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Although elementary educators recognize the importance of integrating engineering in their classrooms, many feel challenged and unprepared to teach engineering content. The absence of effective engineering instruction in teacher preparation programs leaves future educators unprepared for this challenge. Ed+gineering is an NSF-funded cross-disciplinary model between education and engineering aimed at increasing preservice teachers’ preparation, confidence, and intention to integrate engineering into their teaching. Ed+gineering partners education and engineering students in cross-disciplinary teams within the context of their respective university courses. As part of their coursework, the teams plan and deliver culturally responsive engineering lessons to elementary school students under the guidance of one engineering and one education faculty. This paper investigates the impact of Ed+gineering on preservice teachers’ knowledge of engineering practices, engineering pedagogical knowledge, self-efficacy to integrate engineering, and beliefs about engineering integration. The impact of Ed+gineering on participating preservice teachers was assessed using three cross-disciplinary collaborations between students in engineering and education during fall 2019 and spring 2020. Preliminary results suggest that Ed+gineering had a positive impact on preservice teachers’ engineering pedagogical knowledge, knowledge of engineering practices, and self-efficacy for integrating engineering. The specific magnitude of the impact and its implications are discussed.



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