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The instructional practices of the engineering design process and culturally responsive pedagogy have each garnered national attention and multiple decades of research. Findings from the respective literature bases call for educators and policymakers to integrate these two pedagogical approaches into K-12 classroom instruction. Scholars have argued that this integration would improve student engagement and academic achievement. There is a significant amount of research that supports the positive student outcomes associated with each approach, yet there remains a dearth of literature that addresses the integration of these two practices into the science and mathematics content areas. The movement around educational reform is rooted in teachers serving as learners; however, understanding how teachers learn and respond to reform is largely overlooked. The present research sought to examine the way in which teachers perceive and define integrated pedagogical approaches upon implementation. The authors utilized a comparative case study design to represent experiences of five secondary math and science teachers enrolled in graduate-level coursework and professional development on culturally responsive pedagogy and the engineering design process. Findings suggest that teachers’ self-reported pedagogical beliefs acted synergistically between the two pedagogical approaches. Subsequently, participating teachers expressed a strong preference towards the enactment of an integrated pedagogy of a culturally responsive engineering design process. The present research offers valuable recommendations for teacher educators, professional development providers, policymakers, and researchers who wish to integrate culturally responsive pedagogy and the engineering design process in math or science K-12 classrooms. The significance of this research underscores the importance of empowering teachers with professional development, around implementation of novel pedagogical approaches, to both shape and inform their beliefs and practices.



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