Eugene M. Avrutin is Associate Professor of modern European Jewish history and Tobor family scholar in the Program of Jewish Culture and Society at the University of Illinois. He is the author and co-editor of seven books, including Jews and the Imperial State: Identification Politics in Tsarist Russia (Cornell University Press, 2010) and Ritual Murder in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Beyond: New Histories of an Old Accusation (Indiana University Press, 2017). His newest book, The Velizh Affair: Blood Libel in a Russian Town, appeared with Oxford University Press in 2018.

Ranen Omer-Sherman is the JHFE Endowed Chair of Jewish Studies at the University of Louisville and a former founding member of a desert kibbutz. He has written or co-edited five books including Diaspora and Zionism in Jewish American Literature; Israel in Exile: Jewish Writing and the Desert; The Jewish Graphic Novel: Critical Approaches; Narratives of Dissent: War in Israeli Arts and Culture, and Imagining the Kibbutz: Visions of Utopia in Literature and Film. His interviews, reviews and articles have appeared in The Forward, Miami Herald, Jewish Book Council, and other venues.

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