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Capsicum, chile pepper, variety trial, jalapeño, serrano, poblano, habanero, scoville, SHU


Producing chile peppers for fresh and dried markets has garnered special interest from Latino growers in Minnesota, and remains of interest to all growers. To increase understanding of market potential, we performed a single-location replicated variety trial. We measured yield, fruit size, and Scoville heat units on harvested fruit from 10 chile varieties representing jalapeños, serranos, poblanos, and habaneros. Yield was similar across chile types (3–4.9 pounds per plant), except 'Ancho Poblano' and 'Habanero Orange' only averaged 1.2–1.8 pounds. 'Habanero Orange' had the highest scoville, followed by jalapeño, serrano, and poblano. There were notable differences in fruit size within each type of chile.