Midwest Vegetable Trial Reports

Practical trial results to inform farmer decisions.

The Midwest Vegetable Trial Report series includes reports of applied research relevant to vegetable and melon production in the midwestern U.S. The purpose of the series is to publish results in a timely manner, and to document annual results of research projects.

Reports may be submitted at any time. An annual call for papers with instructions is distributed in the Fall and available on this site under ‘Submission Guidelines.’ Submissions are reviewed by a series co-editor for clarity; and revision may be requested before acceptance.

Video presentations of selected reports are available at the Midwest Vegetable Variety Trial Reports playlist on the Purdue Extension youtube channel.

This series continues the Midwest Vegetable [Variety] Trial Report bulletin, previously published by Purdue Extension or Purdue Ag Research Programs in hard copy and electronic formats. Reports previously published in that bulletin are duplicated here.


Submissions from 2002


Specialty Tomato Variety Observation Trial for Indiana, 2002, Elizabeth Maynard

Submissions from 1999


Fresh Market Tomato Cultivar Evaluation for Northern Indiana, 1999, Elizabeth Maynard