety Evaluation of Potassium-Ion Batteries

Adekunle, Tiwaladeoluwa Beloved (2019) “Shea Moisture is Cancelled”: Racialized Identification in the 2017 Shea Moisture Crisis

Adeoye, Omolola A (2019) Positive Deviants for Medication Therapy Management: A Mixed-Methods Comparative Case Study of Community Pharmacy Practices

Adeoye, Temitope F (2019) Middle School Students’ Conceptualization of Science Classroom Belonging Between Curricular Contexts

Adhikari, Sarju (2019) Radical Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry for Enhanced Biomolecule Analysis

Adhikary, Tanay (2019) Operando Analysis of Lithium Plating in Lithium-Ion Cells

Afyani, Farzaneh Atrian (2019) The Structure of the Cell Nucleus and Cancer Chemoresistance

Agrawal, Himal (2019) Manufacturing & Testing of Composite Hybrid Leaf Sprign for Automotive Applications

Agrawal, Suyash (2019) Using Rapid Application Development for Software Development Projects

Ahangardarabi, Mohsen (2019) New Approaches to Voice Conversion Using Statistical Mapping Functions

Ahmadian, Amirhossein (2019) Design and Fabrication of High Capacity Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Electro-Spun Graphene Modified Vanadium Pentoxide Cathodes

Ahmadi, Lida (2019) Asymptotic Analysis of the Kth Subword Complexity

Ahn, Woojin (2019) Multi-Scale, Multi-Physics Reliability Modeling of Modern Electronic Devices and System

Alabdi, Lama Abdullah (2019) Molecular Mechanisms that Govern Stem Cell Differentiation and their Implications in Cancer

Alabed, Deena (2019) Photoplythesmogram (PPG) Signal Reliability Analysis in a Wearable Sensor-kit

Alai, Shashank P (2019) Evaluating Arcadia/capella Vs. Oosem/sysml for System Architecture Development

Alamri, Hamdan (2019) Effects of Personalized Learning as an Instructional Approach on Students’ Self-Determination and Learning Engagement in Online Higher Education

Aldosari, Mohammed Dhafer A (2019) Mobile Lidar for Monitoring MSE Walls with Smooth and Textured Precast Concrete Panels

Alfantoukh, Lina Abdulaziz (2019) Multi-Stakeholder Consensus Decision-Making Framework Based on Trust and Risk

Alfaro, Clint Miles (2019) Development of Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Intraoperative Cancer Diagnostics and Surgical Margin Assessment

Alghamdi, Sami (2019) Electrical Characterization of Emerging Devices for Low and High-Power Applications

Al-Herz, Ahmed (2019) Approximation Algorithms for Maximum Vertex-Weighted Matching

Aliahmad, Nojan (2019) Polymer Electrolytes and Paper-Based Current Collectors for Flexible Lithium Ion Battery Applications

Alikhashashneh, Enas A (2019) Using Machine Learning Techniques to Improve Static Code Analysis Tools Usefulness

Ali, Remah (2019) The Role of Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 1 (STAT1) and 3 (STAT3) in Primary and Metastatic Breast Cancer

Allen, Cody M (2019) Advancing Diesel Engines Via Cylinder Deactivation

Allred, Taylor P (2019) Effects of Dynamic Surface Wettability on Pool Boiling Behavior

Almorshdy, Eslam (2019) Evaluating Spatial Queries Over Declustered Spatial Data

Almousa, Rashed Abdulaziz R (2019) Coating of Polyvinylchloride for Reduced Cell/Bacterial Adhesion and Antibacterial Properties

Althagafi, Naila (2019) Muslim Women's Authority in Sacred Spaces

Alyakoob, Mohammed S (2019) The Economics of Geographic and Demographic Heterogeneity in Digitally Transformed Markets

Alzate-Vargas, Leidy Lorena (2019) Structural and Dynamical Properties of Organic and Polymeric Systems Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Amarkhil, Qais (2019) A Framework to Assess Post-Conflict Environment Impact on Construction Organization Performance

Anastas, Tracy (2019) The Influence of Patient Race and Socioeconomic Status on Providers’ Assessment and Treatment Recommendations for Chronic Pain

Anderson, Andrew E (2019) The Impact of Cover Crops on Farm Finance and Risk: Insights from Indiana Farm Data Using Econometric and Stochastic Methods

Andreoli, Valeria (2019) Cooled Turbine Tip Design: Aerothermal Optimization for Engine Transients

Angelo, Benjamin (2019) The Impact of the Verb Tense of Tone Words on Price Discovery in Conference Calls

An, Yatong (2019) Multi-Scale, Multi-modal, High-Speed 3D Shape Measurement

Arafat, Muhammad Abdullah (2019) Method of Thin Flexible Microelectrode Insertion in Deep Brain Region for Chronic Neural Recording

Aramideh, Soroush (2019) Complex Fluids in Porous Media: Pore-Scale to Field-Scale Computations

Arenas, Paola Andrea Olaya (2019) Pesticide Exposure Risk and Developmental Consequences for Monarch Butterflies in Agricultural Landscapes

Arendt, Michael T (2019) Polarization Effects of Nitric Oxide Pure Rotational Transitions Demonstrated by Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering

Ariet, Ruth S (2019) Auxin-Induced Actin Cytoskeleton Rearrangements Require Auxin Resistant 1

Armentrout, Katje (2019) Notes on the State of American Agriculture: Young Farmers and "The Farm" After the 1980s Farm Crisis

Arnold, Ian A (2019) Parafermion Excitations in Hole Systems in the ν = 1/3 Filled Fractional Quantum Hall State

Arora, Viplove (2019) A Generalized Framework for Representing Complex Networks

Arroyo, Alba I. Rivera (2019) Female Kitchen Narratives: The Elements of the Latina Bildungsroman Through Selfexploration and Protest

Arvin, Matthew Carl (2019) An Optopharmacological Interrogation of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subcellular Localization, Regulation, and Function

Asanjan, Seyed Mahmood Hosseini (2019) Design And Development of an Intelligent Online Personal Assistant in Social Learning Management Systems

Aslinger, Elizabeth N (2019) Validating Competing Structures of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders

Assiri, Abdullah (2019) A Translational Approach to Identify Microrna that Regulate the Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel, Kcnh2

Atiq, Syedah Zahra (2019) Emotions Experienced by First-Year Engineering Students During Programming Tasks

Avetian, Sona N (2019) Energy Transfer and Optical Anisotropy in Semiconducting Polymers

Ayeni, Oyedotun Isaac (2019) Sintering and Characterizations of 3D Printed Bronze Metal Filament

Aziz, Ahmedullah (2019) Device-Circuit Co-Design Employing Phase Transition Materials for Low Power Electronics

Back, Doosan (2019) Applications of Microheater/Resistance Temperature Detector and Electrical/Optical Characterization of Metallic Nanowires with Graphene Hybrid Networks

Bagwe, Rishikesh Mahesh (2019) Modeling and Energy Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Bai, Chen (2019) Image and Video Quality Assessment with Applications in First-Person Videos

Baier, John M (2019) Autonomy Support, Satisfaction of the Need for Autonomy, and Autonomous Regulation for Physical Activity in Older Adults

Bai, Peter (2019) Operating Neural Networks on Mobile Devices

Baker, Christopher A (2019) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Technology for Structural Damage Assessments in Low-Light Conditions

Baldwin, Grace Lynn (2019) Development of Design Criteria and Options for Promoting Lake Restoration of Lake Bosomtwe and Improved Livelihoods for Smaller-Holder Farmers Near Lake Bosomtwe - Ghana, West Africa

Balfe, Jessica (2019) A Study of an ADHD Experience Video Game's Effect on Users' Attention

Bampoh, Daniel (2019) The Influence of Behavior on Active Subsidy Distribution

Bangari, Kiran Rana (2019) In-Situ Spectroscopic Investigations of Molecular Mechanisms Enabling Sorption of Dioxins and PCBS by Smectite Clays

Bannister, Noah (2019) Computer Vision Syndrome in Head-mounted Displays: Spontaneous Eye Blinks and Saccades

Banziger, Susannah D (2019) Synthesis and Structural Studies of Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Complexes Based on Co(III) (CYCLAM) Acetylides

Bari, Sumra (2019) Advancements in Neuroimaging for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Multi-Site Reliability

Bartusiak, Emily R (2019) An Adversarial Approach to Spliced Forgery Detection and Localization in Satellite Imagery

Basing, Laud Anthony Wihibeturo (2019) Molecular Point-of-Care Diagnostic for Treponema Pallidum Subsp. Pertenue (YAWS)

Bates, Jason S (2019) Structure and Solvation of Confined Water and Alkanols in Zeolite Acid Catalysis

Batti, Bianca Lucianna (2019) Worldbuilding in Feminist Game Studies: Toward a Methodology of Disruption

Batz-Barbarich, Cassondra (2019) The Impact of Changing Engineering Perceptions on Women’s Behavioral Intentions to Pursue and Remain in Engineering Fields

Bays, Jason (2019) Reactions to Ransomware Variants Among Internet Users: Measuring Payment Evocation

Beckman, Joseph W (2019) Comparing Learning Gains in Cryptography Concepts Taught Using Different Instructional Conditions and Measuring Cognitive Processing Activity of Cryptography Concepts

Benhidjeb-Carayon, Alicia (2019) Reactivity and Hypergolicity of Liquid and Solid Fuels with Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen

Bennett, Jackson B (2019) Attitude and Adoption: Understanding Climate Change Through Predictive Modeling

Berger, Drew (2019) The Acceptance and Use of Augmented Reality in a Manufacturing Environment

Bergman, Quintin D (2019) Spatial Ecology of Hawksbill Turtles (Eretmochelys Imbricata) Nesting at Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica

Bertassello, Leonardo Enrico (2019) Eco-Hydrological Analysis of Wetlandscapes

Bhaduri, Satarupa (2019) Structure-Function of Membrane Protein Complexes Involved in Oxygenic Photosynthesis

Bhamidi, Sree Bala Shrut (2019) Residual Capsule Network

Bhargava, Radhika (2019) Adversarial Anomaly Detection

Bhatia, Rohit (2019) On Cyber-Physical Forensics, Attacks, and Defenses

Bhatija, Khushal Ashok (2019) Particles in a Linearly Stratified Fluid

Bhattacharjee, Abhinaba (2019) A Data Requisition Treatment Instrument for Clinical Quantifiable Soft Tissue Manipulation

Bhattacharya, Sayantan (2019) Uncertainty Quantification in Particle Image Velocimetry

Bhuvankar, Pramod R (2019) A Numerical Study of Heat Transfer in Bubbly Flows

Bhuyan, Feroz Ahmmed (2019) Switch Mode RF Power Amplifier Design, Analysis and Implementation

Bi, Chenghao (2019) Design of Magnetic Tumbling Microrobots for Complex Environments and Biomedical Applications

Bies, Amanda Micheel (2019) Organizational Socialization Tactics and Learning in the United States Hotel Industry

Bigbee, Darius (2019) Interactive 3D Modeling in Virtual Reality

Bills, Brandon John (2019) Studying and Modifying Paper to Lower Detection Limits for Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry

Biniwale, Akshay (2019) Mechanistic Analysis of Sodiation in Electrodes

Binkley, Robert Michael (2019) Bi-variate Growth Model of Pichia Pastoris Including Oxygen Considerations and its Importance in Recombinant Protein Production

Bir, Courtney (2019) Evaluating Data Quality in Discrete Choice Experiments

Bird, Daniel (2019) Modeling Habitat Use and Road Based Disturbance of Mule Deer in New Mexico

Bisi-Amosun, Olamide O (2019) The Sociocultural Dynamics of Food (In)security Among Farming Households in Oyo State, Nigeria

Blacker, Aaron (2019) Characterization of Lifted Flame Behavior in a Multielement Rocket Combustor

Black, Jenell (2019) Assessment of Crocodile Abundance and Seasonal Effects of Salinity on Distribution Using Both Boat Based and Aerial Drone Surveys

Blade, Reena (2019) Strategic Modifications to Optimize a Cell Penetrating Antimicrobial Peptide

Boe, Jodi (2019) Establishing the Value of ALS-Inhibiting Herbicides in Fields with Confirmed Weed Resistance to ALS-Inhibiting Herbicides

Bolliger, Matthew J (2019) Cislunar Mission Design: Transfers Linking Near Rectilinear Halo Orbits and the Butterfly Family

Bolton, Scott Charles (2019) Quaternary Structure Analysis of Calcium/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II Alpha by Cryo-Electron Microscopy

Bose, Aritra (2019) Computational Methods for Population Genetics

Bowman, Lacey (2019) Art Teacher Perceptions of the Rise Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation Model in Indiana

Bradley, Chuck (2019) Transparency of Transitivity in Pantomime, Sign Language

Brauer, Christopher N (2019) A Panoramic Image-Based Approach to Buying and Selling Secondhand Goods Online

Braun, James (2019) Power Harvesting from Shock Waves: The Axial Bladeless Turbine

Breakall, Jared B (2019) Characterizing Multiple-Choice Assessment Practices in Undergraduate General Chemistry

Brenner, Anneliese (2019) Microstructural investigations of samarium-doped zirconium diboride for Hypersonic Applications

Brice, David A (2019) Application of Surface Severe Plastic Deformation to α+β and β Titanium Alloys for Microstructure Modification

Brindise, Melissa C (2019) Developing Experimental Methods and Assessing Metrics to Evaluate Cerebral Aneurysm Hemodynamics

Brown, Alex D (2019) High Speed Laser Diagnostics for Bioagent Defeat Applications

Brown, Kwame J (2019) The Structural and Biochemical Characterization of Deubiquitinating Enzymes Lota and Uchl1 R178q

Brown, Micah E (2019) The Influence of Conformity to Masculine Norms on Relationship Satisfaction: An Examination of Rumination, Emotional Inhibition, and Gender Differences

Brown, Nancy E (2019) Aids and the Politics of Disability in the 1980s

Brubaker, Katherine (2019) A Priori Estimates for the Homogeneous Monge-Ampère Equation on Kähler Manifolds

Bryan, Adrial Debra (2019) The Effectiveness of Explicit Pedagogical Intervention in the L2 Perception and Production of German Vowels

Bryant, Lindsey (2019) Physical Activity, Structured Sport Participation, Executive Function in Preschools

Budrevich, Adassa (2019) Examining Classroom Quality as a Moderator Between Pre-Kindergarten Participation and School Readiness

Bui, Yen Hoang (2019) Automation of the Virtual Workbench: A Protocol for the Entry of Big Data within a Chemical Domain

Bukowski, Brandon Christopher (2019) Density Functional Theory Investigations of Zeolite and Intermetallic Alloy Active Site Structures for Kinetics of Heterogeneous Catalysis

Bulut, Nuseybe (2019) Fabrication of Model Plant Cell Wall Materials to Probe Gut Microbiota Use of Dietary Fiber

Bungart, Brittani Lynn (2019) Device and Image Analysis Advancements Towards Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Tomography-Guided Prostate Biopsy

Bunn, Spencer J (2019) Characterization of Schwann Cells Stimulated by Dc Electric Fields

Burroughs, Jedadiah Floyd (2019) Influence of Chemical and Physical Properties of Poorly-Ordered Silica on Reactivity and Rheology of Cementitious Materials

Burrows, Dominique (2019) Diminishing the Threat: Reducing Intergroup Anxiety and Prejudice in Individuals Low in Openness to Experience

Byerly, Nate (2019) Experimental Study of Pressure Swirl Atomizers for Lead Oxide Production

Byrd, Jeremy (2019) Predictive Maintenance Practices & Standards

Cacciatore, Joseph C (2019) Electronics Authenticity Testing Using Comprehensive Two-dimensional Gas Chromatography

Cai, Difeng (2019) Robust and Explicit a posteriori Error Estimation Techniques in Adaptive Finite Element Method

Caldwell, Sarah J (2019) Consequences of Ottoman Expansion on Daily Activity in Croatia: An Examination of Entheseal Remodeling and Osteoarthritis

Calvert, Ryan D (2019) Dietary Modulation of Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cell Biology in Pathophysiology and Physiology

Camarena, Ernesto (2019) Multiscale Continuum Modeling of Piezoelectric Smart Structures

Cameron, Eric (2019) Differentiation and Evaluation of Disease Progression in Essential Tremor Utilizing Mri Biomarkers

Campbell, Leslie E (2019) A Benchmark for Evaluating Performance in Visual Inspection of Steel Bridge Members and Strategies for Improvement

Campbell, Michelle Marie (2019) Midwestern Anarchist Women Writers of the Nineteenth Century

Cannelli, Loris (2019) Asynchronous Parallel Algorithms for Big-Data Nonconvex Optimization

Cann, Heather W (2019) Beyond the Climate Science Wars: Elite Framing and Climate Change Policy Conflict

Cannon, David James (2019) Hypolimnetic Mixing in Lake Michigan

Cardenas, Emilio Leal (2019) Structure-Based Design and Synthesis of Novel Inhibitors of Beta-Site Amyloid Precursor Protein Cleaving Enzyme 1

Cardona, Melissa P (2019) Designing and Understanding Hematite Based Nanomaterials for Solar Energy Applications

Cardwell, David (2019) Performance Models for Distributed-memory HPC Systems and Deep Neural Networks

Carlson, Erin Brock (2019) "There is Wealth in the Struggle": Unearthing and Embracing Community Knowledges Through Organizing Work in Appalachia

Carralero, Pamela Alicia (2019) Uncertainty Discourse: Climate Models, Gender, and Environmental Literature in the Anthropocene

Case, Jennifer C (2019) Designing Soft Continuum Robots for Sensor-Enabled Control

Caskey, Stephen L (2019) Analysis of Thermally Connected Residential Appliances

Caskurlu, Secil (2019) Revisiting the Coi Framework Through a Factor Analysis, Meta-analysis, and Thematic Synthesis

Casso, Eduard Andres Caicedo (2019) Shear Rheometry Protocols to Advance the Development of Microstructured Fluids

Celebi, Hasan F (2019) Transient Response of Tapered and Angled Injectors Subjected to a Passing Detonation Wave

Cesar, Laryssa Goncalves (2019) Light Alkanes to Higher Molecular Weight Olefins: Catalysts for Propane Dehydrogenation and Ethylene Oligomerization

Chacon, Rene (2019) Virtual Prototyping of Axial Piston Machines of Swash Plate Type

Chandramohan, Aditya (2019) Thermofluidic Transport in Evaporating Droplets: Measurement and Application

Chang, Tommy Y (2019) Reducing Wide-Area Satellite Data to Concise Sets for More Efficient Training and Testing of Land-Cover Classifiers

Chang, Yiyang (2019) Ensuring Network Designs Meet Performance Requirements Under Failures

Channa, Hira (2019) Behavioral Responses to Post-Harvest Challenges in East Africa: Lessons from Field Experiments

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Vernacchio, Vincenzo G (2019) Size Dependent Failure Constrained Topology Optimization Approaches

Vicksman, Andi (2019) Strut-And-Tie Evaluation Program (STEP) for the Design of Bridge Components

Vij, Shitiz (2019) Development of Chemiresistor Based Nanosensors to Detect Volatile Cancer Biomarkers

Vike, Nicole L (2019) Spectroscopic Investigation of a Novel Traumatic Brain Injury Biomarker and Analysis of Neurometabolic Changes in Youth American Football Athletes

Villa, Kristin Rose (2019) Consequences of 2014 Legislation on Controlled Substance Dispensing Patterns and Utilization of the Indiana Prescription Drug Monitoring Program: A Three Year Review

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Vize, Colin E (2019) Merging Structural and Process-Related Approaches to the Study of Agreeableness: A Preregistered Replication and Extension

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Wang, Naixing (2019) Test Generation and Resynthesis Procedures for Test and Diagnosis Quality

Wang, Nan (2019) Ion/Ion Reaction Facilitated Mass Spectrometry and Front-End Method Development

Wang, Peng (2019) Measuring and Modeling of Phenylpropanoid Metabolic Flux in Arabidopsis

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Wang, Yiming (2019) Propagation of En-Route Aircraft Noise

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Wang, Ze (2019) Radiative Passive Cooling for Concentrated Photovoltaics

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Whelchel, Ryan T (2019) Evaluation and Structural Behavior of Deteriorated Precast, Prestressed Concrete Box Beams

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Whitmore, Katie M (2019) A Life Course Approach To Health in the Ancient Nile Valley

Wierzchowski, Kathy (2019) The Role of Stereotype Threat and Impostor Phenomenon in Predicting Female Undergraduate Students’ Persistence in Stem

Wiese, Gretchen (2019) Gut-Derived Uremic Retention Solutes in Patients with Moderate Chronic Kidney Disease and Healthy Adults

Wijesinghe, Parami (2019) Neuro-Inspired Computing Enhanced by Scalable Algorithms and Physics of Emerging Nanoscale Resistive Devices

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Williams, Andrew J (2019) Load Response of Topologically Interlocked Material Systems - Archimedean and Laves Tilings

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Wilson, Nathan (2019) Effects of Formulation and Manufacturing Conditions on Protein Structure and Physical Stability

Wimble, Jeffrey A (2019) Survival Technologies: African-American Musical Modernisms

Wirth, Justin C (2019) Engineering Sensitivity: An Optical Optimization of Ring Resonator Arrays for Label-Free Whole Bacterial Sensing

Witkoske, Evan (2019) First-Principles Informed Analysis of Thermoelectric Materials for Applications

Witte, Jacob (2019) Influence of Loading Width on Web Compression Buckling of Steel Beams

Won, Jongho (2019) Security Techniques for Drones

Worl, Bethany M. L (2019) Numerical Investigation Of Combustion And Oxidation In A Steel Reheat Furnace

Wright, Breanne Natasha (2019) Intermediate Effects of a Social Ecological Modeled, Community-Based Intervention on the Food Security and Dietary Intake of Rural, Midwestern, Adult Food Pantry Clients

Wright, Casey E (2019) The Affordances of Laughter in an Afterschool Stem Program for Multilingual Learners

Wu, Chuhao (2019) Eye Tracking and Electroencephalogram (EEG) Measures for Workload and Performance in Robotic Surgery Training

Wu, Liming (2019) Biomedical Image Segmentation and Object Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Wulle, Bernard W (2019) The Perceptions of Flight Instructors Regarding the Application of Multiple Intelligences Theory in Flight Training

Wu, Meng-Lin (2019) Occlusion Management in Conventional and Head-Mounted Display Visualization Through the Relaxation of the Single Viewpoint/Timepoint Constraint

Wu, Qiuyu (2019) Mapping Brain Circuits in Health and Disease

Wu, Tong (2019) Topology Optimization of Multiscale Structures Coupling Fluid, Thermal and Mechanical Analysis

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Wu, Yanjun (2019) Brainwave Analysis in Virtual Reality Based Emotional Regulation Training

Xiao, Yingying (2019) Distributed Solutions to Coupled Convex Feasibility and Optimization Problems on Agent Networks

Xiong, Hao (2019) Development of Learning Control Strategies for a Cable-Driven Device Assisting a Human Joint

Xiong, Jie (2019) An Adaptive Personalized Daylighting Control Approach for Optimal Visual Satisfaction and Lighting Energy use in Offices

Xue, Yutong (2019) Modeling and Design Methodologies for Sound Absorbing Porous Materials When Used as Layered Vibration Dampers

Xu, Ke (2019) Deep Learning Models for Image-Based Disease Classification and Assistive Technology Related to Alzheimer’s Disease

Xu, Xiaochen (2019) Identification and Mapping of Anthracnose Resistance Genes in Sorghum [Sorghum Bicolor (L.) Moench]

Xu, Xinrui (2019) Developing a Self-Assessment Tool for Engineering Students: The Self-Efficacy Inventory for Professional Engineering Competency (SEIPEC)

Xu, Yixi (2019) Understanding Deep Neural Networks and Other Nonparametric Methods in Machine Learning

Yan, Bin (2019) Numerical Study of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect: A Few-Body Perspective

Yang, Bowon (2019) UAV Detection System with Multiple Acoustic Nodes Using Machine Learning Models

Yang, Jiasen (2019) Statistical Learning and Model Criticism for Networks and Point Processes

Yang, Kai (2019) Empirical Research on Second Language Writing in China: A Theoretical, Methodological, and Philosophical Analysis

Yang, Mian (2019) Quantitative-Scientific Company and Product Scorecard Considerations and Modeling

Yang, Qi (2019) Anti-Biofouling Implantable Catheter Using Thin-Film Magnetic Microactuators

Yang, Qingyu (2019) Barcode Detection and Decoding in On-Line Fashion Image

Yang, Soohyun (2019) Coupled Engineered and Natural Drainage Networks: Data-Model Synthesis in Urbanized River Basins

Yang, Teng (2019) Production and Nutrition Recovery of Crops in a Recirculating Aquaponic Systems

Yang, Wei (2019) Tunable Absorptive Bandstop-to-All-Pass Filter Synthesis, Control, Applications, and Optimizations

Yang, Yi (2019) The Thrombosis Pathway Promotes Pancreatic Cancer Growth and Metastasis

Yang, Ze (2019) Diameters and Velocities for Charged Liquid Drops Undergoing Aerodynamic Breakup

Yang, Zhengan (2019) Mems Tunable Si-Based Evanescent-Mode Cavity Filters: Design, Optimization and Implementation

Yano, Kayla H (2019) In Situ Tem Mechanical Testing of Irradiated Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys

Yan, Rui (2019) The Development of Image Processing Algorithms in Cryo-EM

Yan, Yang (2019) Image-based Non-Contact Conductivity Prediction for Inkjet Printed Electrodes and Follow-Up Work of Toner Usage Prediction for Laser Electro-photographic Printers

Yasin, Mohamad Rusydi Mohamad (2019) Development of High Ductility Aluminum Alloys for die Casting

Yellamraju, Tarun (2019) N-TARP: A Random Projection Based Method for Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning in High-dimensions with Application to Educational Data Analysis

Ye, Qiaofei (2019) A Sentiment Based Automatic Question-Answering Framework

Yoho, Kelie (2019) Necrophilous Insect Attraction to Cadaveric Volatile Organic Compounds

Young, Landon (2019) Innovation as an Adaptive Management Strategy in Social-Ecological Systems

Yuan, Jing (2019) Female Control of Reproductive Success in Arabidopsis Thaliana

Yuan, Long (2019) Spatial and Temporal Imaging of Exciton Dynamics And Transport in Two-Dimensional Semiconductors and Heterostructures by Ultrafast Transient Absorption Microscopy

Yuan, Xiaokai (2019) Direct and Inverse Scattering Problems for Elastic Waves

Yu, Shi (2019) A Cross-Classified Path Analysis of the General Self-Determination Theory Model on Situational, Individual and Classroom Levels

Yu, Xiaoyu (2019) Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable Inertia Sensor Data and Machine Learning

Yu, Zaikuan J (2019) Development of Mass Spectrometric Analysis for Drug Metabolite Identification and Quantitation, Delineating Cellulose Fast Pyrolysis Mechanisms, and Studying Gas-Phase Reactivity of VINYL Cations

Zagorski, Megan Elizabeth (2019) Winter Ecology of Raptors in Cover-Cropped Agroecosystems in Westernindiana

Zayed, Omar (2019) The Role of Plant Cell Wall Arabinose in Salt Stress Sensing and Adaptation

Zeng, Kaiyuan (2019) Accurate and Efficient Methods for Multiscale and Multiphysics Analysis

Zeng, Zhou (2019) Sensitivity Analysis and Topology Optimization in Plasmonics

Zhai, Shuang (2019) Transkernel: An Executor for Commodity Kernels on Peripheral Cores

Zhai, Xiaoling (2019) Signal Propagation within a Heterogeneous Bacterial Community

Zhai, Xuedong (2019) Mechanical Behaviors of Biomaterials Over a Wide Range of Loading Rates

Zha, Junrong (2019) Modeling the Impacts of Changes in Soil Microbes and Mosses on Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Dynamics

Zhang, Bo (2019) A Design Paradigm for DC Generation System

Zhang, Boning (2019) Design of a Private Passageway Fusion Receptor for Sensitive Control of Adoptive Cell Therapies

Zhang, Boqian (2019) Efficient Path and Parameter Inference for Markov Jump Processes

Zhang, Feng (2019) Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Based Memory Devices and Transistors

Zhang, Han (2019) New Algorithms for Ocean Surface Wind Retrievals Using Multi-Frequency Signals of Opportunity

Zhang, Jianyue (2019) Effect of Ultrasonic Shot Peening on Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Mg Alloy Sheet

Zhang, Jun (2019) Immersive Virtual Reality Training to Enhance Procedural Knowledge Retention

Zhang, Lin (2019) Examining Membership Benefit Preferences and Donation Program Attitudes in an Urban Zoo Setting

Zhang, Lingyi (2019) A Study on Users’ Discovery Process of Amazon Echo Dot’s Capabilities

Zhang, Liwei (2019) Investigating Differences in Formative Critiquing Between Instructors and Students in Graphic Design

Zhang, Pei (2019) Large Eddy Simulation/Transported Probability Density Function Modeling of Turbulent Combustion: Model Advancement and Applications

Zhang, Ping (2019) Privacy Protection and Mobility Enhancement in Internet

Zhang, Qian (2019) Direct Numerical Simulation of Marangoni Flows: Dynamical Regimes and Transitions

Zhang, Robert Z (2019) Analysis Techniques for Characterizing High Power Turbulent Swirl Flames

Zhang, Xiang (2019) A Coupled Thermal/Electric Circuit Model for Design of Mvdc Cables

Zhang, Xiaowei (2019) Differential Gut Microbiota and Fermentation Metabolite Response to Corn Bran Arabinoxylans in Different Chemical and Physical Forms

Zhang, Yang (2019) Latency-Aware Pricing in the Cloud Market

Zhang, Yang (2019) Applying Cycle-Scaled Magnetostratigraphy for Global Correlation of Selected Major Paleoclimatic Events in the Triassic, Cretaceous and Quaternary

Zhang, Yunchang (2019) Pedestrian-Vehicle Interactions at Semi-Controlled Crosswalks: Explanatory Metrics and Models

Zhang, Yunlan (2019) Stress- and Temperature-Induced Phase Transforming Architected Materials with Multistable Elements

Zhang, Yuxi (2019) CNN-Based Symbol Recognition and Detection in Piping Drawings

Zhao, Feifei (2019) Development and Application of Theta Tips as a Novel NESI-MS Ion Source and Protein Identification Using Limited Trypsin Digestion and Mass Spectrometry

Zhao, Xuzhe (2019) Research on Applying the Self-Pierce Riveting (SPR) for die Casting Aluminum Alloys

Zhao, Zibo (2019) Decentralized Price-Driven Demand Response in Smart Energy Grid

Zhao, Zixuan (2019) Bio-Inspired Caco3 Nanocomposite for Efficient Radiative Cooling

Zhen, Todd (2019) Optimal Sensor Placement Problems Under Uncertainty: Models and Applications

Zhong, Jiatong (2019) Essays in International Trade

Zhou, Dali (2019) Massive Data K-Means Clustering and Bootstrapping Via A-Optimal Subsampling

Zhou, Jiawei (2019) Ultrasonically Controlled/Powered Implantable Medical Devices

Zhou, Qingheng (2019) Exploring Social Roles in Twitch Chatrooms

Zhou, Tian (2019) Alternative Methodologies for Boresight Calibration of GNSS/INS-Assisted Push-Broom Hyperspectral Scanners On Uav Platforms

Zhou, Wenqing (2019) Regulation of Neutrophil Migration to Inflammation

Zhou, Xuhui (2019) Application of Ewod in Porous Micro-Models

Zhou, Zhiguang (2019) Enhancing Thermophotovoltaics Via Selective Thermal Emitters and Radiative Thermal Management

Zhou, Zihe (2019) Optimizing Reflected Brownian Motion: A Numerical Study

Zhu, Xiaojun (2019) Assessing Effective Medium Theories for Designing Composites for Nonlinear Transmission Lines

Zong, Yanhua (2019) A Thesis Evaluation System

Zweng, Joseph (2019) An Examination of Post-Mortem Human Iris Recognition

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Dissertations & Theses from 2018

Abdelrazek, Sahar (2018) Carrot Endophytes: Diversity, Ecology and Function

Abdel-Salam, Ahmed Nabil (2018) Corporate Social Responsibility of Construction and Real Estate Development Companies in Developing Countries: An Assessment Model

Abraham, Niveah T (2018) A Study of the Characteristics of a Differential Privacy Implementation

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