Submission Guidelines for Midwest Vegetable Trial Reports

Call for Papers Sept. 24, 2021

To:       Vegetable Research and Extension Faculty and Staff

From:   Liz Maynard, Wenjing Guan, and Petrus Langenhoven, Purdue University, co-editors

Date:    September 24, 2021

Re:       Call for Papers for the Midwest Vegetable Trial Report


• Submit publication-ready pdfs or MS Word files online at

• Optional: Submit a video presentation.

• No deadline.

• If you have any questions contact

You are invited to submit articles to the Midwest Vegetable Trial Report series. The online series includes reports of research and demonstration trials related to any aspect of vegetable or melon production. The purpose of the series is to get results of applied research to vegetable growers and the industry in a timely manner and to document annual results of research projects. Please share this invitation with new faculty and staff that have been involved in trials in your state.

Instructions for Submitting

1. Style and Formatting

1.1 See for suggested fonts and formatting styles. It is not required that you follow this style and format, but using it will unify the look of the reports.

1.2 Please include all authors names, and also the institution, US mail address, and email address for the corresponding author in the by-line just below the title.

1.3 Include page numbers.

1.4 Define any non-standard abbreviations used, including abbreviations of seed companies. Standard abbreviations include, for example, those for units, chemicals, geographical locations.

1.5 When describing fertilizer rates please specify whether you are reporting pounds of K or K2O, or P or P2O5, etc.

1.6 Please review and edit papers before submitting.

2. Submitting Reports

2.1 Create an account at Purdue e-Pubs ( by choosing 'My Account' from the menu bar and then 'sign-up.' If you created an account previously you do not need to create another one.

2.2 Submit article at

Be prepared with:

• The submission's title

• An abstract of 250 words or less

• A list of keywords (10 maximum)

[suggested keywords: scientific name of crop; common name of crop; topic of research (for example 'variety trials' or 'disease control'); broader crop category (e.g. 'vegetables'). Consider using the National Ag Library thesaurus at to find preferred terms]

• The electronic format of your file (.pdf or .docx), original file format preferred.

For 'Document Type' please choose 'Report' instead of ‘Article’ unless another option better fits your submission.

Under 'Disciplines' choose 'Agriculture' (listed under Life Sciences), 'Horticulture' (under Life Sciences ->Plant Sciences), and others as appropriate. For variety trials 'Plant Breeding and Genetics' (under Life Sciences ->Plant Sciences) is appropriate.

3. After Submission

3.1 You will receive an automated email acknowledging submission.

3.2 Editor(s) will review papers to see that they meet guidelines and there are no obvious errors. This should take place within 8 business days of submission.

3.3. If changes are needed you will be notified by email.

3.4. If no changes are needed the paper will be posted soon after review is completed and you will receive an automated email.

3.5. If you plan to share a video, please contact Wenjing Guan We will work with you to upload the video to the playlist. If you need assistance for making video, please also contact Wenjing Guan.

4. Submitting reports that may be posted or published elsewhere

4.1. As long as you have permission to post the report it is not a problem on this end if it is posted or published elsewhere. You may include information about where it was initially published in the Comments field during submission.

Thank you! Your submissions help all of us working in vegetable production in the Midwest and Northeast stay informed. Your reports are much appreciated. Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.