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Dissertations & Theses from 2015

Abell, Bradley Charles (2015) Elastic waves along a fracture intersection

Abraham, Milata M (2015) Hydroxychloroquine dimers as inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum chloroquine resistant transporter and P-glycoprotein

Abu Khater, Mohammad (2015) Monitoring and control of evanescent-mode cavity filters

Acuna Valverde, Luis (2015) Heat trace and heat content asymptotics for Schrodinger Operators of stable processes/fractional Laplacians

Afra, Reza (2015) Kinetics of polymer cyclization reaction and novel covalent dna cross-linking assays

Aghasili, Onyekachi U (2015) Fuel choice, acute respiratory infection and child growth in Uganda

Agrawal, Alok (2015) Constrained optimized command shaping for minimizing residual vibration in a flexible-joint robot

Ahmed, Karim E (2015) Phase field modeling of grain growth in porous polycrystalline solids

Ahmed, Nesreen K (2015) Scaling Up Network Analysis and Mining: Statistical Sampling, Estimation, and Pattern Discovery

Ahmed, Sara (2015) Drug delivery to solid tumors via polymeric nanoparticles

Akgul, Zeynep (2015) Modeling, empirics and policy implications of firm heterogeneity in international trade

Alam, S. M. Iftekharul (2015) Enhancing Trustworthiness and Reliability of Wireless Sensor Networks while Reducing Energy Consumption

Alaskandrani, Faisal T (2015) A threat intelligence framework for access control security in the oil industry

Albee, Barbara L (2015) Technology use of online instructors with high self-efficacy: A multiple case study

Alberts, Erik (2015) Characterization of adhesive from oysters: A structural and compositional study

Alexander, Vivian G (2015) Development and validation of the critical thinking about sustainability scale

Alford, Sara (2015) Cover crop and no-till effects on soil health properties in Indiana

Alicea, Zaira R. Arvelo (2015) First graders as sensitive social partners and skilled readers

Alkloub, Amer Abdel Karim (2015) Behavior of reinforced concrete panels subject to impact by non-deformable projectiles

Allen, Stephanie A (2015) "Marginal and forbidden": Black lesbians, contemporary American culture, and the politics of representation

Al Louzi, Rabab Abdel Karim (2015) Seismic in-plane response of reinforced concrete frames with masonry infill walls

Almeshekah, Mohammed H (2015) Using Deception to Enhance Security: A Taxonomy, Model, and Novel Uses

Almutairi, Abdulrahaman A (2015) Risk-aware virtual resource management for access controlled cloud data centers

Alrasheed, Khalid M (2015) Invisible humans, visible terrorists: U.S. neo-Orientalism post 9/11 and representations of the Muslim world

Al-Saber, Nabeel (2015) SemCache: Semantics-aware caching for efficient GPU offloading

Alvey, Christina M (2015) Investigating synergy: Mathematical models for the coupled dynamics of HIV and HSV-2 and other endemic diseases

Aly, Ahmed M (2015) Towards efficient processing of big spatial data

Amirthalingam, Thivviyan (2015) Studying the effect of multi-query functionality on a correlation-aware SQL-to-mapreduce translator in Hadoop version 2

Anaele, Agaptus (2015) Voices of Black Youth Creating Communicative Spaces in the Context of Heart Disease among African American Teenagers in Marion County Indiana

Anaya, Laura Y (2015) Marital conflict and child-mother attachment relationships

Anazco, Mayari I. Serrano (2015) Assessing impact of exposure to cyberphysical systems on student interest in information technology careers

Anderson, Treshawn L (2015) Beliefs about infant toddler education and care: A new measure for infant toddler teachers

Andrews, Amelia Caron (2015) Enlightening Experts: The Effect of Frames and Values on Expert Attitudes

Angelella, Gina M (2015) Tracking plant virus infections through multiple dimensions: A search for sources of nonpersistent virus vectors and reservoirs at local and regional scales

Anjilivelil, Aja (2015) Modeling, simulation, and optimization of traffic intersections using Petri nets

Anklam, Charles Edward (2015) Building a better pedestrian flow model for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Anwer, Megha (2015) Navigating the necropolis: Urban corpses, metropolitan mobility and narratives of crime and terror

Atallah, Nadia (2015) Profiling gene expression during early gametophyte development and sex determination in Ceratopteris richardii

Athigakunagorn, Nathee (2015) Using Real Options Theory to Enhance Highway Asset Intervention Scheduling

Atilgan, Aylin Baris (2015) The journey of Chinese students from English 106 maintstream composition courses to the Purdue Writing Lab: An institutional needs analysis of Chinese students

Azizi, Yousof (2015) Development of a multi-body nonlinear model for a seat-occupant system

Bach, Christopher E (2015) Influence and characterization of microbial contaminants associated with the FDA BAM method used to detect Listeria monocytogenes from romaine lettuce

Badamy, Michael J. (2015) Neuropilin 1 confers resistance to Her1/2 targeted therapies via epithelial to mesenchymal transition in metastatic breast cancer

Bailey, Andrea Leigh (2015) Low income, supermarket accessibility, and the transportation network: A multimodal analysis identifying areas of poor accessibility and intervention strategies in Indianapolis, Indiana

Baird, Zane (2015) Methods and instrumentation for the manipulation and characterization of electrosprayed ions under ambient conditions

Balakrishna, Shruthi (2015) Characterization of vectorization strategies for recursive algorithms

Banerjee, Aparajita (2015) A framework for optimal design of low-power FIR filters

Bang, Seokhun (2015) Community detection using efficient modularity optimization method: labelmod with single and multi-layer graphs

Bansal, Karan (2015) Exact implementation of boundary conditions for Immersed Boundary Methods

Bansal, Kunal (2015) Modeling and evaluation of scroll expanders for a liquid-flooded Ericsson power cycle

Barbera, Giovanni (2015) Design of an embedded fluorescence imaging system for implantable optical neural recording

Barbosa, Mara R (2015) Spanish-speaking Immigrants in a U.S. Midwestern Community: An Exploration of Attitudes towards Spanish, Spanish in the U.S., Language Maintenance, and Bilingualism

Barelli, Joshua Luke (2015) Riprap Basin Design for a Small Catchment

Barford, Mary F. V (2015) Intimacy and autonomy: Twentieth century American women and the quest for self-realization

Barrett, Timothy John (2015) Improving Service Life of Concrete Structures Through the Use of Internal Curing: Impact on Practice

Bartolowits, Matthew David (2015) Discovery of molecules that modulate protein-protein interactions in the context of human proliferating cell nuclear antigen-associated processes of DNA replication and damage repair

Bastnagel, Matthew M (2015) Domesticity, Manhood, and the Natural Environment in Antebellum American Fiction

Bauer, Amy E (2015) The epidemiology of Coxiella burnetii in goats in Indiana

Baumbusch, Jamey (2015) Where can senior lesbians, gays, and bisexuals live?: Exploring sexual minority acceptance in senior living communities

Becker, Shannon (2015) Metacognitive instruction in L2 French: An analysis of listening performance and automaticity

Beck, Joshua (2015) An overview of the physical and non-physical health effects of marathon running

Beel, Casey R (2015) Multiple-cosmogenic-nuclide approaches to studying the Holocene and late Pleistocene history of small ice caps in western Greenland

Beenen, Timothy J (2015) In vivo analysis of a salt bridge at the external gate of the Drosophila melanogaster serotonin transporter in response to amphetamines

BeigzadehMilani, Somayeh (2015) Photochemistry of single-walled carbon nanotubes in the aquatic environment, and their extraction from soils

Bekar, Mira (2015) Language, writing, and social (inter)action: An analysis of text-based chats in Macedonian and English

Bellman, Tabitha Michelle (2015) Synthesis of 3,3-difluoro-2-oxindoles and larger sized rings

Belmouss, Mounia (2015) Effect of electrode geometry on high energy spark discharges in air

Bentlage, Belyna M (2015) Assessing public attitudes toward endangered freshwater mussels

Berdanier, Reid Adam (2015) An Experimental Characterization of Tip Leakage Flows and Corresponding Effects on Multistage Compressor Performance

Bernstein, William Z (2015) Human-centered environmentally conscious product redesign methods

Berridge, Dennis C (2015) Generating low-pressure shock waves for calibrating high-frequency pressure sensors

Berry, Timothy D (2015) Microbial controls on the environmental fate of carbon nanomaterials

Bhardhwaj, Jayender (2015) Modeling and Direct Adaptive Robust Control of Flexible Cable-Actuated Systems

Bhasagare, Mayuresh P (2015) Three-phase multilevel solar inverter for motor drive system

Bhattiprolu, Udbhau (2015) Modelling and Measurement of the Response of a Beam Interacting with a Polyurethane Foam Foundation

Bhayani, Urmi N (2015) An analysis of techniques for obtaining speedup in software solutions for proteomics

Bhise, Karan (2015) Non destructive testing of soft body armor

Bianco, Alexandra Walsh (2015) Pharmacokinetics of ketorolac tromethamine in horses after intravenous, intramuscular, and oral single dose administration

Birkley, Erica L (2015) The Effects of Instigation, Anger, and Emotion Regulation on Intimate Partner Violence Related Behaviors: Examination of the Perfect Storm Theory

Bishop, Brett (2015) Analysis of CHD remodelers during development: A tale in two organisms

Blair, David Michael (2015) The geophysical evolution of impact basins and volcanic structures on Mercury and the Moon

Blankenbaker, Kristen A (2015) Midwives and Madonnas: Motherhood and citizenship in the American counterculture

Bleazard, Tyler J (2015) Hydraulic hybrid four wheel drive sport utility vehicle - utilizing the blended hybrid architecture

Blomdin, Robin (2015) Paleoglaciology of the Tian Shan and Altai Mountains, Central Asia

Bloom, Amanda L (2015) Explaining Relationship Satisfaction: Attachment, Technology Use, and Sexual Satisfaction in Long-Distance Relationships

Blubaugh, Carmen K (2015) Undercover predators: Vegetation mediates foraging, trophic cascades, and biological control by omnivorous weed seed predators

Blum, Kevin M (2015) High density collagen fibril constructs with tunable mechano-biology in acellular and cellular configurations

Blunt, Janell R (2015) Adaptive Memory: Animacy and the Method of Loci

Boeh, Hannah Corrine (2015) Validating Indiana's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) medium term survey using NIH NCI ASA 24 dietary recalls

Boesche, Katherine E (2015) Control of bovine pyruvate carboxylase expression by saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and impact on fatty acid metabolism

Bohlin, Reme A (2015) Writing new rites: John Donne's and John Milton's elegies as mourning ritual

Boreddy, Nikhil Reddy (2015) IRC channel data analysis using Apache Solr

Bosson, Christabelle S (2015) Optimizing integrated airport surface and terminal airspace operations under uncertainty

Boswell, Jacob A (2015) Prime saturations and rees algebras of almost linearly presented ideals

Bott, Robert E (2015) An analysis of the effectiveness and cost of project security management

Bounaffaa, Myriam (2015) Benefits and costs of cover crops: A framework for data collection and analysis

Bowling, Timothy J (2015) Global Surface Modification of Asteroid 4 Vesta Following the Rheasilvia Impact

Bowman, Hayley R (2015) The Church Divided: The Dominicans, Franciscans, and Jesuits and the Immaculate Conception Controversy in Seventeenth-Century Spain

Brauchla, Mary Catherine (2015) Effects of High Protein and High Fiber Breakfasts on Preschoolers' Feelings of Fullness, Diet Quality and Memory

Breit, Kristen R (2015) Chronic stress during adolescence alters alcohol-induced conditioned place preference in mice selectively bred for high alcohol preference but not low alcohol preference

Brennan, M. Jane (2015) Design and characterization of biomimetic adhesive materials

Brinkman, Brianna L. Dorie (2015) Conversation Analysis of Engineering Parents' Occupational Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs

Broustovetskaia, Alexandra (2015) The Role of Bicultural Self-Efficacy and Cognitive-Affective Factors on Psychological Well-Being

Brouwer, Matthew D (2015) Dynamic performance of turbocharger rotor-bearing systems

Bruhl, Jakob C (2015) Behavior and design of steel-plate composite (SC) walls for blast loads

Brust Fernandes, Tarsis (2015) Functional selectivity downstream of Galphai/o-coupled receptors

Bubna, Mayur (2015) Development of Ultra Radiation-Hard Silicon Sensors for High-Luminosity Upgrade of LHC

Bueno, Amy N (2015) An active site loop mutant of a zinc metallo-deubiquitinase suggests the importance of loop dynamics to catalysis

Burgess, Michael Keith (2015) A technological approach to Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Burke, Nicole L (2015) Understanding the conformational preferences of peptide ions using cold ion spectroscopy

Buschhagen, Timo (2015) Performance analysis of vortex based mixers for confined flows

Bushner, Anthony James (2015) Press A to Retry: Teaching and Motivating Players Through Failure in Difficult Games

Byrd, Christopher J (2015) Evaluating the walking ability of Pekin ducks using a treadmill performance test

Cai, Jie (2015) A low cost multi-agent control approach for building energy system management

Caixach, Ariadna (2015) Energy-efficient hotel design in Cerdanya: A case study of ideal design and technology combinations

Calvert, Scott L (2015) Modeling and analysis of a resonant nanosystem

Camp, Kevin M (2015) Job mobility among young college graduates

Camsari, Kerem Yunus (2015) Modular approach to spintronics

Candranegara, Glenn (2015) Conflict and error management: A case in the furniture industry

Cao, Jiajun (2015) Analysis and simulation of nonlinearities in noise attenuation model for a diesel engine block

Cao, Xiang (2015) Liquid Chromatographic Separation of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies with Submicrometer Particles

Cao, Yankai (2015) Parallel algorithms for nonlinear programming and applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Cao, Yuanzhi (2015) The development of polystyrene based microfluidic gas generation system

Cao, Yunfeng (2015) Ablation and plasma effects during nanosecond laser matter interaction in air and water

Carbajal, M. Sandra (2015) Effects of moderate-level sound exposure on behavioral thresholds in chinchillas

Carpenter, Brianne (2015) Problematic

Carr, Daniel J (2015) Two laboratory studies of people's responses to sonic booms and other transient sounds as heard indoors

Cassens, Ronda Elaine (2015) The Effectiveness of Behavior-Based Safety in the Flight Training Environment

Castro, Mauricio Fernando (2015) Casablanca of the Caribbean: Cuban Refugees, Local Power, and Cold War Policy in Miami, 1959-1995

Chagas, Isis S. P (2015) Estimating phosphorus removal by steel slag in a flume experiment: Effects of P concentration and subsurface hydrological condition

Chandrasekhar, Saradha (2015) Thiol-disulfide exchange in human growth hormone

Chaney, Joseph Rashon (2015) Biochemical investigation of the ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase family

Chang, Jun Won (2015) Food safety research for fresh produce

Chang, Shih-Yu (2015) Toward World Englishes Writing: Is It Idealism in the Introductory Composition Class?

Chan, Ying-Chieh (2015) Integrated Analysis of Building Perimeter Zones with Multi-Functional Facade Systems

Chappaz, Loic P.R (2015) High-fidelity gravity modeling applied to spacecraft trajectories and lunar interior analysis

Chaput, Kevin J (2015) Near-congruent solidification of castings

Charles, Kevon C (2015) A numerical tool for evaluating and optimizing multijunction PV systems

Chastain, Bobby L (2015) Suitability of commercial certification assessments for film and video editing courses

Chavez-Casillas, Jonathan A (2015) Stochastic Modeling of Limit Order Books: Convergence of the Price Process, Simulation and Applications

Chegeni, Mohammad (2015) Dietary carbohydrates influence the structure and function of the intestinal alpha-glucosidases

Chen, Chien-Hsun (2015) Miniature Mass Spectrometer System with a Sampling Probe

Chen, Chun (2015) Modeling person-to-person contaminant transport in enclosed environments

Cheng, Ling (2015) Evaluation of the Safety Systems in the Next Generation Boiling Water Reactor

Cheng, Longjie (2015) On new approaches for variable selection under single index model and DNA methylation status calling

Chen, Jing (2015) Selection Versus Rejection: The Role of Task Framing in Decision Making

Chen, Ningning (2015) Assessing inter-rater agreement for compositional data

Chen, Ranchi (2015) Numerical characterization of convective heat transfer of low-rise buildings

Chen, Shuai (2015) The role of Daphnia pulex micrornas in response to short-term and multi-generational cadmium acclimation

Chen, Si (2015) Experimental and modeling investigation of cellulose nanocrystals polymer composite fibers

Chen, Steven (2015) Dispersion measurement for on-chip microresonator

Chen, Wenyi (2015) Dynamic resource allocation for large-scale streaming data

Chen, Xin (2015) Understanding student behaviors using immediate feedback features in a blended learning environment

Chen, Yang (2015) Examining the use of user-centered design in gamification: A delphi study

Chen, Yi-Ting (2015) Laser scanner jitter characterization, page content analysis for optimal rendering, and understanding image graininess

Chen, Yulu (2015) Circular Bessel field statistics and the pursuit of far-subwavelength resolution

Cherukara, Mathew J (2015) The kinetics of Ni/Al reactive intermetallic composites

Childress, Amy L (2015) Examination of decision-making processes for resource allocation at the college-level and school-level within an academic unit

Chisenga, Chimwemwe M (2015) Socio-economic factors associated with the adoption of conservation agriculture among women farmers in Balaka District, Malawi

Choi, Heejun (2015) On several efficient algorithms for some partial differential equations

Choi, Junil (2015) Advanced wireless communications using large numbers of transmit antennas and receive nodes

Choi, Jun M (2015) Near-inertial internal Poincare waves in Lake Michigan: Seasonal variability and effects on lateral dispersion and turbulent mixing

Choi, Juyeong (2015) Stress-strain capacity analysis for the impact of natural disasters on coupled infrastructure facilities

Choudhari, Harshavardhan J (2015) High Pressure Micro-Scale Studies of Fast-Hydropyrolysis and Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of Biomass and Related Model Compounds

Christy, Shannon M (2015) Relationships between masculinity beliefs and colorectal cancer screening in male veterans

Chuang, Wei-Chiu (2015) A programming framework to ease development of tightly-coupled cloud applications

Chung, Eun Kyoung (2015) Beta-lactam antimicrobial dosing optimization in obese patients compared to non-obese patients using population pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic approach

Chun, Il Yong (2015) Advances in medical imaging and image reconstruction

Chuong, Aurelie (2015) Support needs of young ovarian cancer survivors: A pilot study

Chuong, Aurelie (2015) Characterization of OrfY in the PurL gene cluster of Acetobacter aceti

Chu, Tao (2015) Contact and Bandgap Engineering in Two Dimensional Crystal

Chynoweth, Brandon C (2015) A new roughness array for controlling the nonlinear breakdown of second-mode waves at Mach 6

Cimen Bozkus, Cansu (2015) impact of L-Arginine transportation on myeloid-derived suppressor cell function

Clah, Leon (2015) Physical actvity in pregnant rat dams reduces mammary tumor formation in offspring

Clark, Teresa L (2015) A subcontinental reconstruction of invasion patterns and processes for the past two centuries

Clauser, Creasy A (2015) In vivo tibial loading of healthy and osteolathrytic mice

Clem, Nathan Joseph (2015) CUDA parallel implementation of airspace conflict detection

Clevenger, Tony (2015) Advancement of 31P Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Using GRAPPA Reconstruction on a 3D Volume

Codr, Brad (2015) Becoming kin: Modernity, authenticity, and the construction of spiritual relatedness in an evangelical parachurch ministry

Cofer, Anthony G (2015) Film evaporation MEMS thruster array for micropropulsion

Cogdill, Mindi Hope (2015) Evidence for a mnemonic benefit of animate-object interaction: Enhanced retention from animate contact

Coker, Schane D (2015) Determinants of bankruptcy among US households in the 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances

Coleman, John S (2015) Effect of liquid metal distribution on the flow field and macrosegregation during direct chill casting

Collins, Christopher J (2015) Synthesis, Characterization, In Vitro Evaluation, and Preclinical Profiling of beta-Cyclodextrin Polyrotaxane Families for Use As Potential Niemann-Pick Type C Therapeutics

Concu, Valentina (2015) The historical evolution of the German present perfect from the perspective of complexity theory and emergent grammar

Conklin, Jenna T (2015) The interaction of gradient and categorical processes of long-distance vowel-to-vowel assimilation in Kazan Tatar

Connor, Tyrell A (2015) Problem Solving Courts and Race: An Examination of Community Courts and the Impact of Race

Conrad, Kyle (2015) A physics-based compact model for thermoelectric devices

Conway, Emily D (2015) Investigations into the anti-collagenase efficacy of serum and plasma

Cordeiro Dutra, Aparecida de Fatima (2015) Assessing introductory-level Spanish learners' attitudes towards feedback in the classroom

Corry, Kylie A (2015) Novel insights into the mechanistic gene regulation of STAT3 in bone cells

Coskunpinar, Ayca (2015) The relationship between trait impulsivity and alcohol-related attentional biases

Cotten, Bradley M (2015) Investigating the amino acid digestibility of alternative protein sources and determining the impact of dietary fiber on energy, nitrogen, and amino acid digestibility in growing pigs

Coulter, Alison Adele (2015) Biology and ecology of bigheaded carp in an invaded ecosystem

Coulter, David P (2015) Consequences of short-term water temperature variability to fish: Current and future climate change impacts

Cox, Britain (2015) Supercuspidal representations arising from stable vectors

Craddock, Thomas (2015) Large-displacement stability in aircraft power systems

Crimmins, Danielle M (2015) A Predictive Model for Self-reported Computer Criminal Behavior among College Students

Cui, Jian (2015) Visibility computation through image generalization

Culhane, William John (2015) Optimal "big data" aggregation systems -- From theory to practical application

Cummings, Antonette T (2015) A phenomenographic study of how aerospace engineers experience uncertainty when making design decisions

Cummins, Ann M (2015) Analyzing the perceptions of the general public with regard to meat production in the U.S.: A spotlight on pork production and the impacts of the Fair Oaks Farms' Pig Adventure

Cummins Flory, Teri A (2015) Digital forensics in law enforcement: A need based analysis of Indiana agencies

Cummiskey, Brian R (2015) Characterization and evaluation of head impact sensors and varsity football helmets

Curnett, Brian Thomas (2015) Password strength analysis: User coping mechanisms in password selection

Custard, Kyle D (2015) Studies of Arctic halogen chemistry from the snowpack to the gas phase

Custead, Michelle R (2015) Application of biodynamic imaging for personalized chemotherapy in canine lymphoma

Cutting, Rebecca A (2015) Considerations for nondestructive evaluation of discontinuous fiber composites using dynamic analysis

Daluga, Derek Robert (2015) The effect of maximum aggregate size on the shear strength of geometrically scaled reinforced concrete beams

Dang, Hongchang (2015) Numerical simulation of thermal and stress field of torpedo car

Davis, Kimberle (2015) Evaluating thrust belt response to glacial erosion, synorogenic sedimentation, and subduction of a thick plate: Analog modeling insights into the St. Elias Range, Alaska

Davis, Nathan B (2015) Granulation of ultra-fine powders: Examination of granule microstructure, consolidation behavior, and powder feeding

Davis, Zachary S (2015) Exploring conformational preferences of flexible biomolecules utilizing the instrument for cold ion spectroscopy and force field methods

Debnath, Suman (2015) Control of modular multilevel converters for grid integration of full-scale wind energy conversion systems

DeGrove, John Maxfield (2015) The integration of heat resources in a solar thermal-heat pump hydronic system

Demirel, Hasan Onan (2015) Modular human-in-the-loop design framework based on human factors

DeMuth, Jessica Corinne (2015) Manipulation of electrospray generated droplets using various vapors

De, Narendra N (2015) Photoflash and laser ignition of high-nitrogen materials

Deng, Zhui (2015) Binary instrumentation and transformation for software security applications

Denick, Dana L (2015) Difficulty as a concept inventory design consideration: An exploratory study of the concept assessment tool for statics (CATS)

de Obaldia, Enrique Raul Escobar (2015) Unveiling the mechanical behavior of the rod-like microstructure in the radular teeth of cryptochiton stelleri

de Oliveira Silva, Amanda (2015) Evaluation of nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in maize genotypes using in-season soil applications of isotopic nitrogen in field plots

Deshmukh, Abhijeet Rathindra (2015) Infrastructure capacity building for recovery and resilience needs of communities to natural hazards

Desprez, Johanna M (2015) Directional responses of trees in the eastern U.S.

Detwiler, Michael D (2015) Synthesis, characterization, and kinetic evaluation of planar and supported heterogeneous catalysts

Devarakonda Venkata Naga, Siva Ramakrishna (2015) Founders' credentials and performance of startups

Devendran, Ram Sudarsan (2015) An innovative working concept for variable delivery flow external gear machine

Devireddy, Swathi (2015) The organization of mitochondrial quality control and life cycle in the nervous system in vivo in the absence of PINK1

Devlin, Nicole Raley (2015) The separation of two different sized particles via droplet evaporation

DeWees, Maxwell D (2015) Securing communication within the harms model for use with firefighting robots

Dewell, Tiffany N (2015) Transcending boundaries: Teaching reflection in the composition classroom

Dharkar, Supriya (2015) CO2 heat pumps for commercial building applications with simultaneous heating and cooling demand

Dhar, Neiha (2015) The Role of Gender Role Conflict in the Relationship Between Attachment and Friendship and Attachment and Couple Satisfaction in Adult Men

Diaz A., Jairo A (2015) Tunable organization of cellulose nanocrystals for controlled thermal and optical response

Dickinson, Haylee L (2015) Inferred rheology and upper mantle conditions of western Nevada and southern California-northwest Mexico

Ding, Ling (2015) Assessing the performance of antimicrobial concrete admixtures in concrete subjected to microbially induced corrosion

Ding, Qi (2015) Influence of social cognitive variables on the career exploratory behaviors of African American undergraduate STEM-intensive agricultural sciences majors at Historically Black Land-Grant Institutions

Dinh, Hanhdung Thi (2015) Improving product design phase for engineer to order (ETO) product with knowledge base engineering (KBE)

Dolan, Matthew Philip (2015) Establishing repeatable operation of a centrifugal compressor research facility for aerodynamic investigations

Dong, Jing (2015) Low-cost structured-light 3D capture system design

Dorrance Hall, Elizabeth (2015) The process and dimensions of family member marginalization: A mixed-method construct explication

Dou, Zengyi (2015) Bayesian global optimization approach to the oil well placement problem with quantified uncertainties

Dow, Alexander Russell (2015) Liquid chromatographic/mass spectrometric investigations of bio-oil and advances in laser-induced acoustic desorption fundamentals and instrumentation

Doyle, Aine (2015) Feasibility of PCM slurry for improved thermal efficiency of an historic public building in Ireland

Drics-Bursten, Beatrice Margaret (2015) A descriptive study of factors influencing parental choice of high school selection for their middle school-aged children enrolled in Catholic grade school

Dringenberg, Emily A (2015) A phenomenographic analysis of first-year engineering students' experiences with problems involving multiple possible solutions

Dubitsky, Andrei O (2015) Performance evaluation of an automotive thermoelectric generator

Du, Yuezhi (2015) Signal enhancement and data mining for chemical and biological samples using mass spectrometry

Dzakovich, Michael Paul (2015) Can we put photobiology to work? Using supplemental light to manipulate the nutritional and sensory properties of greenhouse tomatoes

Edwards, Julisa R (2015) "Schitworde": Analysis of linguistic taboo in the history of the semantic field of excrement

Eidsmore, Ashley E (2015) An Ad-Hoc Connectedness Model for Neural Networks

El-Atwani, Kadriye (2015) Cultivating multicultural education in Islamic schools in the U.S.: Teachers' perspectives about diversity in Islamic schools

Eren, Necla Mine (2015) Physical chemistry of colloidal-nanoparticle interactions

Ernst, Meike H (2015) Design solutions for piston machines with high operating pressures and water as a working fluid

Everett, Stephanie R (2015) Overweight vehicle permitting alternatives

Fagin, Maxwell H (2015) Payload mass improvements of supersonic retropropulsive flight for human class missions to Mars

Fan, Deliang (2015) Boolean and brain-inspired computing using spin-transfer torque devices

Fardisi, Mahsa (2015) Investigation of dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) susceptibility to red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum (Herbst)) infestation

Farnam, Yaghoob (2015) Damage development, phase changes, transport properties, and freeze-thaw performance of cementitious materials exposed to chloride based salts

Farrell, Mark Casey (2015) Potential Roles for Elf3 in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Development

Faust, Kasey Mariko (2015) Impact assessment of urban decline on coupled human and water sector infrastructure systems

Favor, Trevor E (2015) Validation of an artificial tooth-periodontal ligament-bone complex for in-vitro orthodontic research

Fawley, Jessica (2015) The theory of imaginative resistance: Narrative conflict & contested realities in the right to die versus disability studies perspectives on medical euthanasia

Federer, Natalie L (2015) The use of oral history and narrative research in broadening the historical foundation of the agricultural communication field

Fedesco, Heather Noel (2015) Employee wellness coaching as an interpersonal communication intervention: exploring intervention effects on healthcare costs, risks, and behaviors

Fehnel, Bradley J (2015) Lagrangian errors: Feature relative verification

Feiner, Karen A (2015) The lesser of two evils: The misidentification of the Jew in Elizabethan literature

Feiner, Zachary Scott (2015) Eco-evolutionary dynamics of Great Lakes percid fishes

Feng, Qi (2015) Observations of variability of TeV gamma-ray blazars

Fenton, Megan E (2015) Genetic analysis of tocochromanol variation in maize using high-density linkage mapping

Ferdous, Fahinaz (2015) Visual translation of urban typography

Fernandez, Perla C. Reyes (2015) Gene-by-Diet Interactions Affecting Attainment of Peak Bone Mass and Calcium Metabolism in Mice

Ferrari Carlevari, Matias (2015) Typeface connotation

Feston, James C (2015) The effects of ozone gas on the common bed bug (Cimex lectularius L.)

Fischer, Erica C (2015) Fire behavior of simple (shear) connections in steel-frame buildings

Fiser, Marek (2015) Framework for functional tree simulation applied to 'golden delicious' apple trees

Fisher, Christine M (2015) Novel methods for manipulating ion types in the solution and gas phases for the structural analysis of biomolecules using Mass Spectrometry

Fisher, Jeffrey J (2015) The efficacy of the protection motivation theory in predicting cruise ship passengers' intentions regarding norovirus disease incidence

Flock, James H (2015) Factors that influence adoption of hermetic storage evidence from Nepal

Flory, Christopher M (2015) Digital forensics and community supervision: Making a case for field based digital forensics training

Folk, Wendy A (2015) Teacher self-efficacy, teacher attitudes about reform accountability measures, and teacher burnout

Fontes de Oliveira, Natalia (2015) Three traveling women writers: Cross-cultural perspectives of Brazil, Patagonia, and the U.S., 1859-79

Fontinha de Alcantara, Christiane (2015) The beauty of impertinence in world literature from 1740 to 1977

Fowler, Susan Marie (2015) Measuring the correlation between risk knowledge and comfort utilizing online medical data

Frank, Trevor J (2015) Cereal rye and oilseed radish cover crop effects on soil properties and nitrogen cycling in Indiana

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Wong Yau, Joselito (2015) Constraint softening for non-smooth node-to-segment contact

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Yang, Fan (2015) Study of catalysts with high stability for proton exchange membrane fuel cells

Yang, Sha (2015) Incorporating interactive electronic storybooks into shared reading programs by kindergarten teachers: A multiple case study

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Yang, Yaming (2015) What Chinese cruisers want: An analysis of product preferences

Yang, Yiran (2015) Vertical sizing equipment longevity extrapolation based on finite element analysis

Yang, Yuxing (2015) Shear strength and behavior of reinforced concrete structures with T-headed bars in safety-related nuclear facilities

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Yan, Xun (2015) The processing of formulaic language on elicited imitation tasks by second language speakers

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Ying, Dawei (2015) Capacity analysis for MIMO systems with user exposure constraints

Yi, Sangchoul (2015) Modeling the impacts of hospitality and tourism enterprises on community quality of life

Yi, Zhihang (2015) Investigation of industry perceptions of building information modeling (BIM)-based estimating practices in the U.S. and China

Yoo, Hyo-Sang (2015) Detection of operator performance breakdown in a multitask environment

Yun, Seong Do (2015) Economic dynamics of movement: Envrionmental changes and spatial spillover

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Zakrajsek, Anne D (2015) A three constituent mixture theory model of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue in the context of neonatal pressure ulcer etiology and prevention

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Zhang, Nan (2015) Motivation of Chinese heritage language learners: From a bioecological perspective

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Zhang, Rui (2015) Numerical Simulation of 3D Wind Flow in Suburban Environment with Topographical Effects

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Dissertations & Theses from 2014

Aagard, Hans Peter (2014) The effects of a humorous instructional video on motivation and learning

Abbott, Tristan E (2014) Writing, politics, and agnotology: Maintaining the institutional viability of composition studies in an age of reform

Abbou Oucherif, Kaoutar (2014) Precipitation of poorly soluble pharmaceutical compounds in the human gastrointestinal tract

Abdallah, Abbas M (2014) Dissecting the function of Ack family kinases in Drosophila through understanding their interactions with Dock and Cdc42

Abdel-Gawad, Ahmed Hamdy Ibrahim (2014) Maximizing communication performance via automatic optimization of thread mapping and communication routing

Abdel Moniem, Hossam Eldien Mohammed (2014) Landscape genetics, phylogeography, and demographic history of a pollinator longhorn beetle (Typocerus v. velutinus)

Abdul Massih Said, Michel (2014) Motion style retargeting

Abu-Zhaya, Rana (2014) Is maternal touch used referentially?

Acosta, Glen Howel G (2014) Susceptibility of parkinson's disease following mild blast traumatic brain injury

Adams, Erin Leigh (2014) The impact of internalized stigma, patient activation, autonomy preference, and illness self-management on intensive service use among individuals with schizophrenia

Adams, Thomas E (2014) Hydrogen loading system development and evaluation of tritiated substrates to optimize performance in tritium based betavoltaics

Addae-Mensah, Nda-Agyima K (2014) Quality changes in hermetically stored corn caused by fungi and Sitophilus zeamais

Adekoya, Anike R (2014) Womanism, feminism, and relationship satisfaction in African American women

Adigun, Oluwamayowa O (2014) Mechanistic study of the hydrothermal reduction of palladium on the Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Agarwal, Pulkit (2014) Modeling of high pressure radial piston pumps

Aggu-Sher, Ravi Kumar (2014) Epidemiology of Coccidioidomycosis in Missouri

Ahmad, Shaikh (2014) Capacity-related driver behavior on modern roundabouts built on high-speed roads

Ahn, Benjamin (2014) Creation of an instrument to measure graduate student and postdoctoral mentoring abilities in engineering and science undergraduate research settings

Ahn, Hyung Jun (2014) Evaluation of asphalt pavement interface

Ahn, Inok (2014) Relations between teachers' motivation and students' motivation: A self-determination theory perspective

Ahn, Kuk Hyun (2014) Impact of anthropogenic activities on hydroclimatological variables

Aikens, Kurt M (2014) High-fidelity large eddy simulation for supersonic jet noise prediction

Akella, Meghana (2014) Optical direct-write nanolithography based on self-assembled resist

Akhand, Saeed Salehin (2014) Role of a putative bacterial lipoprotein in Pseudomonas aeruginosa-mediated cytotoxicity toward airway cells

Akin, Heather A (2014) Citizenship, legitimacy, whiteness, and respectability: Mexican and Puerto Rican demands for recognition and rights in the Midwest, 1920-1980

Al Ahbabi, Amna (2014) Representation of black otherness in Khaleeji literature

Al-Ajlony, Al-Montaser Bellah (2014) Radiation induced surface modification and contamination for EUV lithography and fusion applications

Alanna, Yeo Yun Ting (2014) More than a game: Examining sensemaking and self-organisation in alternate reality games

Alberts, Samantha J (2014) Feasibility analysis of large length-scale thermocapillary flow experiment for the International Space Station

Alcoser, Jeffrey J (2014) Behind our sociality (or social capital): Evolution, the Rule of 150, and reading others

Alexander, Arthur A (2014) Maintenance outsourcing: Sustaining system coordination under symmetric and asymmetric information

Alibeik, Maryam (2014) Different configurations of microgrids and power converters

Allan, Matthew C (2014) Characterization of water-solid interactions in crystalline ingredients and development of deliquescence measurement recommendations

Allen, Andrew (2014) Differences in cultural perception in websites

Allen, Wesley N (2014) Tunable impedance matching network fundamental limits and practical considerations

Al-Malkawi, Ghadeer H (2014) Simulation of materials erosion and lifetime under intense radiation heat sources

Al-musleh, Easa I (2014) Efficient processes for power generation and energy storage

Alsanea, Fahed M (2014) Feasibility of pulsed proton acoustics for 3D dosimetry

Alsawalhi, Jamal Yousuf (2014) An asymmetric salient permanent magnet synchronous machine for wide constant power speed range applications

Altaf, Adeel (2014) Spectroscopy of ultracold LiRb molecules using ionization detection

Amaireh, Layla K (2014) A nonlinear interface formulation for frictional contact

Ameen, Muhsin Mohammed (2014) Unsteady flamelet progress variable modeling of reacting diesel jets

Anaya, Gerardo (2014) Customer envy at service encounters

Andere, Anne A (2014) De novo genome assembly of the blow fly phormia regina (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Anderson, Eric J (2014) Bio-inspired robotic fish with vision based target tracking

Anderson, Lindsey B (2014) "There goes another little chip of your heart": Exploring the intersections of communication, emotional labor, and age

Anderson, Megan N (2014) The influence of an advanced agriculture & life science course on students' views of the nature of science

Anderson, Nickolas A (2014) The impact of phenylpropanoid pathway manipulation on lignin deposition and soluble secondary metabolism in Arabidopsis

Andino Bautista, Gladys K (2014) Changes in gene expression and viral titer in Varroa jacobsoni mites after a host shift from Asian to European honey bees

Andrews, Forest H (2014) Structure-function studies of thiamin diphosphate-dependent enzymes

Anguah, Katherene Osei-Boadi (2014) Acute and chronic effects of pulses and macronutrient composition on appetitive, glycemic, palatability and cravings outcomes

Angus, Ryan L (2014) A sociosemantic examination of secondary English teacher written feedback

An, Ran (2014) BioDynamic Imaging of living tissue

Antony, Thomas (2014) Rapid indirect trajectory optimization on highly parallel computing architectures

Anwar, Raheel (2014) Characterization of molecular functions of polyamines in fruit development and ripening in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

Applegate, Gregory M (2014) A comparison of item parameters across item types

Aqueel, Mohammad Sabir (2014) Reactivity studies of tridehydropyridine radical cations by using Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry and advancement of mass spectrometric analysis of asphaltenes and lignin degradation products

Arman, Mohammad Hafizur Rahman (2014) Using option theory to manage risks in highway winter operations

Arshad, Fahad A (2014) Failure characterization and error detection in distributed web applications

Arshad, Mazhar Iqbal (2014) Experimental study of the displacements caused by cone penetration in sand

Arthur-Durett, Kristine (2014) The weakness of WinRAR encrypted archives to compression side-channel attacks

Ashtekar, Jenette Michelle (2014) Digital methods for field scale soil mapping

Asiago, Josephat M (2014) DJ-1 and ATP13A2: Two proteins involved in Parkinson's disease

Assi, Amjad T (2014) Investigations of hydrostructural processes in the soil medium

Attallah, Sherif Omar (2014) A life cycle analysis approach for the enhancement of sustainability decision-making in the construction industry using agent-based modeling

Austin, John Samuel (2014) Investigation into the use of microwave sensors to monitor particulate manufacturing processes

Austin, Joshua K (2014) Retail pricing outcomes in a dual-channel supply chain: Studies from the petroleum industry

AuYeung, Ryan H (2014) Exploratory study in container loading Embraer 190 aircraft

Azad, Ariful MD. (2014) An algorithmic pipeline for analyzing multi-parametric flow cytometry data

Aziz, H. M. Abdul (2014) Integrating pro-environmental behavior with transportation network modeling: User and system level strategies, implementation, and evaluation

Bach, Christian K. L (2014) Refrigerant side compensation for air-side maldistribution of evaporators and its effects on system performance

Badam, Sriram Karthik (2014) Developing digital media platforms for early design

Bae, Heehun (2014) Processing and characterization of Zr-based metallic glass by laser direct deposition

Bagheri, Saeid (2014) Temporal profile summarization and indexing for surveillance videos

Bainter, Jeffrey Corral (2014) Efficacy of cleaning method for removal of exogenous welding fume contamination from nail tissue prior to use as a biomarker for welding fume manganese exposure

Baker, Selena Lauren (2014) Consumer perceptions of child-friendly shaped healthy fruit and vegetable snacks

Balasubramanian, Aditya (2014) Developing a hardware platform for a low-power, low-cost, size-constrained biomechanical telemetry system

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Wittrock, Zachary Robert (2014) Dismantling the great wall of prejudice: A look at centrality and issue importance in the perpetuation of influence and prejudice reduction

Wondergem, Ashley (2014) Piston / cylinder interface of axial piston machines - effect of piston micro-surface shaping

Woods, John L (2014) High stakes, last stands, and fleeting triumphs: The United Rubber Workers in the post war period 1945-1976

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Wright, Breanne N (2014) Iron nutriture following roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery

Wright, Timothy J (2014) Retrofitting LID practices into existing neighborhoods: Is it worth it?

Wu, Ching-Chih (2014) Current steering and electrode spanning with partial tripolar stimulation mode in cochlear implants

Wu, Haotian (2014) Model-based powertrain design and control system development for the ideal all-wheel drive electric vehicle

Wu, Jianqing (2014) Essays on pricing of cardinality bundles

Wu, Junqing (2014) Tumor respiratory motion control in radiation therapy

Wu, Qiong (2014) Integrative high-throughput study of arsenic hyper-accumulation in Pteris vittata

Wu, Ruoxi (2014) Development of a mobile sensor for potable water quality monitoring

Wu, Xiawa (2014) Atomic-scale modeling of cellulose nanocrystals

Wu, Ying (2014) Strategies of L1 and L2 greeting and small talk in Chinese

Wu, Zhen (2014) Intact protein separations by using slip flow with nano-liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Xiong, Aiping (2014) Influence of referential coding in a choice task performed in a simulated driving cockpit

Xiong, Shaoping (2014) Multi-physics coupled modeling and analysis for the design of high speed valves

Xi, Yuanzhe (2014) Structured matrix computations via randomization, their analysis, and applications

Xi, Zhuangzhuang (2014) Sleep and directed forgetting: A dual-route multinomial tree model

Xu, Chang (2014) Volume estimation and image quality assessment with application in dietary assessment and evaluation

Xu, Jian (2014) Coal gasification for fuel synthesis: Multiphysics modeling and new concepts

Xu, Min (2014) Liquid swine manure application timing and Instinct(TM) impacts on net soil nitrogen mineralization and corn yield

Xu, Tianlin (2014) Analysis of vitamin e metabolites by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Yadavalli, Yashwanth (2014) Transport in ultra-thin heat pipes for low power applications

Yakushkina, Maria (2014) Patterns of language use and language choice among the Cuban community in Russia

Yanagisawa, Shohko (2014) Honorific usage in educational and medical institutions

Yang, Haoran (2014) Nanostructured thermoelectric materials based on solution phase synthesis: Towards efficiency and sustainability

Yang, Hsiu-Han (2014) Manifold alignment for classification of multitemporal hyperspectral image data

Yang, Xiao (2014) Relationship between holistic rating of Chinese ESL speakers' monologue responses to question prompts in placement testing and their lexical frequency profiles

Yang, Xin (2014) Adipogenic and myogenic stem cells in brown fat: A study of progenitors and regenerative capacity

Yan, Junchao (2014) A computer-based approach for identifying student conceptual change

Yao, Guolin (2014) Determinants of energy efficiency across countries

Ye, Jia (2014) Effectiveness of air sealing measures and other energy retrofit measures in Lafayette Energy Improvement Program

Yelin, Boris (2014) The case of capaz in Argentina: An epistemic adverb with mood variability

Ye, Lujie (2014) Towards commercialization of self-healing technology in epoxy coatings

Yerneni, Charu K (2014) Utilizing advanced polymerization techniques for simplifying polymer grafting from silica colloidal crystal substrates

Yesmunt, Garrett Scot (2014) Design, analysis, and simulation of a humanoid robotic arm applied to catching

Yigit, Melike (2014) Learning of trigonometry: An examination of pre-service secondary mathematics teachers' trigonometric ratios schema

Yi, Li (2014) Study Quark Gluon Plasma by particle correlations in heavy ion collisions

Yin, Chengxi (2014) Two essays in behavioral finance

Yoder, Colton E (2014) Quantifying subsurface hydrology effects on chemical transport in agriculture drainage ditches using a 20 meter flume

Yoo, Sunghwan (2014) A unified framework for transparent parallelism and fault-tolerance in distributed systems

Young, Jeffrey S (2014) Competition between private labels and national brands: Empirical evidence from Homescan data on fluid milk markets

Youn, Jae Sung (2014) Effect of image capture devices on the accuracy of black-box printer models

You, Yunjung (2014) Relationships between lexical proficiency and L2 oral proficiency

Yuan, Chenxi (2014) Tracking dynamic construction objects ---a key node modeling approach using color-depth cameras

Yuan, Zhenyu (2014) A preliminary development and validation of a measure of safety performance

Yuill, David P (2014) Development of methodologies for evaluating performance of fault detection and diagnostics protocols applied to unitary air-conditioning equipment

Yu, Jun (2014) Computer animation for learning building construction management: A comparative study of first-person versus third-person view

Yun, Hyokun (2014) Doubly separable models and distributed parameter estimation

Yu, Taeho (2014) An exploratory factor analysis and reliability analysis of the student online learning readiness (SOLR) instrument

Yuwen, Tairan (2014) New experimental and theoretical tools for studying protein systems with elements of structural disorder

Zare Afifi, Saharnaz (2014) Securing sensor network

Zeng, Juan (2014) Modeling and characterization of non-ideal effects in high-performance RF MEMS tuners

Zeng, Wenjie (2014) Elucidating the mechanism of phenylpropanoid regulation by the Arabidopsis mediator complex

Zeng, Zhen (2014) A sandbox development for demonstrating BOM transmission in a PLM and ERP integrated system

Zenobio, Jenny E (2014) Pharmaceuticals and personal care products: Emerging contaminants in aquatic ecosystems

Zhang, Delong (2014) Instrumentation and applications of hyperspectral stimulated Raman scattering microscopy

Zhang, He (2014) Solvent system selection for xylooligosaccharides separation by centrifugal partition chromatography using conductor-like screening model for real solvents

Zhang, Jiayi (2014) Antibiotic resistance profile in chicken products and the efficacy of bacteriophage to control foodborne pathogens

Zhang, Kai (2014) Axial compression behavior and partial composite action of SC walls in safety-related nuclear facilities

Zhang, Shunyuan (2014) Mobility of prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) on LNCaP cells

Zhang, Ting (2014) Multimodal perception of histological images for persons blind or visually impaired

Zhang, Weixia (2014) Chemical synthesized nanostructures interfacing with biology

Zhang, Wenbin (2014) The influence of gaps on the frequency response of a beam-spring contact system

Zhang, Xiao (2014) Optimization of switch virtual keyboard by using computational modelling

Zhang, Xuejing (2014) An analysis on causes of late final payment and release of retainage: Electrical subcontractors' view

Zhang, Xuejing (2014) Some aspects of stochastic differential equation driven by fractional Brownian motion

Zhang, Yi (2014) Atomistic and finite element modeling of zirconia for thermal barrier coating applications

Zhang, Yue (2014) A cross-site study of user behavior and privacy perception in social networks

Zhao, Bin (2014) Image analysis using visual saliency with applications in hazmat sign detection and recognition

Zhao, Jiandong (2014) Franchising's impact on overinvestment behavior and post-overinvestment performance: A study of American restaurant companies

Zhao, Wei (2014) Energy-efficient information inference in wireless sensor networks based on graphical modeling

Zhao, Xin (2014) Ultrashort laser pulse-matter interaction: Fundamentals and early stage plasma dynamics

Zheng, Lingxing (2014) The assessment of acrolein changes in CNS traumas and diseases to determine its pathological role and therapeutic value

Zheng, Minyi (2014) 15-methylene eburnamonine: A novel therapeutic agent against metastatic breast cancer

Zheng, Wei (2014) 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D regulation of glucose metabolism in breast cancer prevention

Zheng, Yunhui (2014) Path sensitive static program analysis for web applications

Zhong, Jinghua (2014) Modeling and adaptive robust motion control of piezoelectric actuators

Zhou, Bowen (2014) Techniques for detecting scalability bugs

Zhou, Hongkang (2014) The essential role of Stat3 in bone homeostasis and mechanotransduction

Zhou, Keqin (2014) NO and NO2 modeling for diesel oxidation catalyst at different thermal aging levels

Zhou, Ninger (2014) Effects of multimedia story reading on preschoolers' vocabulary learning, story comprehension and reading engagement

Zhou, Yan (2014) An exploratory study of hotel manager side-taking behavior and its influence on employee unfairness perception and negative emotion

Zhuang, Xinwei (2014) Numerical simulation for contaminant dispersion near a highway

Zhu, Hengyu (2014) Dissolution rate and mechanism of metals in molten aluminum alloy A380

Zhu, Jingyi (2014) Nonparametric variable selection and dimension reduction methods and their applications in pharmacogenomics

Zhu, Qian (2014) Effect of multivalent ions on the swelling and mechanical behavior of superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) for mitigation of mortar autogenous shrinkage

Zhu, Qiaqia (2014) Fire behavior of bolted connections

Zhu, Qing (2014) Improving the quantification of terrestrial ecosystem carbon budget with models of biogeochemistry and atmospheric transport and chemistry using in situ and satellite observational data

Zhu, Wenhan (2014) Host cell death in Legionella pneumophila pathogenesis and immunity

Zhu, Xudong (2014) Quantifying exchanges of methane and carbon dioxide between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere in the northern high latitudes

Zhu, Zhengbo (2014) Column replacement algorithms and under-determined linear systems

Ziegler, Gregory R (2014) Development of tools to enable high-throughput elemental analysis and their application to soybean mutant identification and genome wide association studies

Zi, Yunlong (2014) Control and understanding growth of III-V nanowires structures

Zou, Yaotian (2014) Performance assessment of road barriers in Indiana

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Dissertations & Theses from 2013

Aaltonen, Pamela Massie (2013) Use of local health department websites: A study of e-government adoption and diffusion

Abdel Warith, Karim (2013) Developing a framework for determining the contribution of transportation project to sustainable development

Abell, Stephen W (2013) Parallel acceleration of deadlock detection and avoidance algorithms on GPUs

Abney, Andrew D (2013) A pulsed jet for generation of turbulent spots in a mach 6 boundary layer

Acosta, R. Paul (2013) The influence of the tibetan plateau elevation on the global and asian monsoons

Adams, Rebecca Nichole (2013) Do health behaviors mediate the relationships between loneliness and health outcomes in family caregivers of cancer patients?

Addo-Chidie, Edward Koopmann (2013) Efficacy of exogenous phytase in broiler chickens and pigs

Afsar, Wajahat (2013) A novel autonomous lane navigation method for mobile robots

Agbelie, Bismark Richard Delaidem Kofi (2013) Economic impacts of transportation infrastructure investment across countries: An empirical analysis

Aggarwal, Nupur (2013) Automated diagnosis of cervical pap smears

Ahmad, Faraz (2013) Improving MapReduce performance in large-scale clusters

Ahmadi Ghoohaki, Shahriar (2013) High-fidelity modeling of a backhoe digging operation using an explicit multibody dynamics finite element code with integrated discrete element method

Ahmad Yousef, Khalil Mustafa (2013) Hypothesize-and-verify based solutions for place recognition and mobile robot self-localization in interior hallways

Ahmed, Munadir A (2013) Analysis and control of interleaved Swiss rectifiers

Ai, Huisi (2013) Postnatal craniofacial and brain dysmorphology induced by prenatal alcohol exposure in C57BL/6 mouse model

Akatay, Mehmed Cem (2013) Atomic level study of water-gas shift catalysts via transmission electron microscopy and x-ray spectroscopy

Alazrai, Rami (2013) On human emotion and activity analysis

Al Azri, Hamed Ibrahim (2013) Modeling the marketability of Tourism Small Businesses Oman's experiences

Alexander, Lindsey Diane (2013) Impostor from the future

Alfaro-Murillo, Jorge A (2013) An epidemic model structured by the time since last infection

Alinizzi, Majed Fedhi (2013) A framework for coordinating water distribution system and pavement infrastructure m&r based on lcca

Allendorf, Gregory Ryan (2013) Persistent tendencies: Poems by Greg Allendorf

Allen, Mark A (2013) Thin free boundary problems

Al-Shboul, Khaled F (2013) Effect of colliding plasmas dynamics, evolution, and stagnation on carbon molecular formation

Ananthakrishnan, Saradha (2013) Neural encoding of complex signals in the healthy and impaired auditory systems

Andreatta, Matthew Evan (2013) Evolutionary dynamics of gene and genome duplications in plants

Antypas, Dionysios (2013) Measurement of a weak transition moment using Coherent Control

Anupindi, Kameswararao (2013) A novel multiblock immersed boundary method enabling high order large eddy simulation of pathological and medical device hemodynamics

Arauco Escobar, Cristina E (2013) How to enhance the penetration of US construction firms into Mexico

Arshad, Amana (2013) Statistical and visual analysis of spatio-temporal dynamics of dengue fever epidemic

Athmanathan, Arun (2013) An analysis of the impact of storage temperature, moisture content & duration upon the chemical components & bioprocessing of lignocellulosic biomass

Ault, Joe (2013) Control charts as a productivity improvement tool in construction

Ayoub, Ramez L (2013) Decision support for reducing 30-day readmissions: General medicine patients in community hospitals

Bachega, Leonardo R (2013) Analysis, detection and classification of signals using scalar and vector sparse matrix transforms

Backof, Thomas F (2013) Tracking and analysis of the spatial and thermal habitats of inter-nesting loggerheads (Caretta caretta) in Kyparissia Bay, Greece

Bahl, Mona (2013) Direct and complementary effects of knowledge and governance mechanisms on firm outcomes: A transition economy context

Bahls, Martin (2013) The effect of maternal exercise during pregnancy on offspring vascular function in swine

Bairaktarova, Diana N (2013) Mechanical objects and the engineering learner: An experimental study of how the presence of objects affects students' performance on engineering related tasks

Baker, Gregory A (2013) The effect on cumulative language acquisition increase for English Language Learner students in kindergarten through third grade who attended multiple years of summer remediation programs

Balaji, Aishwarya (2013) The challenges of using bioluminescence as a light source

Bales, Mary K. Cockburn (2013) Exploring stability and change in preschool teachers' shared book reading verbal language profiles across one semester

Ball, Patrick Ryan (2013) An experimental and computational investigation on the effects of stator leakage flow on compressor performance

Bamunavita Gamage, Sahan (2013) Improving virtual machine I/O performance in cloud environments via I/O functionality offloading

Barakat, Samer S (2013) High performance structure extraction and analysis for visualization

Barbu, Andrei (2013) Reasoning across language and vision in machines and humans

Barnes, Daniel R (2013) Age-related changes to the production of linguistic prosody

Barone, Salvador (2013) Some quantitative results in real algebraic geometry

Barrett, Timothy J (2013) Performance of portland limestone cements: Cements designed to be more sustainable that include up to 15% limestone addition

Barrios, Francis Javier (2013) Chemoselective modification of natural products: The use of aluminum-amides complexes as reagents for the transient in situ masking of reactive carbonyl groups

Bart, Zachary Ryan (2013) Multi-scale analysis of morphology, mechanics, and composition of collagen in murine osteogenesis imperfecta

Bates, Shane Adam (2013) Spectroscopic and kinetic study of copper-exchanged zeolites for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with ammonia

Bauer, Adam J (2013) Landscape level predictors of a suite of imperiled wetland associated herpetofauna

Bauernschmidt, Althea (2013) Interest and metacognition: The effectiveness of interest as a metacognitive monitoring process in metacognitive control

Baumann, Heidi M (2013) Connecting work-family conflict and enrichment through an understanding of the intersection between stress and motivation: Differentiating demands and proactive resource accumulation

Beatty, Alyssa Mae (2013) Characterization of "savory" aroma compounds in aged red wines via gas chromatography-olfactometry and descriptive analysis

Benziger, Ronald Reagan M (2013) Stereo model setup and 3d data capture for ios programming environment

Berdanier, Catherine G. P (2013) Flowfield characterization of a piloted lean premixed injector by particle image velocimetry

Berdy, David Francis (2013) Kinetic energy harvesting from low-frequency sources

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Williams, Justin Adam (2013) Biophysical studies of cholesterol in unsaturated phospholipid model membranes

Williams, Scott B (2013) Sanitation, it's impact on pest insect movement and distribution behavior and on pest management in food processing facilities

Winston, Charlotte (2013) Psychological verb constructions in American sign language

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Xue, Yan (2013) Determination of heat transfer in under-floor plenums in buildings with under-floor air distribution systems

Xu, Yindong (2013) Consumers' attitudes towards nutrition labeling on food packages and in restaurants in China

Yadav, Gautam Ganapati (2013) Design and assembly of nanostructured complex metal oxide materials for the construction of batteries and thermoelectric devices

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Yang, Biwei (2013) The effect of online customer reviews on customer's perceived risk associated with online leisure hotel booking

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Yang, Qian (2013) Fast quantitative analysis of metabolic biomarkers for clinical screening using mass spectrometry

Yang, Xue (2013) Atomistic simulation of plasma interaction with plasma facing components in fusion reactors

Yang, Yu-Ming (2013) Wavelet-based detection and identification of atmospheric-induced ionospheric disturbances in GNSS signals

Yang, Zhangcan (2013) Development of a multiscale atomistic code to investigate self-organized pattern formation induced by ion irradiation

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Yao, Wei-Min (2013) Increasing scalability in network simulation and testbed experiments

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Young, Laura D (2013) The evolution of society and the modern state

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Yue, Mengwei (2013) The impact of availability of vegetarian menu items on consumers' behavioral intention

Yue, Shuhua (2013) Altered cholesterol metabolism in human cancers unraveled by label-free spectroscopic imaging

Yu, Feng (2013) Improving model performance for invasive plant species distribution using global-scale presence-only data: parameterization and data quality

Yu, Hui (2013) Genes with physiological roles in callipyge muscle hypertrophy

Yu, Ji Hyun (2013) Development and validation of pre-service teachers' personal epistemologies of teaching scale (PT-PETS)

Yun, Na-Ra (2013) Early adopters' perception of iPhone mobile commerce applications

Yu, Shengwei (2013) Energy optimization in mobile sensor networks

Yu, Shuai (2013) Syk inhibits the activity of protein kinase a by phosphorylating tyrosine 330 of the catalytic subunit

Yu, Xiaoqing (2013) Association of candidate genes with drought tolerance traits in diverse perennial ryegrass accessions

Yu, Yue (2013) Content analysis concerning state green lodging certification programs in the united states

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Zecchi, Marco (2013) A novel fluid structure interaction and thermal model to predict the cylinder block / valve plate interface performance in swash plate type axial piston machines

Zeitchek, Michael Anthony (2013) All solid-state-ion-selective electrodes for real-time measurement of relevant physiological phenomena

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Zhang, Tong (2013) Manager's perceptions of categories of training needs

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Zhang, Ying (2013) Making sense of science discourse: A multimodal approach for English learners

Zhang, Zhibo (2013) Evaluating long-term leasing of toll roads based on probabilistic and multiple-criteria techniques

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Zimmerer, Laura Kathryn (2013) Pickering stabilization of oil-water interfaces by heated b-lactoglobulin/pectin particles

Zou, Hao (2013) Why are college tuition and fees rising so fast

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Dissertations & Theses from 2012

Abdel-hadi, Mohammad Jaser (2012) Efficient artificial intelligence-based localization algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks

Abu Hayat, Md Sharif (2012) Understanding physiological responses and development of stress biomarker from tilapia treated with vitamin C during chronic stress induced by crowding

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Adams, Melinda M (2012) The effects of biochar amendments on native and invasive prairie plants

Adi, Gayatri (2012) Closed loop control for biodiesel blends in mixing-controlled combustion

Aeschliman, Chad M (2012) Multitarget tracking through conditional probability estimation

Aglazor, Genevieve N (2012) Preservice teachers on study abroad: A site for developing new pedagogical perspectives on teaching non-White students

Agrawal, Mayur (2012) On making channel output feedback practical for communication systems

Aguiar, Daniel Edward (2012) Use of computational modeling of auditory nerve activation patterns for the optimization of cochlear implant electrical stimulation patterns

Ahiablame, Laurent Mensah (2012) Development of methods for modeling and evaluation of low impact development practices at the watershed scale

Ahmadullin, Ildus (2012) Document visual similarity analysis and automated publishing

Ahmed, Anwaar (2012) Pavement damage cost estimation using highway agency maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction strategies

Alamaniotis, Miltiadis (2012) Intelligent signal analysis methodologies for nuclear detection, identification and attribution

Alam, Md Maksud (2012) A coding technique to reduce PAPR and interference of OFDM systems

Albasman, Muna F (2012) Safety analysis for stochastic systems arising in air traffic management application

Allcorn, Anna Lee (2012) Economic based decision support to promote sustainable small scale livestock enterprises to potential industry entrants

Alper, Becka A (2012) Does religious geography affect identity? The impact of local group size characteristics on felt outsiderness and Jewish identity salience

Alqady, Mohammed (2012) Leveraging text content for management of construction project documents

Alshehabat, Musa Ahmed (2012) Instrumented gait analysis to characterize pelvic limb ataxia in dogs

Alston, Kristine M (2012) Mechanical property variability in lactose monohydrate

Altamirano, Marco (2012) The problem of nature: An essay on time

Alvarez, Jorge Alonso (2012) Inductive acceleration of ultra-high energy cosmic rays

Ambaw, Abeje S (2012) Acrolein-mediated neuronal cell death and alpha-synuclein aggregation: Implication in Parkinson's Disease

Anantharaman, Soumya (2012) Energy and CFD modeling of roof integrated photo-voltaic thermal systems

Anderson, Alexander W (2012) The roles of habit and environment in Dewey's concepts of alienation and agency

Anderson, Nathan L (2012) Structural, thermodynamic, electronic, and magnetic characterization of point defects in amorphous silica

Andoh, Abdul Rahman (2012) Tracking construction site dynamics using RFID and GPS

Angeli, Elizabeth L (2012) Networks of communication in emergency medical services

Ankudey, Frank Joy (2012) Peptide-functionalized polymeric nanoparticles for detecting Abl kinase activity

Anthony, Erica L (2012) What about the leader? An examination of the antecedents and consequences of leader empowerment

Antillon, Edwin A (2012) Applications of finite-size scaling for atomic and non-equilibrium systems

Appukuttan-Suseela, Vidya (2012) Linking the carbon cycle to climate change: Effects of warming and altered precipitation on organic matter decomposition

Archibold, Enada F (2012) Gas-phase reactivity of aromatic carbon-centered sigma-type mono- and biradicals towards simple organic substrates and aliphatic amino acids using ion trap mass spectrometers

Arentson, Emily J (2012) Fetal programming: Maternal fructose consumption, exercise and gestational weight gain

Artiles Fonseca, Mayra S (2012) Effects of metal nanoparticle morphology on carbon nanotube biosensors

Aschberger, Geoffrey (2012) Improving the preparedness of first responders to aircraft crashes using analyzed injury trends of aircraft crash victims

Ashtekar, Ankur (2012) Experimental and analytical investigation of rotor bearing systems

Atal, Nikita Shyamsunder (2012) Scalability of commercial database management systems as RDF stores

Auyeung, Dolaporn Siuyau Novem (2012) Responses of nitrogen cycling and ammonia-oxidizing communities to warming and altered precipitation in a New England old field

Ayyaswamy, Venkattraman (2012) Particle simulations of ion generation and transport in microelectromechanical systems and microthrusters

Azharuddin, Mohammed (2012) Effects of shading on the output power of photovoltaic arrays

Bacha, Jeffrey A (2012) Organizational structures, usability studies, and story telling: Rhetorically (re)examining the user's role in product development

Badu-Tawiah, Abraham K (2012) Ion generation, ion collection and ionic reactions outside the mass spectrometer

Bae, Hansang (2012) Towards advanced symbolic analysis for optimizing compilers

Bailey, Kyle R (2012) Effect of a seed tube modification for granular pesticide application on corn seeding uniformity

Bai, Nan (2012) Computational modeling and experimental characterization of bacterial microcolonies for rapid detection using light scattering

Bai, Qiang (2012) Trade-off analysis in multiobjective optimization for transportation asset management

Bajaj, Chetan Satish (2012) Computational investigations of ignition delay and flame lift-off in diesel jets

Bakir, Gulsah (2012) Quality characteristics of carrot puree processed by continuous flow microwave heating as compared to conventional heating

Balcom, Tyler S (2012) Procedural inefficiencies affecting aircraft turn-around times and delays

Baldwin, Erik Daniel (2012) Fully informed reasonable disagreement and Tradition Based Perspectivalism

Ball, Andrew J (2012) The economy of redemption in American culture: Literature, theology, politics

Balliet, Russell N (2012) Evaluation of undergraduate geologists' problem solving and cognition during field exams using a mixed methods approach

Bangar, Devashish S (2012) Single-laser-shot femtosecond coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering temperature measurements at 5 kHz in a jet diffusion flame

Ban, Zhuo (2012) Labor activism without borders: Re-thinking activism in Public Relations in the context of offshore labor

Bao, Hua (2012) Nanoscale material design for photovoltaic applications

Barajas, Elizabeth A (2012) On the acquisition of definite and bare plurals in Spanish-speaking learners of English L2

Barboza Chinchilla, Luis Alberto (2012) New methods of estimation of long-memory models with an application in climatology

Bardaka, Eleni (2012) Mixed linear modeling techniques for enhancing pavement performance predictions

Barrett, Matthew Robert (2012) Holomorphic curves with bounded Fubini-Study derivative

Barry, Sean Patrick (2012) Tattooing, graffiti, and hip-hop: Understanding the self through alternative art

Bartlett, Katharine Helen (2012) Logicistics and economics of blending condensed distillers solubles with stover on small to mid-size cattle farms

Bartlett, Rush Lloyd (2012) Poly(NIPAm-AMPS) nanoparticles for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory cell penetrating peptides

Basak, Sanjit Kumar (2012) Numerical analysis of flow field for small scale helical twisted vertical axis wind turbine (vawt)

Baumann, Douglas D (2012) Annotation-informed integration of 'omic data in next-generation sequencing

Beale, Michael P (2012) New approaches to analyze sound barrier effectiveness

Beard, Rachel Suzanne (2012) Regulation of viral reactivation and cell death by inflammatory cytokine signaling during murine gammaherpesvirus infection

Beatty, William S (2012) Ecology and genetics of the Virginia opossum in an agricultural landscape

Becker, Nicole M (2012) Social aspects of classroom learning: Results of a discourse analysis in an inquiry-oriented physical chemistry class

Becker, Shannon (2012) Effects of audiovisual media on the acquisition of listening comprehension in French

Beckley, Stephen (2012) Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) signal processing approach to parallel transmit and receive MRI

Beever, Jonathan (2012) The semiotic foundation of an ecological ethic

Behbehani, Lamis J (2012) Does LEED-certified multifamily housing influence occupants' environmental behaviors? Case studies of residential developments in the Midwest

Bell, Jeffrey Wayne (2012) Peripheral arterial disease in spinal cord injury

Belt, Bryan Whitney D (2012) High voltage energy storage system design for a parallel-through-the-road plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

Belt, Dustin David (2012) On the holomorphy of exterior-square L-functions

Bench, Nathan E (2012) Spatial-haptic perception of virtual shape environments

Bendus, Maryana (2012) The semantics and pragmatics of translating culture-bound references in film dubbing

Benjamin, Bret Michael (2012) Barriers in implementing the 5S system in the healthcare industry

Berdanier, Reid Adam (2012) Design of a multi-stage research compressor for cantilevered stator hub clearance flow investigations

Berlin, Kathryn L (2012) Why older women continue to be physically active: A mixed methods investigation of older women's motivations for engaging in sports-based versus exercise-based leisure activity

Bhattacharya, Pinaki (2012) Stresses in vocal folds: A numerical investigation under vibration, impact and surface adhesion conditions

Bhuiyan, Aizaz Hossain (2012) Development of injection-seeded optical parametric laser systems with pulsed dye amplifiers for high-spectral-resolution combustion diagnostics

Bi, Chen (2012) Perceived attractiveness of overseas youth summer camp: Perspectives of Chinese parents

Birt, Lindsay Nicole (2012) Development of environmental performance indicators for watershed management

Boatright, Kelly D (2012) Relationships among shoreline development, nearshore fish communities, and aquatic macrophyte communities in the littoral zone of Indiana glacial lakes

Bolton, Philathia R (2012) Making dead and barren: Black women writers on the Civil Rights Movement and the problem of the American dream

Borron, Abigail S (2012) A culture-centered approach to health and nutrition among low-income groups: Recommendations for Land-Grant University engagement

Borton, David Jesse (2012) Mass spectrometric studies of asphaltenes' molecular structures and the development of atmospheric pressure chemical ionization laser-induced acoustic desorption

Bosanac, Natasha (2012) Exploring the influence of a three-body interaction added to the gravitational potential function in the circular restricted three-body problem: A numerical frequency analysis

Bosch Ruiz, Marc (2012) Visual feature modeling and refinement with application in dietary assessment

Botting, Carolyn G (2012) Use of antivirals to probe flavivirus replication

Bouquet, Dorothee Marie (2012) "Un-patriotic" knowledge: Diplomacy in modern language education in France and in the United States, 1900-1939

Bowers, Matthew C (2012) The distributions of seasonal river flows: Lognormal or power-law?

Braasch, Joseph (2012) Insect responses to synthetic herbivore induced plant volatiles in an ecological framework: evidence for context dependent attraction based on varying odor blends, crop systems, and spatial scales

Bradshaw, Craig R (2012) A miniature-scale linear compressor for electronics cooling

Brandt, Daniel S (2012) The impact of surface effects on hydraulic motor startup friction and the coefficient of static friction

Brasfield, Vanessa (2012) Defining industry expectations and misconceptions of art and technology co-creativity

Bras, Harris Jon (2012) Preparing a face to meet the faces you will meet: Korean early international students and the signaling value of English composition

Brazelton, Jessica N (2012) Population-wide variation in response to salinity in Arabidopsis thaliana

Breedlove, Evan L (2012) Head impact telemetry in football and correlations with neurophysiological impairment

Brennan, Patrick R. K (2012) Lithospheric structure and geologic development of a collisional orogen: Insights from the central Alaska Range

Bridges, Robert A (2012) A solution to Schroeder's equation in several variables

Brossman, John Richard (2012) An investigation of rotor tip leakage flows in the rear-block of a multistage compressor

Broughan, Conor (2012) The Statistics

Brown, Caleb Edward (2012) The influence of shade, water stress, and root competition on American chestnut regeneration

Brown, Natasha Renee (2012) Increasing adherence to diabetes self-management: An examination of the influence of patient-centered and compliance gaining communication on patient satisfaction, trust, and motivation

Brugnano, Jamie L (2012) Characterization and intracellular delivery of MK2-inhibitor peptides for inflammatory applications

Buche, Dan (2012) Clues to the riddle of Irish Americans provided by interviews with post-war immigrants to Chicago

Buckley, Catherine Kelly (2012) Negative maternal work-family spillover and adolescent outcomes: The moderating role of paternal involvement

Bulington, Jeffrey Dale (2012) Class at play: A schoolteacher's narrative of chess, curriculum, and social mobility

Bunton, Thomas E (2012) Motivating the millennial generation of it employees

Burmistrova, Polina V (2012) Microstructure and thermoelectric properties of ScN thin films and metal/ScN superlattices for high-temperature energy conversion

Burzaco, Juan P (2012) Effects of nitrapyrin, N rates and N timing on nitrous oxide emissions and nitrogen use efficiency in maize fertilized with urea ammonium nitrate

Busch, Jonathan D (2012) Flux entrapment and Titanium Nitride defects during electroslag remelting

Butler, RaeLynn A (2012) Evaluation of cover crops and mowing as alternative approaches for weed control in organic tomato production

Byrer, Beth Kathleen (2012) Breast cancer survivors' decisions to participate in a physical activity group

Caldwell, Matthew T (2012) Altering abscisic acid biosynthesis to improve water-use efficiency in Populus

Campbell, Dahlia I (2012) High spatial resolution chemical imaging and accelerated bimolecular reactions using ambient ionization mass spectrometry: Desorption electrospray ionization (DESI) and low temperature plasma (LTP) ionization

Cappa, Kimberly (2012) Prognostic significance of motor subtype during acute recovery from traumatic brain injury

Carcioppolo, Nick (2012) Persuasion and entertainment television: Mediational relationships in the hedonic processing of fictional cancer narratives

Cardenas-Mora, Juan Manuel (2012) The role of lipid signaling components in breast cancer: From early events of epithelial apical polarity loss to estrogen negative invasive carcinoma

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Xu, Duo (2012) Experimental study of a turbulent stratified jet

Xue, Dan (2012) Perception of local traveler contact people regarding luxury international and luxury domestic brand hotels in China

Xu, Haidi (2012) Influence of the structural complexity of cereal arabinoxylans on human fecal fermentation and their degradation mechanism by gut bacteria

Xu, Mengang (2012) Improving flexible protein-ligand docking using implicit ligand sampling

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Xu, Yizhe (2012) Biasing of consumer sensory perception and purchase preference through nutrition labeling

Xu, Zhengbin (2012) Mesoscopic multispectral imaging and its applications on characterization of tissue microvascularity and nano/microstructures

Yadav, Fizi (2012) Analyzing financial data through interactive visualization

Yakout, Mohamed A (2012) Guided data cleaning

Yale, Melissa Seward (2012) Profiling prostate cancer patient preferences using latent models

Yamich, John A. (2012) GPU-accelerated brute force attacks on ZIP files

Yamin, Leyla (2012) Connecting cell structure to local mechanical properties by combining multi-harmonic AFM methods with fluorescence microscopy

Yan, Bing (2012) Fathers and sons in world literature

Yan, Feng (2012) Efficient learning algorithms for Gaussian processes

Yang, Lin (2012) Evaluation of future fuel options for Lafayette CityBus

Yang, Lingqi (2012) Multi-scale simulation of nanoindentation

Yang, Meilin (2012) Multiple description video coding with adaptive error concealment

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Yang, Yang (2012) The relationship between gifted and general secondary school students' perceptions of the classroom quality and their mathematics achievement in China

Yang, Yuxing (2012) Calculation of flexural strength of a unitized post-tensioned concrete masonry wall system

Yan, Rui (2012) Novel potassium channel blocker, 4-AP-3-MeOH, restores axonal conduction in acrolein-damaged rat spinal cord axons

Yasin, Ayman (2012) 05Syntax-prosody interface: Evidence from wh-movement in Jordanian Arabic and Egyptian Arabic

Yim, Min (2012) Effects of structural position in the network of academic job placement among PhD-granting sociology departments

Ynag, Pu-Tai (2012) Energy-aware, dynamic hierarchy routing protocols for maximizing the lifetime of wireless sensor networks

Yoo, Innfarn (2012) Sketching 3D animation

Yoon, Yoo Jung (2012) Planning of optimal rehabilitation strategies for infrastructure using time float and multiyear prioritization approach

Young, Larry Douglas (2012) Impact of school technology on student achievement

Yuan, Chao (2012) Investigations of optimal residue contact definitions for template-based protein structure prediction

Yu, Chan (2012) The perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among Chinese hotel managers

Zadeh, Joseph A (2012) Iterated fractional Brownian motion: Tail estimates and large deviations

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Zeng, Le (2012) Analyzing the influence of large wind farms over rainfall pattern using radar data

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Zhang, Xuan (2012) Cross-cultural adaptation and changes in leisure participation patterns of expatriates in China

Zhang, Yawei (2012) People's attitudes towards dogs in hotel settings

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Zhan, Xianyuan (2012) Understanding the aggregate level urban activity patterns using large-scale geo-location data

Zhan, Yihong (2012) Microfluidic electroporation for gene delivery and cellular analysis

Zhao, Can (2012) The streaming capacity of sparsely-connected P2P systems with simple, robust and decentralized control

Zhao, Guangyuan (2012) An economic analysis methodology for evaluating highway improvement projects

Zhao, Minming (2012) Optimal control based design of output coupled power split hydraulic hybrid

Zhao, Xinyan (2012) Why we disclose differently: How social networking site affordances affect privacy concerns and disclosure practices in cross-cultural contexts

Zhao, Yanjie (2012) Ge/Si heterostructure nanowires and group III-V nanowires for low-power high-performance nanoelectronics

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Zimmerman, Joshua David (2012) Toward optimal multi-actuator displacement controlled mobile hydraulic systems

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Dissertations & Theses from 2011

Abdulkarim, Sijin Cherupilly (2011) Graph based mining on weighted directed graphs for subnetworks and path discovery

Aboh, Victor (2011) Frequency demodulation of magneto-inductive vehicle signatures for vehicle detection and speed and acceleration estimation using a software defined radio

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Abramova, Inna (2011) Russian-speaking immigrant teachers' beliefs about their teaching roles

Acharya, Lalatendu (2011) Co-creating spaces for positive transformative change: Health and HIV/AIDS outcomes for the indigenous people of Koraput

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Adams, Thomas E (2011) A study of palladium thin-films for radioisotope storage in betavoltaic power sources designs

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Agarwal, Vivek (2011) Foundation for power management in battery powered wireless sensor networks

Agathon, Katherine (2011) "Becoming" adopted: A narrative inquiry into the lived experiences and identities of adult Asian intercountry adoptees

Agoramurthy, Poornima (2011) Electric field analysis of human breast tumors for treatment by electroporation

Agrawal, Varun (2011) Modeling and control of cable actuated surgical robotic systems

Aguilar, Gerardo (2011) Effect of high-strength concrete on web reinforcement requirements for reinforced concrete bridge girders

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AlBzoor, Baseel Ali (2011) Semantic and pragmatic failure in translating literary texts: Translators' inconsistency and/or textual resistance

AlBzour, Naser Naif (2011) Semio-pragmatic analysis of cartoons discourse: A step towards semiotranslation

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Alerding, Caitlin McGonigal (2011) Moral disengagement and the self in sport

Alexander, Lisa Worthen (2011) Genetic management of northern red oak (Quercus rubra L.) seed orchards

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Altman, Meaghan N (2011) Are the trolley problems all relative?: Influences of kinship on moral dilemma

Alvarez, Pedro (2011) Pressurized water model of the blast furnace hearth drainage

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Amini, Mohammad Zaman (2011) The effects of cover crops on soil physical properties and nutrient cycling

Amoozgar, Zohreh (2011) Bioadhesive polymeric drug delivery systems for tumor targeting and tissue repair

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Anderson, Jessica Elizabeth (2011) Student-faculty interaction's influence on student motivation: A comparison of perceptions between students and faculty in technology

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Appiah-Amponsah, Emmanuel (2011) Development of HPLC-NMR methods for the characterization of low concentration metabolites in bio-fluids

Arama, Bogdan (2011) Design and implementation of a hybrid control strategy for a small scale coaxial rotor helicopter

Araya-Arguedas, Miguel A (2011) Non-thermal emission from young supernova remnants: Implications on cosmic ray acceleration

Arikan, Mazhar (2011) The impact of airline flight schedules on flight delays: An analysis of block-time, delay propagation, and schedule optimization using stochastic models

Arnold, Shannon M (2011) Effect of feeding dried distillers grains with solubles and restaurant grease on gilt growth, carcass characteristics, bacon quality, and consumer bacon evaluation

Arseneault, Justin Emile (2011) An approach to modeling disturbance-based silviculture regimes in the forest vegetation simulator

Ashok, Varrun (2011) Enhancing the oxidative stability of vegetable oils using metal oxide additives

Augustine, Charles (2011) Spintronic memory and logic: From atoms to systems

Avetisyan, Misak (2011) Essays on the international trade impacts of climate policy

Ayyalasomayajula, Sricharan Kishore (2011) A formulation to analyze system-of-systems problems: A case study of airport metroplex operations

Azam, Shafiul MD. (2011) Analysis of collision injuries with consideration of selectivity bias in linked police-hospital data

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Bagiati, Aikaterini (2011) Early engineering: A developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children

Baik, Hyeoncheol (2011) A portfolio evaluation framework for air transportation improvement projects

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Baird, Jared A (2011) Understanding crystallization tendency of organic molecules from the undercooled melt and glassy state

Bajaj, Nikhil (2011) Topological design optimization of nested channels for squeeze flow of thermal interface materials

Baker, Benjamin A (2011) Biotemplated nanomaterials for solar energy applications

Baker, Madalina (2011) Carchat: A vehicular wireless ad-hoc network data dissemination protocol

Bakir, Ali C (2011) Modeling of seismic Pn attributes using the spectral-element method for velocity and attenuation structure of the Tibetan lithosphere

Balachandran, Dave Kumar (2011) Micro-particle adhesion: Measurement and simulation

Balasubramaniam, Deepa (2011) Interaction of EphA2 with human cytoplasmic protein tyrosine phosphatase (HCPTP) variants and phosphorylation status of EphA2 in cancer cells by quantitative selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometry (SRM MS)

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Banerjee, Tannista (2011) Essays on the pharmaceutical industry

Banga, Amiraj (2011) Functional effects of carbon nanoparticles on barrier epithelial cell function

Bank, Jason S (2011) Comparing optimization under uncertainty and multi-point optimization for airfoil shape design

Banks, Patrick M (2011) Energy utilization and amino acid digestibility of fractionated DDGS determined with laying hens, turkey poults, and broiler chickens

Bankston, Samantha E (2011) Becoming and time in the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze

Barbosa, Mara Raquel (2011) Null objects in the L2 acquisition of Brazilian Portuguese by English-speaking learners

Barissi, Sasan (2011) Real time path planning for a small scale coaxial rotor helicopter with limited sensing in an unstructured environment

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Bassette, Laura A (2011) Reading with Maggie: The effect of the presence/absence of a classroom pet dog in a reading intervention package

Battisti, Anthony Joseph (2011) Structural studies of pleomorphic viruses

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Benedict, Ashley J (2011) Information flow and knowledge sharing among patients, providers, and community pharmacists in an outpatient prescription setting

Benson, David J (2011) Design of third generation Vane Gap Experiment using Surface Evolver

Bercich, Rebecca A (2011) Robotic arm for testing and demonstration of targeted muscle reinnervation with implications for low-cost upper-limb prostheses

Bernhard, Jonathan C (2011) Synthesis of an aggrecan mimic for osteoarthritis specific cartilage treatment

Bertholomey, Megan Lee (2011) Alterations in the seeking and self-administration of ethanol and anxiety-like behavior following exposure to yohimbine in rats selectively bred for high alcohol intake

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Biggs, Bruce A (2011) Examining the antecedents and consequences of empowerment in a traditional police agency

Bilal, Nasir (2011) Design optimization of the suction manifold of a reciprocating compressor using uncertainty and sensitivity analysis

Biswas, Ishita (2011) Spatial and temporal evolution of fouling phenomena in membrane systems

Blanton, Ethan Lee (2011) Controlling the cost and increasing the utility of network measurement infrastructures

Bociaga, Michael L (2011) A system-of-systems perspective for simultaneous UAV sizing and allocation using design of experiments and simulation

Boesch, Miriam Chacon (2011) Augmentative and alternative communication in autism: A comparison of the Picture Exchange Communication System and speech-output technology

Bolarinwa, Olukayode A (2011) Metabolizable energy value of feedstuffs for poultry and swine using the regression method

Borchers, Bryce D (2011) Risk management strategies for Indiana producers in the presence of fertilizer price risk

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Bota-Miller, Ainsley E (2011) Rape myth acceptance among student participants in a sexual assault awareness campaign on a college campus

Boudreaux, David Allen (2011) Structural and biochemical studies on the regulation of the ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase family of deubiquitinating enzymes

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Bowen, Gregory A (2011) Politeness and courtesy in Malory's pronouns of address

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Bruns, Christopher Jon (2011) Dynamic gearbox simulation for fault diagnostics using a torque transducer

Buchanan, Jason M (2011) The Tiger-event: The literature of a global Ireland

Budd, Kristen (2011) Moral panics and changing sociolegal responses toward stigmatized outsiders: Public perceptions of convicted sex offenders and sex offender laws

Buehler, Melissa Jean (2011) Principled actors or strategic players? The puzzling practice of international HIV/AIDS resource allocation in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Cebeci, Derya (2011) Multivariate hyperspectral Raman and CCD-based Raman spectroscopy applications for pharmaceutical analysis

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Chandler, Kristin L (2011) Genetic analysis of maize kernel color using segregation, bulked segregant, and nested association mapping analysis

Chandramouli, Ashwin (2011) Analyzing length of stay for inpatient rehabilitation: A simulation study on traumatic brain injury

Chandramouli, Magesh (2011) A Ga-enabled VR framework for generating alternative 3D interior space configurations

Chang, Heng-Yen (2011) Restaurant service providers' emotional labor: The antecedents and effects on employees' intention to leave

Changiz Rezaei, Seyed Hamid (2011) Response of reinforced concrete elements to high-velocity impact load

Chang, May Lin (2011) An interactive tool to predict VAWT performance using streamtube models

Chanthamontri, Chamnongsak (2011) The analysis of small organic molecules/biomolecules using ion/ion reactions in the gas phase with a quadrupole time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometer

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Choi, Sanghun (2011) Capacitor voltage balancing strategies for flying capacitor converters

Choi, Soyoung (2011) Seventh graders' ways of reasoning in evaluating and generating arguments about cliamte change issues

Choi, Suh Hee (2011) Conceptualizing tourism image and nation image: An integrated relational-behavioral model

Choi, Won Hong (2011) Influence of the cavity mode on tire surface vibration

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Dana, Scott Robert (2011) Detection of blade damage and ice accretion for health monitoring of wind turbines using integrated blade sensors

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