Author Guidelines

Thank you for deciding to submit an article to the Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research (J-PEER). Instructions for submitting your manuscript are provided below. Please review the following information prior to submission to ensure that your manuscript’s style and formatting are consistent with J-PEER’s expectations. Doing so will help your article move smoothly through peer review and the production process.

For all submissions, the journal strives to provide feedback within three months. Each submission to this journal undergoes rigorous double-blind peer review based on our published evaluation criteria and the anonymous refereeing of the editorial board and external reviewers. Details of the review process can be found at https://docs.lib.purdue.edu/jpeer/vol10/iss1/8

Style & Formatting

J-PEER follows the format and style of the American Psychological Association as specified in their Publication Manual, so please format your paper and references accordingly. If you require more information on APA style, you can visit the following pages: APA Publication Manual, Purdue Online Writing Lab, and Reporting Statistics in APA Style.

You should have the following items prepared prior to submitting:

  • Cover letter that states the submission is the original work of the author(s), briefly describes the focus of the paper, and specifies the type of submission (e.g., empirical research, conceptual paper, etc.)
  • Complete list of the authors, brief author bios, and contact information
  • Abstract (max 300 words)
  • Keywords for your article
  • Fully blinded manuscript with tables, high-resolution figures, and appendices embedded (Word doc, max 10,000 words excluding abstract and references, 12-point Times New Roman)


It is extremely important that you do not include any identifying information about the authors in your document, as the article you submit will be sent to reviewers. Please review the body of the text for potential identifying information and ensure that all self-citations are indicated as Author (Year) for both in-text citations and references.

Review Your Manuscript

Before submitting your manuscript, please consult the following criteria that reviewers will be looking for:

  1. Relevance & Significance: State clearly the scope of the manuscript and its significance to pre-college engineering education research or practice;
  2. Theoretical Grounding: Frame the arguments within the existing literature and explain how it builds on the current body of knowledge;
  3. Methodology & Approach: For empirical research, employ appropriate research designs for addressing the research questions examined with evidence of validity and reliability or credibility and dependability. For other forms of articles, employ a structure that is appropriate for the arguments made.
  4. Evidence Base: Provide compelling data and evidence to support claims, ideas, or results;
  5. Clarity of Communication: Communicate arguments clearly, succinctly, and concisely. Present data and other forms of evidence clearly with tables, figures, and supplementary materials that enhance the narrative.

Instructions for Submission

The submission process consists of the following steps:

  1. Click "Submit Article" in the left-hand menu.
  2. Read and accept the Article Submission Agreement.
  3. Provide information about yourself and any co-authors.
  4. Upload your cover letter and manuscript.

Your submission is final once all these steps have been completed and you click the final Submit button. Shortly afterward, you will receive an email confirming your submission. You may revise any of these elements later by clicking on the submitted article’s title on your My Account page.