Volume 39, Issue 2


"An Ottoman Holy Land: Two Early Modern Travel Accounts and Imperial Subjectivity" by Orit Bashkin and
Sooyong Kim

"Revisiting the 'Cosel Period'. A Fresh Perspective on the Stopping of Western Deportation Trains En Route to Auschwitz, 1942-43" by Susanne Barth

"Jews, Germans, and Comedy: Re-viewing Ernst Lubitsch's To Be or Not to Be" by R.J. Cardullo

"'Pursuing Universalism through the Particular: Zionism and Transnational Modernism in Arieli's "In the Light of Venus"" by Philip Hollander

"The Sabba of Kretchnef: The Life and Death of a Minor Tzaddik" by Pinchas Giller

"Shoah Selfies, Shoah Selfie Shaming, and Social Photography in Sergei Loznitsa's Austerlitz (2016)"
by Daniel Magilow

"The Dog's Passion: Tmol Shilshom's Scripture of Violence" by Omri Ben-Yehuda
"The Invisible Jew in Jamaica Kincaid's 'Mr Potter'" by Kathleen Gyssels

Creative Work


"Solitude of Night"

"Low Mass"



"Ne Ilah"

all poetry by Eliot Wolfson

Book Forum: Jacques Semelin, The Survival of the Jews (2019)

Contributors: Jan Burzlaff, Shannon Fogg, Robert Gildea, Aliza Luft, Sandra Ott, Jacques Semelin


Edward Berenson, The Accusation: Blood Libel in an American Town, reviewed by Joel Streicker

Zina Gimpelevich, The Portrayal of Jews in Modern Bielarusian Literature, reviewed by Anika Walke

Peter Schäfer, Two Gods in Heaven: Jewish Concepts of God in Antiquity, reviewed by Zev Garber

Roberta G. Sands, The Spiritual Transformation of Jews, reviewed by Donald Weber