Volume 40, Issue 2

Special Issue: History and Aesthetics of Ashkenazi Jewish Music, ca. 1600-1920
Guest Editor: Walter Zev Feldman


"Ethnogenesis and the Interrelationship of Musical Repertoires Among the Jews of Eastern Europe" by Walter Zev Feldman

"The Unique Character of Prayer Chant Among the East-European Jews: Part I: System, Practice and Aesthetics – A Preliminary View" by Judit Frigyesi

"The Cantor as a National Leader: Thought and Music of Cantor Pinḥas Minkowsky" by Anat Rubinstein

"The Folksong of the Ashkenazim: The Problem of Genre Definition" by Evgenia Khazdan

"The Yiddish Wedding Folk Songs of East European Jews: Function, Ethnography, Sociology, Texts and Music" by Lyudmila Sholokhova

"At the Crossroads: The Early Modern Yiddish Folk Ballad" by Michael Lukin

"Musical Fusion and Allusion in the Core and the Transitional Klezmer Repertoires" by Walter Zev Feldman


Judit Frigyesi Niran, Writing on Water: The Sounds of Jewish Prayer, reviewed by Jonathan Boyarin