Volume 39, Issue 3

Special Issue: The Modern Jewess: Image and Text
Guest Editor: Keren Hammerschlag

Articles and Creative Works

“’Your Favourite Jewish Girl, Apart From Your Mum’: Introducing the Modern Jewess in Image and Text” by Keren Hammerschlag

"Lilith Tries Online Dating" poem by Lynn Levin

Coming Home artwork by Alex Martinis Roe

“Through the Bay Window: Harriet Lane Levy’s 920 O’Farrell Street as Modernist Memoir” by Lori Harrison-Kahan

“A Voice of Her Own: The New Young Jewish Woman in Gail Parent’s Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York (1972), Louise Blecher Rose’s The Launching of Barbara Fabrikant (1974), and Susan Lukas’ Fat Emily (1974)” by Samantha Pickette

“The Real ‘Mrs. Maisel’: Jean Carroll, the first Jewish Female Stand-Up Comedian” by Grace Overbeke

“Redressing Power through Hassidic Drag: Julie Weitz in My Golem as the Great Dominatrixby Hannah Schwadron

“Femmes Fatales, Biblical Heroines and Sensual Beauties. Who is the Modern Jewess in the Art of Ephraim Moses Lilien?” by Lynn Swarts

“The Modern Jewess and Her Wondering Jewish Identity” by Phyllis Lassner

“Kubrick's Jewesses Onscreen and Offscreen” by Nathan Abrams

“The Agency of the Jewess and her Palestinian Counterpart: De-stabilizing Gender and Vulnerability as Resistance in Paradise Now and For My Fatherby Meital Orr


Charlotte Salomon: Life? Or Theatre, museum exhibition reviewed by Chloe Julius

Scott D. Seligman, The Great Kosher Meat War of 1902: Immigrant Housewives and the Riots That Shook New York City, reviewed by Melissa Klapper