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A Space for Practice: International Learning Initiatives

Rachel King

Actively Preventing Negative Transfer

Andrew Ulmer, Purdue University
Zohar Kapach, Purdue University
Daniel Merrick, Purdue University
Karthik Maiya, Purdue University
Abhay Sasidharan, Purdue University
Arshad Alikhan, Purdue University
David Dang, Purdue University

Alkynylnicotinaamide-Based Compounds as ABL1 Inhibitors with Potent Activities against Drug-Resistant CML Harboring ABL1(T315I) Mutant Kinase

Alyssa Lambrecht

An Automated Supine Pressor Test: Implications for the Diagnosis of Preeclampsia

Jessica Ma

Analyzing the Effect of Air Pollution Regulations on Aerosol Concentrations in Urban Areas

Bode Hoover

Association Between Ketogenic, Vegan, and Paleo Diets and Dental Biofilm Formation In Vitro

Kynnedy Kelly, Purdue University

Changes in microglial morphology following an acute stressor in male and female rats

Houston Meminger, Purdue University
Jadebrielle Bennesh, Purdue University
Mikayla Voglewede, Purdue University
Amy L. Brewster PhD, Purdue University
Susan Sangha PhD, Purdue University

Design Thinking in Middle School Classroom

Sakhi Aggrawal, Purdue University

Detecting Obsessive Compulsive Personality: The Agreement between Self and Others

Srinithya Nagarajan

Effects of Evaporation on Rain Water Isotope Composition

Brianna Westerberg

Gifted Assessments and Underrepresented Students: What is the Best Means of Assessment?

Julie Kim
Madeline Gavin

Global Air Quality Trekkers: Clean Kitchen Study

Stephanie Schiavo, Purdue University
Samantha Dykhuis, Purdue University
Avalin Senefeld, Purdue University

Immunity Tests of a Class-D Audio Amplifier.

Raghul Prakash
Siddharth Inani
Yuichiro Suzuki
Krister Ulvog
Fiyi Ogunkoya

Indoor Positioning System

Ximeng Zhang
QianLi Ma

Infant Temperament as an Indicator of Patterns in Heart Activity During Arm Restraint

Dina Al Ghabra, Purdue University
Alexis Morell, Purdue University
Tessa Garwood, Purdue University
Ellie Bonanno, Purdue University

La Bella Figura: The role of a cultural philosophy on Italian consumerism

Heather Heyrman, Purdue University
Lois Carpenter, Purdue University
Madelyn Cruse, Purdue University
Megha Reddy, Purdue University

Objective Muscular Fatigue Analysis in Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Rachel Harmon

Peer Deviance, Adolescent Substance Use and The Moderating Role of Parental Monitoring

Shuyu Gao
Emily Rolan, Purdue University
Nayantara Nair, Purdue University
Kristine Marceau, Purdue University

Reflection learning with Neural Network Ensemble

Mars Gao

SAFMEDS as an Instructional Tool and Assessment

Lindsey Prommer

The Amelia Earhart Legacy at Purdue University

Jessica Perkins

The Effect of Drug Particle Size, Temperature, and Residence Time on Hot Melt Extrusion Processing of Amorphous Solid Dispersions

Kevin Altman

The Identity Crisis in Jewish Cinema

Ian Smith

The Significance of the Victorian Era and Digitalized Humanities

Alicia Geoffray

Thermodynamics of Coherent Structures near Phase Transitions

Julia M. Meyer, Purdue University

Translating policy to practice: Theory-based formative research to improve EC OTC access and messaging in Italy

Kathryn L. Jamieson, Purdue University
Emily Ball, Purdue University
Scotlyn Sunkel, Purdue University

Understanding the Transcarboxylation Reaction Performed by Acetyl CoA Carboxylase

Ana Pascual-Garrigos

Unstable Underground

Michael Staats
Maxwell Williams

Working memory and reasoning: Analyses of errors and strategies in number series performance

Katherine Goulden, Purdue University