Aims & Scope


  1. Improve our research, teaching, and practice of professional communication in global contexts.
  2. Develop better theoretical models of global professional communication.
  3. Develop more valid and ethical research methodologies for global professional communication.
  4. Improve the practice of global business and manufacturing through more effective communication.
  5. Improve professional communication research and practice in critical cross-cultural and international contexts such as the environment, law, immigration, health, energy, economics, and human rights.
  6. Develop issues and research agendas that address the most pressing issues and challenges for communicating in the context of globalization.
  7. Develop better curricula and materials for teaching global professional communication not only in the United States and Europe, but around the world. Special attention will be given developing culturally sensitive curricula of professional communication for the developing world, including parts of Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and India.
  8. Address the influence of new communication technologies in global professional contexts.
  9. Improve our ability to use professional communication to address issues of social justice in the context of globalization.