The Proceedings of the BIRS Community

Guide for Authors


Aims & Scope of The Proceedings of the BIRS Community

The BIRS Center is a globally focused research center that publishes a wide variety of student- and faculty-led findings to a broad audience. The center’s publication scope covers a multidisciplinary spectrum of biotechnology, global health, regulatory science, innovation, and education fields. The BIRS Center has allowed for successful and sustainable multidisciplinary collaborations to bring cutting edge research content into the classroom. Open access publishing is critical to meet the goals of the center’s mission. Not only does open access give a voice to those who may not otherwise have a platform, but by allowing the research our BIRS community performs to be readily available for fellow researchers, the knowledge will flourish.

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Editorial policy--Instructions for Authors

Before You Begin

Responsibilities of Authors

By submitting material to BIRS Technical Reports, authors are stipulating that the material is not currently under review or accepted for publication elsewhere, and that the material is original work. Authors will:

  • Participate in the peer review process, in a timely fashion.
  • Warrant that all authors listed have contributed significantly to the research.
  • Acknowledge and cite content reproduced from other sources, and obtain permission to reproduce any content from other sources.
  • Promptly notify the journal editor or publisher if a significant error in their publication is found.
  • Declare any potential conflicts of interest.

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General Information

Types of submissions

  • Technical Reports
  • Literature Review
  • Translational Discovery
  • Research into Practice
For additional details regarding submissions, contact the editors.

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Submission Checklist

Article Structure and Subdivisions


Submit Article

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