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bolting, brassica, arugula, collards, mizuna, mustard, shungiku, Eruca sativa, Brassica oleracea Brassica rapa var. japonica, Brassica juncea, Glebionis coronaria, Brassica rapa var. rapa, vernalization, green leafy vegetables, flowering


Greens for salad or cooking are a significant part of the spring crop mix sold at Indiana farmers' markets. The harvest period for many spring-planted greens is shortened because they flower in response to environmental conditions. This paper reports on flowering response of two varieties of arugula, collards, mizuna, two types of mustard, and shungiku, planted in mid-April through May in northern Indiana.


A slide presentation and photographic record of the trial are provided as additional materials associated with this report.

WhenandWhyDoGreensBolt.pdf (24259 kB)
Presentation delivered at From Food to Flowers: Everything Local, Jan. 17, 2024, Springfield, IL (23404 kB)
Photographic record of trial in summer 2023.