The Department of Pharmacy Practice at Purdue University provides knowledge in the areas of drug information, critical care, ambulatory medicine, cardiology, outcomes research, infectious disease, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, managed care, and pharmacy administration. The professional curriculum includes general, scientific, and patient centered content that prepares Doctor of Pharmacy graduates to deliver effective and cost-efficient pharmaceutical care.

This series contains publications from the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Purdue University.


Submissions from 2022


Preparing for the spread of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) data collection from primary care to community pharmacy: stakeholder insights, Omolola A. Adeoye-Olatunde, Geoffrey M. Curran, Heather A. Jaynes, Lisa A. Hillman, Nisaratana Sangasubana, Betty A. Chewning, David H. Kreling, Jon C. Schommer, Matthew M. Murawski, Susan M. Perkins, and Margie E. Snyder

Submissions from 2013


Medication Adherence and Tolerability of Alzheimer’s Disease Medications: Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial, Noll L. Campbell, Paul Dexter, Anthony J. Perkins, Sujuan Gao, Lang Li, Todd C. Skaar, Amie Frame, Hugh C. Hendrie, Chris M. Callahan, and Malaz A. Boustani


Screening for Diabetes and Hypertension in a Rural Low Income Setting in Western Kenya Utilizing Home-Based and Community-Based Strategies, Sonak Pastakia, Shamim M. Ali, Jemima H. Kamano, Constantine O. Akwanalo, Samson K. Ndege, Victor L. Buckwalter, Rajesh Vedanthan, and Gerald S. Bloomfield

Submissions from 2012


Comparative Effects of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) on Blood Pressure in Patients with Hypertension, Hisham Aljadhey, Wanzhu Tu, Richard A. Hansen, Susan J. Blalock, D Craig Brater, and Michael D. Murray

Submissions from 2011


Improving Delirium Care in the Intensive Care Unit: The Design of a Pragmatic Study, Noll L. Campbell, Babar A. Khan, Mark Farber, Tiffany Campbell, Anthony J. Perkins, Siu L. Hui, Greg Abernathy, John Buckley, Regg Sing, Jason Tricker, Mohammad Zawahiri, and Malaz A. Boustani