2020 Standard-size and Personal-size Triploid Watermelon Variety Evaluation in Indiana

Wenjing Guan, Purdue University
Dan Egel, Purdue University - Main Campus
Dennis Nowaskie, Southwest Purdue Agriculture Center
Thomas D H Haseman, Purdue University


Indiana ranks sixth in harvested watermelon acreage in the US. A total of 6,500 acres of watermelons were planted in Indiana in 2019 with a total production value of $35 million (USDA 2020). Variety selection based on yield, disease resistance and fruit quality are some of the key decisions in watermelon production. The objective of this study is to provide watermelon producers, as well as seed companies, with the updated information on the performance of watermelon varieties grown in Indiana. Thirty standard-size triploid watermelons and 12 personal-size triploid watermelons were evaluated at Southwest Purdue Agricultural Center in the watermelon season in 2020. Yield and fruit quality of the varieties were evaluated.