The Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing (LARS), is a multidisciplinary research laboratory, internationally known for its research efforts relating to remote sensing and more recently Geographic Information Systems. The focus of LARS is to further develop the fundamental knowledge of the earth and its biophysical processes and to improve techniques for analyzing and interpreting remotely sensed data from earth observation sensors. LARS is a laboratory within Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP) Discovery Resources.

This series contains materials from the LARS Symposia.


Agronomic Applications of Remote Sensing

Evaluation of USDA Large Area Crop Estimation Techniques, M. L. Amis, R. K. Lennington, M. V. Martin, W. G. McGuire, and S. S. Shen

Evaluation of a Segment-Based Landsat Full-Frame Approach to Crop Area Estimation, M. M. Hixson, S. M. Davis, and M. E. Bauer

Crop Area Estimation Using Ground Gathered and Sampled LANDSAT Data, James W. Mergerson

Spectrally Derived Inputs to Crop Yield Models, K. P. Gallo and C. S. T. Daughtry

A Technique to Determine which Crop Development Stages Can be Estimated from Spectral Data, V. J. Pollara, V. C. Vanderbilt, and C. S. T. Daughtry

Crop Monitoring in Australia Using Digital Analysis of Landsat Data, Ken W. Dawbin and David W. Beach

Classification Accuracy Assessment Procedures

Techniques for Evaluation of Area Estimates, Marilyn M. Hixson

Statistical Tests and Interactive Displays of Landsat Classification Accuracies, R. Welch and Y. Hsu

Closing Plenary Session

Forestry as a Technology Driver, Arch Park

What's Happening to the World's Forest Resources, James J. Talbot

Biotic Contributions to the Global Carbon Cycle: The Role of Remote Sensing, R. A. Houghton and G. M. Woodwell

Effective Techniques for Classifying Forest Cover

The Role of Digital Terrain Models in the Remote Sensing of Forests, B. Guindon, D. G. Goodenough, and P. M. Teillet

An Evaluation of ISOCLS and Classy Clustering Algorithms for Forest Classification in Northern Idaho, Lee F. Werth

Alternative Approaches for Utilizing Landsat Data to Address Forest and Range Applications, Frank G. Sadowski

A Case for Standardized Test Sites, Charles E. Olson

Forest Resource Information through Remote Sensing

Mechanics of Monitoring Forest Clearcuts and Their Regeneration, M. S. Gregory, S. J. Walsh, and Jan Vitek

Broad Area Forest Fuels and Topography Mapping Using Digital Landsat and Terrain Data, Mark B. Shasby, Robert R. Burgan, and Gregg R. Johnson

Estimation of Forest Biomass with Remotely Sensed Data, D. G. Goodenough, B. Guindon, P. M. Teillet, J. W. E. Harris, K. Dickinson, and J. F. Meunier

Problems Related to the Use of Remote Sensing for Inventory and Mapping of Lower Coastal Plain Forests, J. R. Helms and W. A. Shain

The Use of Landsat Data in an Operational Forest Resource Information System (FRIS), F. E. Goodrick

Comparison of Satellite Imagery and Conventional Aerial Photography in Evaluating a Large Forest Fire, G. R. Minick and W. A. Shain

Geologic Applications of Remote Sensing

Complete Lineament Extraction with the Aid of Shadow-Free LANDSAT Image, Kiyonari Fukue, Haruhisa Shimoda, and Toshibumi Sakata

A Lineament Enhancement Technique for Active Fault Analysis, Hiroyasu Takahashi

Extraction of Geological Lineaments from LANDSAT Imagery by Using Local Variance and Gradient Trend, S. R. Xu, C. C. Li, and N. K. Flint

Geologic Application of Landsat Imagery Enhanced by Topographic Data, Guy Rochon and Miodrag Roksandic

Effects of Resolution Versus Speckle in Spaceborne Radar Image Interpretation: A Geologic-User Based Analysis, J. P. Ford

Image Data Modeling and Analysis

Contextual Classification on a CDC Flexible Processor System, B. W. Smith, H. J. Siegel, and P. H. Swain

Estimation of Proportions in Mixed Pixels through Their Region Characterization, C. B. Chittineni

Contextual Classification of Multispectral Image Data: An Unbiased Estimator for the Context Distribution, James C. Tilton, Philip H. Swain, and Stephen B. Vardeman

A New Classifier of MSS Data -- Natural Boundary Finding in the Feature Space, W. Y. Chen and W. G. Collins

A New Clustering Method for Landsat Images Using Local Maximums of a Multidimensional Histogram, K. Matsumoto, M. Naka, and H. Yamamoto

Sequential Classification Algorithms, R. Krishnan and K. R. Rao

A New Approach to Automatic Identification of Ground Objects Via the Reflectance Look-up Tables, Y. Kawata, T. Kusaka, Y. Haba, and S. Ueno

Multitemporal Segmentation by Means of Fuzzy Sets, Robert Jeansoulin, Yves Fontaine, and Werner Frei

Opening Plenary Session

Remote Sensing: Its Role in Meeting Information Needs, Richard S. Driscoll

Applications of Remote Sensing Techniques to Update the Forest Inventory Data Base in British Columbia, F. Hegyi and R. V. Quenet

Resource Information Needs in Industry and the Role of Remote Sensing, Robinson G. Barker

Poster Paper Session

The Expansion of the Probability Density Function to Non-Gaussian Distribution, Minoru Akiyama

Computer Generated Maps from Digital Satellite Data: A Case Study in Florida, L. G. Arvanitis, R. M. Reich, and R. Newburne

Mapping Deer Yard Habitats Using Landsat: A Practical Application, Kevin D. Doran

Image Registration System in the Landsat-D Production Environment, Peter Kiss, Paul Arnold, and John Goldstine

Radar Imagery for Forest Cover Mapping, D. J. Knowlton and R. M. Hoffer

An Approach to Develop Interpretation Keys for the Analysis of Single Band Bhaskara Satellite TV-Data, K. L. Majumder, A. K. S. Gopalan, D. S. Kamat, A. N. Patel, and P. Senchaudhuri

An Experimental Landsat Quick-Look System for Alaska, John M. Miller and Norman Campbell

Problems on Data Structuration about Paleontological Collections, Daniel Pajaud and Marie-Jose Roulet

Computer Mapping of Seasonal Groundwater Fluctuations for Two Differing Southern New Jersey Swamp Forests I, William R. Parrott, Phillip E. Reynolds, Daniel C. Hain, and John R. Maurer

Identification of Agricultural Crops by Computer Processing in the Provinces of Cordoba and La Pampa - Argentina, Mirta A. Raed and Cecilia Espoz

Use of LANDSAT-2 Data Technique to Estimate Silverleaf Sunflower Infestation, A. J. Richardson, D. E. Escobar, H. W. Gausman, and J. H. Everitt

Data Structuration in Coal Research and Coal Mining, Marie-Jose Roulet

Automatic Processing of Computer Compatible Tapes with Data from Airborne Multispectral Scanners, Norberto Scquizzato and Sigfredo F. Pagel

Use of an Apple Computer to Identify Vegetation and Assess the Coverage within Single Landsat Pixels, Haven C. Sweet

Retrieval of Coastal Water Information from Landsat MSS Data, Sueo Ueno

Preprocessing and Systems

Processing System Techniques for the 80's, Roger A. Holmes

An Application of Large Scale Computing Facilities to the Processing of LANDSAT Digital Data in Australia, David W. Beach and Ken W. Dawbin

A Development of Interactive Image Processing Software System TIPE, Kiyonari Fukue, Haruhisa Shimoda, and Toshibumi Sakata

Digital Correction of Solar Illumination and Viewing Angle Artifacts in Remotely Sensed Images, Tsutomu Shibata, Werner Frei, and Mark Sutton

The KARS Image Analysis System: A Low Cost Interactive System for Instruction and Research, Lee T. H. Williams, J. Siebert, and C. Gunn

Registration of Digital Imageries Using Optimization Technique, A. D. Kulkarni, B. L. Deekshatulu, and K. R. Rao

Data Compression of SAR/MSS Data Sets, Korehiro Maeda and David G. Goodenough

Landsat D Thematic Mapper Image Resampling for Scan Geometry Correction, Arun Prakash and Eric P. Beyer

Rangeland and Land Use Applications of Remote Sensing

A Methodology for Updating Agricultural Forest and Range Resource Inventory in Mexico, Alfredo Camara R.

Inventory of Semi-Arid Rangelands in South Texas with LANDSAT Data, J. H. Everitt, A. J. Richardson, and C. L. Wiegand

Reindeer Range Inventory: Use of Winter Landsat Imagery for Stratification of Digital Classification, T. H. George and P. C. Scorup

An Unsupervised Classification Approach for Analysis of LANDSAT Data to Monitor Land Reclamation in Belmont County, Ohio, James O. Brumfield, Hubertus H. L. Bloemer, and William J. Campbell

Remote Sensing Data Applied to Land Use Survey at the Paraiba Valley, M. A. Lombardo, E. M. L. De Moraes Novo, M. Niero, and C. Foresti

Image Processing for Cartographic Applications, M. H. Loew, R. L. Pickholtz, and L. Goldman

Remote Sensing of Soil Trafficability Factors, James L. Kirkland

Remote Sensing and Georeference Information Systems

Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Techniques to Evaluate Agricultural Production Potential in Developing Countries, Ger Schultink, Weldon Lodwick, and J. B. Johnson

CROPCAST: A Special Purpose, Geographically Referenced, Information System for Crop Inventory Applications, E. S. Merritt, J. M. Meneely, L. Heitkemper, and D. Hlavka

Arizona Geophysical Data Base, Ronald G. McLeod

Comprehensive Geo-Data Base Control with an Electronic Coordinate Digitizer, Thomas D. Frank

Techniques to Update a Land Management Information System with Landsat, C. A. Nelson, D. E. Meisner, and B. Smekofski

Remote Sensing and Georeference Information Systems Continued

Forcing Functions and Geo-Referenced Information Systems, Roy Chung

FRIS: An Operational Geographic Information System, Bill M. Shelley

Sensitivity of Geographic Information System Outputs to Errors in Remotely Sensed Data, H. K. Ramapriyan, R. K. Boyd, F. J. Gunther, and Y. C. Lu

A Georeferenced Information System for Real Time Hydrologic Modeling, Jack D. Fellows

Special Reports Focused on Two Recent National Workshops

Landsat Classification Accuracy Assessment Procedures: An Account of a National Working Conference, Roy A. Mead and John Szajgin

Remote Sensing Education: A Special Report on the Conference of Remote Sensing Educators - CORSE-81, T. M. Lillesand

Understanding and Characterizing the Forest Scene

Another Look at Dutch Elm Disease Via Digitized Aerial Photography, T. M. Lillesand, D. E. Meisner, D. W. French, and W. L. Johnson

On the Slope-Aspect Correction of Multispectral Scanner Data, P. M. Teillet, B. Guindon, and D. G. Goodenough

Integration of Digital Elevation Model Data and Landsat MSS Data to Quantify the Effects of Slope Orientation on the Classification of Forest Canopy Condition, Darrel L. Williams and Kevin J. Ingram

Correcting for Anisotropic Reflectances in Remotely Sensed Images from Mountainous Terrains, Heinz Hugli and Werner Frei

Effect of Forest Canopy Closure on Incoming Solar Radiance, C. L. Dottavio

Computer-Based Classification Accuracy Due to the Spatial Resolution Using Per-Point Versus Per-Field Classification Techniques, Richard S. Latty and Roger M. Hoffer

Wetlands and Water Resources Assessment

Pintails and Pixels: A Potential Application of Landsat Technology to Waterfowl Habitat Inventory, T. G. Neraasen, A. J. Macaulay, and R. P. Mroczynski

Landsat Digital Analysis: Implications for Wetland Management, Virginia Carter and Kevin A. Richardson

Strategies for Information -- Directed Wetlands, Norman E. G. Roller

Historic Wetlands Assessment Using Computerized Microdensitometric Analysis of Aerial Photographs, D. J. Leu

Water Quality Models with Different Functions of Exotech Radiometer Bands, K. R. Rao, R. Krishnan, A. K. Chakraborty, and B. L. Deekshatulu

Derivation of Shallow Ocean Bottom Reflectance Values from Color Aerial Photography, D. J. Gerson, L. K. Fehrenbach, K. R. Piech, and D. W. Gaucher

Problems in Temperature Estimation from Remotely Sensed Thermal IR Data, S. Fujimura, H. Toyota, M. Inamura, H. Hanaizumi, and T. Yokota


Applications to Forestry

Bulk Processing Techniques for Very Large Areas: Landsat Classification of California, Willard Newland, David Peterson, and Susan Norman

Procedure 1 and Forestland Classification Using Landsat Data, Ross F. Nelson and Roger M. Hoffer

Change Vector Analysis: An Approach for Detecting Forest Changes with Landsat, William A. Malila

State of the Art of Landsat Classification Accuracy Assessment, Russell G. Congalton and Roy A. Mead

Forest Stand Delineation from Unsupervised Classification of Optimal Landsat Spectral, Landsat Texture and Topographic Channels, Thomas L. Logan and Alan H. Strahler

Closing Plenary Session

Research Agenda for the New Decade: A Better Understanding of the Agricultural Scene, Anson Bertrand

Recent Activities in the Management of Satellite Acquired Earth Resource Data---A Report from the Geosat Committee, Wesley G. Rice

Own Soil Information Systems, Donald E. McCormack and Gordon Decker

Crop Inventory I

An Assessment of Landsat Data Acquisition History on Identification and Area Estimation of Corn and Soybeans, Marilyn M. Hixson, Marvin E. Bauer, and Donna K. Scholz

Crop Classification with a Landsat/Radar Sensor Combination, Robert Y. Li, Fawwaz T. Ulaby, and Ronald J. Eyton

Comparison of LANDSAT-2 and Field Spectrometer Reflectance Signatures of South Texas Rangeland Plant Communities, Arthur J. Richardson, David E. Escobar, Harold W. Gausman, and James H. Everitt

A Model of Plant Canopy Polarization Response, V. C. Vanderbilt

Procedure M: A Framework for Stratified Area Estimation, Richard J. Kauth, Richard C. Cicone, and William A. Malila

The Auxiliary Use of LANDSAT Data in Estimating Crop Yields: Results of 1978 Iowa Feasibility Study, Richard Sigman and Greg Larsen

Mapping Growing Conditions of Crops from Landsat Data, P. Chagarlamudi, J. S. Schubert, and A. R. Mack

Data Processing and Analysis I

Radar Image Preprocessing, Victor S. Frost, Josephine A. Stiles, Julian C. Holtzman, and D. N. Held

Lineament Mapping in Northern Sweden from Landsat Images Using Orthogonal Image Transforms, Christer L. Andersson and Hans Hauska

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Label Imperfection Probabilities and Its Use in the Identification of Mislabeled Patterns, C. B. Chittineni

Context Distribution Estimation for Contextual Classification of Multispectral Image Data, James C. Tilton, Philip H. Swain, and Stephen B. Vardeman

Correction of Atmospheric Effects on LANDSAT Data, Miguel Medina and Federico Vazquez

Texture Edge Detection by Propagation and Shrinking, Luciano V. Dutra and Nelson D. A. Mascarenhas

Estimation of Areas under Different Cover Types by Spectral Stratification, K. Padmanabhan, K. L. Majumder, and D. S. Kamat

Data Processing and Analysis II

Inventory Estimation on the Massively Parallel Processor, Peter D. Argentiero, James P. Strong, and David W. Koch

Calculation of Probability of Correct Classification for Two-Class Gaussian Classifiers with Arbitrary Hyperquadratic Decision Boundaries, Arthur G. Wacker and Talaat S. El-Sheikh

Quantitative Use of Ancillary Data in Pixel Labeling, J. A. Richards, D. A. Landgrebe, and P. H. Swain

Data Processing Systems

A Transportable Executive System for Use with Remote Sensing Applications Software, Peter Van Wie, David Fischel, and David Howell

Parallel Processing Implementations of a Contextual Classifier for Multispectral Remote Sensing Data, Howard Jay Siegel, Philip H. Swain, and Bradley W. Smith

Automatic Processing of Computer Compatible Tapes with Data from Multispectral Scanners Installed in LANDSAT Satellites, Norberto Scquizzato

The Lulea Image Processing System (LIPS) - a Versatile Approach to Earth Resources Data Processing, Hans Hauska

A Software System for the Digital Enhancement and Classification of Multiemulsion Photographic Data, James Deigan, John Szajgin, Paul Bruns, and Kurt Olson

Earth Observations Division Landsat Imagery Preprocessing System, P. M. Hinson and C. H. Jeffress

NASA's Applications Data Service, Jan Heuser

First Opening Plenary Session

Future Global Information Needs for Land Resources, Rudy Dudal

Future Earth Observation Systems, Pitt G. Thome

A Survey of Soil Information Systems, Stein N. Bie

Land Use I

The Methodology of CIAT's Land Resource Study of Tropical America, Thomas T. Cochrane

Use of Landsat Digital Data to Assist in Mapping Soils on Arizona Rangelands, Emil H. Horvath, Donald F. Post, Walter M. Lucas, and Richard A. Weismiller

Computer Aided Hydrologic Land Use Mapping Using Satellite and Aircraft Sensed Data: Indian Case Studies, S. Thiruvengadachari

The Preparation of Land Use, Land Cover, and Prime Agricultural Land Maps for Rappahannock County, Virginia, V. Cheeseman

Land Surface Feature Delineation of Rural Central Java Region Using Data Enhancement Techniques Applied to Digitized Landsat MSS Data, Kamlesh Lulla, Abu Rahman, and Paul Mausel

A Remote Sensing and Geo-Based Information System Approach to the Assessment of Irrigation Development Potential, Gary E. Johnson, Thomas R. Loveland, and William H. Anderson

Determination of Potentially Arable Land and Measurements of Non-Agricultural Uses for Nine Selected Areas in Africa, Irvin A. Goldblatt and Richard F. Hyde

Land Use II

Digitization and Processing by Minicomputer of Large Regional Geological Maps and Ancillary Data on Mineral Resources, Andrea G. Fabbri

Temporal Analysis of Landsat Data for Land Use Mapping, J. A. Shields and C. Goodfellow

Remote Sensing and Land Use Planning, Paul S. T. Lee

Land Use Potential Survey of the Seguenega Area of Upper Volta, Using Landsat Data, C. E. Seubert, S. J. Kristoff, M. F. Baumgardner, R. Kissou, and L. J. Lund

Second Opening Plenary Session

New Opportunities in Soil Survey for Remote Sensing, Raymond Daniels

Processing Storage, Retrieval and Analysis of Resource Data in the Eighties, Ralph Bernstein

Soil Information I

Detection of Salinity from Landsat Data, M. Medina and F. Ramirez

An Examination of the Overall Relationship between Spectral Reflectance and Chemical Composition of 58 Mine Tailings Samples, H. Schreir and L. M. Lavkulich

Computer-Based Soil Data Management System (COSMAS): Its Function and Use, T. Kosaki, K. Kyuma, and H. Furukawa

Computer Generated Interpretive Soil Maps from Soil Survey Data, S. G. Sykes and G. W. Petersen

A Soil Moisture Reflectance Model in Visible and Near IR Bands, John K. Park

Landsat as a Data Source in the Analysis of Soil Salinization on the Upper Nile, Daniel Cooper and Jerry C. Coiner

Soil Information II

Description of a User-Oriented Geographic Information System: The Resource Analysis Program, Stephen E. Tilmann and Delbert L. Mokma

An Examination of Requirements for a Soils Resource Information System, David L. Anderson, Kim L. Stevens, and Robert D. Heil

A Case Study of Soil Erosion Detection by Digital Analysis of the Remotely Sensed Multispectral Landsat Scanner Data of a Semi-Arid Land in Southern India, V. Guruswamy, Steve J. Kristof, and Marion Baumgardner

Development of a Digital Data Base for Reflectance-Related Soil Information, Eric R. Stoner and L. Biehl

Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture over Bare and Vegetated Fields by Microwave Radiometers, J. R. Wang, J. C. Shiue, and T. J. Schmugge

Multitemporal and Multispectral Remote Sensing of Soils in Cultured Landscapes of North Germany, J. Eckardt, J. A. Jakob, J. Lamp, and V. Wittje

Soil Taxometrics: Results from a West-German Data Bank, J. Lamp

Using Soil Color/Reflectance in Predicting Soil Properties, Chris J. Johannsen and Liovando M. Dacosta

Soil Information III

Soil Moisture Sensing with Microwave Radiometers, Thomas Schmugge

The Maximum Likelihood Method for Estimating Argentine Crop and Soil Test Sites Using Remote Sensing Data, Juana M. Cardoso and Mirta Aida Raed

Soil Survey I

Application of Multispectral Reflectance Studies of Soils: Pre-Landsat, S. J. Kristof, M. F. Baumgardner, R. A. Weismiller, and Shirley Davis

Utilization of Spectral Data during the Soil Survey of Jasper County, Indiana, F. R. Kirschner, B. F. Smallwood, H. R. Sinclair, and R. A. Weismiller

Delineation of Soil Boundaries Using Image Enhancement and Spectral Signature Classification of Landsat Data, M. L. Imhoff, G. W. Petersen, and J. R. Irons

Correlation of Spectral Classes Derived from Landsat MSS Data to Soil Series and Soil Conditions for Jasper County, Indiana, E. J. Hinzel, R. A. Weismiller, and F. R. Kirschner

Application of Multispectral Data in Developing a Detailed Soil Survey of Ford County, Illinois, L. M. Kiefer, E. E. Voss, F. R. Kirschner, R. A. Weismiller, S. J. Kristof, and L. J. Lund

Development of Spectral Maps for Soil Vegetation Mapping in the Big Desert Area, Idaho, L. J. Lund, R. A. Weismiller, S. J. Kirstof, F. R. Kirschner, and D. Harrison

Application of Landsat Data on a Low Order Soil Survey in South Central Idaho, William D. Harrison

Geologic Interpretation of Remote Sensor Data for the Big Desert Area of Idaho, M. Poljak, D. W. Levandowski, and R. A. Weismiller

Soil Survey II

Stratification of Landsat Data by Uniformity Productivity of Soils, Jane Schubert, Pak Chagarlamudi, Jack A. Shields, and Alex R. Mack

Interactive Processing of Landsat Image for Morphopedological Studies, Denis Chaume and Nguyen Phu Thien

The Use of CIR and Airborne Multispectral Scanner Techniques for Wetland Soils Mapping of Highway Corridors, Alice E. Redfield and Kenneth S. Thom

Mapping Alpine Soils Using Color Positive and Color Infrared Photographs, Scott Burns

Preparing a Schematic Soils Map of an Arid Area Using Landsat Imagery, R. H. Gilbert

Quantitative Comparison of Two Soil Maps Produced from Landsat Images and Aerial Photographs Respectively, P. K. Titriku

Soil and Land-Use Distribution over a Part of the Indo-Gangetic Plain (N. India) Deduced from the Optical Interpretation of Landsat-2 Multispectral Imagery, H. S. Teotia and R. Gombeer

Digital Microdensitometric Analysis of Aerial Photographic Imagery for Detailed Soils Mapping, T. H. Mace

The Crop Inventory II

Fine Structure in the Spectral Reflectance of Vegetation and Soils, V. C. Vanderbilt, E. R. Stoner, L. L. Biehl, B. F. Robinson, R. A. Weismiller, and M. E. Bauer

Variability of Reflectance Measurements Due to the Interaction of Row Azimuth and Solar Illuminati on Angle, J. C. Kollenkark, V. C. Vanderbilt, and C. S. T. Daughtry

Variability of Reflectance Measurements with Sensor Altitude and Canopy Type, V. J. Pollara, C. S. T. Daughtry, V. C. Vanderbilt, and B. F. Robinson

Relationship between Scene Characteristics and Landsat Classification Performance of Corn and Soybeans, Getulio T. Batista, Marilyn M. Hixson, and Marvin E. Bauer


Applications to Agricultural Crops I

Crop-Area Estimates from LANDSAT; Transition from Research and Development to Timely Results, George Hanuschak, Richard Sigman, Michael Craig, Martin Ozga, Raymond Luebbe, Paul Cook, David Kleweno, and Charles Miller

Sampling for Area Estimation: A Comparison of Full-Frame Sampling with the Sample Segment Approach, Marilyn M. Hixson, Marvin E. Bauer, and Barbara J. Davis

Multi-Temporal Classification of Winter Wheat Using a Growth State Model, Christine A. Hlavka, Stephen M. Carlyle, Ryozo Yokoyama, and Robert M. Haralick

The LACIE Outlook, Forrest Hall

LACIE Results, Forrest Hall

LACIE Experiment Design, Forrest Hall

LACIE Overview, Forrest Hall

Applications to Agricultural Crops II

Computer Recognition of Citrus Infestations, D. H. Williams and J. K. Aggarwal

An Interactive Color Display System for Labelling Crops, Toyohisa Kaneko, Linda K. Moore, and Robert T. Smart

Classification of Areas Using Pixel-by-Pixel and Sample Classifiers, Ravindra Kumar, Madalena Niero, and Adalton Paes Manso

An Integrated Application of Remote Sensing, Digitization, and Computer Processing to the Analysis of Multiple Tidal Drainage Networks, Joe R. Wadsworth and Zeev Berger

Lithologic Discrimination by Fourier Analysis of Image Texture, Michael Daily, Susan Williams, and William D. Stromberg

Small Area Replacement in Digital Thematic Maps, P. J. Letts

Agricultural Systems in East Africa Viewed from Landsat, Tina K. Cary

Applications of Landsat Data for Resource Inventories on Federal Lands in the Western United States, William D. Dipaolo

Applications to Forestry

Using Guided Clustering Techniques to Analyze Landsat Data for Mapping Forest Land Cover in Northern California, Lawrence Fox and Kenneth E. Mayer

A Forester's Look at the Application of Image Manipulation Techniques to Multitemporal Landsat Data, Darrel L. Williams, Mark L. Stauffer, and K. C. Leung

Machine Processing of Landsat MSS Data and DMA Topographic Data for Forest Cover Type Mapping, Michael D. Fleming and Roger M. Hoffer

Texture Analysis by Space Filter and Application to Foresttype Classification, Joji Iisaka

The Error Associated with Density Number (DN) Resampling of Landsat Forest Imagery for Multidate Registration, Thomas L. Logan

Use of a Standard Deviation Based Texture Channel for Landsat Classification of Forest Strata, Thomas L. Logan, Alan H. Strahler, and Curtis E. Woodcock

Applications to Land Use

A Non-Interactive Approach to Land Use Determination, Ralph V. Algazi, Gary E. Ford, and Doreen I. Meyer

LANDSAT-2 Data for Inventorying Rangelands in South Texas, James H. Everitt, Arthur J. Richardson, Alvin H. Gerbermann, Craig L. Wiegand, and Mario A. Alaniz

A Methodology for a National Coverage Land Use Study by Computer, Jose Armando Diez P., Socrates A. Rivera R., and Miguel Medina G.

The Use of LANDSAT Multispectral Data to Derive Land Cover Information for the Location and Quantification of Non-Point Source Water Pollutants, Henry F. Fostel, James E. Manley, and James P. Ormsby

Computer Aided Assessment of Revegetation on Surface Mine Land Utilizing Color Infrared Aerial Photography, William D. McFarland, Terry W. Barney, and Chris J. Johannsen

Development of a Mini-Computer Method to Detect Geologic Faults and Other Linear Features from Landsat Imagery for Mining Production Purposes, Richard G. Burdick

Application of a Principal Components Analysis on Landsat Multispectral Data for Studies on Vegetation Cover under Desert Conditions, Jelle U. Hielkema

The Monitoring of Marine Environmental Problems by Airborne and Landsat MSS Data, Hiroaki Ochiai and Shoji Takeuchi

Estimation of Soil Moisture Status and Actual Evapotranspiration Using Remotely-Sensed Data, R. J. Gurney

The Use of Image Analysis Techniques with Geophysical Data, Robert D. Regan and John Denoyer

Applications to Soils

Pasture/Wheat Surface Temperature Differences: Indicator of Relative Soil Moisture Differences, Mesley D. Rosenthal, J. C. Harlan, Bruce J. Blanchard, and G. Coleman

Mapping and Estimating Areal Extent of Severely Eroded Soils of Selected Sites in Northern Indiana, C. E. Seubert, M. F. Baumgardner, R. A. Weismiller, and F. R. Kirschner

Landsat MSS Data as an Aid to Soil Survey - An Operational Concept, R. A. Weismiller, S. K. Kast, M. F. Baumgardner, and Frank R. Kirschner

Extraction of Soil Information from Vegetated Area, Michikazu Fukuhara, Shigechika Hayashi, Yoshizumi Yasuda, Ichio Asanuma, Yasufumi Emori, and Joji Iisaka

Extension of Laboratory-Measured Soil Spectra to Field Conditions, Eric R. Stoner, Marion F. Baumgardner, Richard A. Weismiller, Larry L. Biehl, and Barrett F. Robinson

Predictability of Change in Soil Reflectance on Wetting, John B. Peterson, Barret F. Robinson, and Robert H. Beck

A Comprehensive Computer-Aided Soil Map Obtained Via Satellite MSS Data, S. J. Kristof

Closing Plenary Session - A Look at the Future of Data Processing in Remote Sensing

Future Trends in Image Processing Software and Hardware, William B. Green

Machine Processing Issues in Crop Type Identification and Estimation, Forrest G. Hall

A Digital Processor for the Production of Seasat Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery, John R. Bennett and Ian G. Cumming

Data Preprocessing II - Sysytems

Identification of Surface-Disturbed Features through ISURSL Non-Parametric Analysis of Landsat MSS Data, Leonard H. Alger, Paul W. Mausel, and Robert R. Herner

A Merged Satellite Infrared and Manually Digitized Radar Product, Marshall P. Waters and Robert N. Green

Heterarchical Architectures for Parallel Processing of Digital Images, Adolfo Guzman and A. Zorrilla

Analyzing Accuracy Attributes of Landsat and Digital Terrain Tape Data in the Context of a Digital Geobase Information System, Douglas A. Stow and John E. Estes

An Image Registration Algorithm Using Sampled Binary Correlation, Ernest W. Cordan and Benjamin W. Patz

A Parametric Model for Multispectral Scanners, Bijan G. Mobasseri, Clare D. McGillem, and Paul E. Anuta

Imagery Processing System and Its Applications, N. V. Kulkov and V. P. Pyatkin

Data Processing III - Information Extraction

Directed Canonical Analysis and the Performance of Classifiers under Its Associated Linear Transformations, Benjamin F. Merembeck and Brian J. Turner

An Approach to Nonlinear Mapping for Pattern Recognition, Nguyen Duong, L. I. Ruh-Ming, and Daryl B. Simons

An Analytical Approach to the Design of Spectral Measurements in the Design of Multispectral Sensor, Daniel J. Wiersma and David A. Landgrebe

A Method for Classifying Multispectral Remote Sensing Data Using Context, Philip H. Swain, Howard J. Stegel, and Bradley W. Smith

An Alternative Approach to Training Analysis, Douglas E. Meisner and Thomas A. Lillesand

Threshold Selection for Line Detection Algorithms, Charlotte M. Gurney

The Use of Prior Probabilities in Maximum Likelihood Classification, Alan H. Strahler

A New Model for Estimating Proportions of Land Cover Classes within a Pixel, Curtis E. Woodcock, T. R. Smith, and A. H. Strahler

An Inter-Class Feature Selection Procedure, Manmohan Trivedi, Clair L. Wyatt, and David R. Anderson

Training Samples for Classification of Multispectral Earth Observation Data, Marwan J. Muasher and David A. Landgrebe

Image Representation of Digital Remote Sensing Data: A Perspective, David M. Freeman

An Unsupervised Procedure Using Multidimensional Histogram Information, D. S. Kamat, K. Padmanabhan, and K. L. Majumdar

Opening Plenary Session - Thematic Mapper

An Overview of the Landsat-D Project with Emphasis on the Flight Segment, Vincent V. Salomonson and A. B. Park

Design Challenges of the Thematic Mapper, L. E. Blanchard and Oscar Weinstein

Landsat-D Data Acquisition and Processing, Pierce L. Smith and William C. Webb

Landsat-D: International Interests and Plans, James V. Zimmerman

Thematic Mapper Agricultural Applications Performance -- Speculations and Implications for Research, M. C. Trichel and J. D. Erickson

Preprocessing I - Preprocessing

A Method of Interpolation in Two Dimensions, and Its Application to Multi-Spectral Image Registration, Maria Garza and Renato Barrera

Transformation of Atmospheric and Solar Illumination Conditions on the CCRS Image Analysis System, Francis J. Ahern, Philippe M. Teillet, and David G. Goodenough

Effect of the Atmosphere on the Classification of LANDSAT Data, Tsutomu Morimoto, Ravindra Kumar, and Luiz Carlos Baldicero Molion

Landsat MSS Coordinate Transformations, Berthold K. P. Horn and Robert J. Woodham

California Desert Resource Inventory Using Multispectral Classification of Digitally Mosaicked Landsat Frames, Nevin A. Bryant, Ronald G. McLeod, Albert L. Zobrist, and Hyrum B. Johnson

The Control Point Library Building System, Wayne Niblack

Precision Requirement in Measuring Aerosol Load for Remote Sensing Applications, R. K. Kiang, S. G. Ungar, and E. S. Bryant

Atmospheric Effects on Band-Ratioing in Vegetation Monitoring from Satellites, J. Otterman, S. G. Ungar, and R. K. Kiang

Three-Dimensional Object Representation for Exploitation of Remotely Sensed Images, Michael Shantz and George Huang

Technology Transfer

Transfer of Remote Sensing Computer Technology to the Developing World---Case Examples, Charles K. Paul

Evaluation of Remote Sensing Technology for Natural Resources Inventories in Central America, Pierre-Marie Adrien and Luis A. Bartolucci

IMAGENET - An Image Analysis Network, P. R. Pearl

A System for Processing Landsat and Other Georeferenced Data for Resource Management Applications, Sidney L. Whitley

Georgia's Operational Landsat Processing System, N. L. Faust, L. E. Jordan, and B. Q. Rado

OCCULT - A Medium for Technology Transfer, H. K. Ramapriyan and K. P. Young

Experience Derived from Transfer of JPL's VICAR Image Processing System to Other Organizations, William B. Green


Applications of Machine Processing to Agriculture I

A First Interpretation of East African Swiddening Via Computer-Assisted Analysis of 3 LANDSAT Tapes, Francis P. Conant and Tina K. Cary

A Landsat Agricultural Monitoring Program, A. C. Aaronson, P. E. Buchman, T. Wescott, and R. E. Fries

Comparing Soil Boundaries Delineated by Digital Analysis of Multispectral Scanner Data from High and Low Spatial Resolution Systems, S. J. Kristoff, Marion F. Baumgardner, A. L. Zachary, and Eric R. Stoner

Applications of Machine Processing to Agriculture II

Stratified Acreage Estimates in the Illinois Crop-Acreage Experiment, Richard Sigman, Chapman P. Gleason, George A. Hanuschak, and Robert R. Starbuck

Two Phase Sampling for Wheat Acreage Estimation, Randall W. Thomas and Claire M. Hay

Crop Identification and Area Estimation by Computer-Aided Analysis of Landsat Data, Marvin E. Bauer, Marilyn M. Hixson, Barbara J. Davis, and Jeanne B. Etheridge

An Interactive System for Agricultural Acreage Estimates Using LANDSAT Data, Martin Ozga, Walter E. Donovan, and Chapman P. Gleason

Machine Processing of Aerial Data for Agricultural Resources Inventory and Survey Experiment, D. S. Kamat, K. K. Majumder, T. J. Majumdar, I. C. Matieda, C. V. S. Prakash, and V. L. Swaminathan

Applications of Machine Processing to Forestry

Computer Training Procedures for the Western Washington Forest Productivity Study Utilizing Landsat Data, John R. Edwards

LANDSAT Digital Data Application to Forest Vegetation and Land Use Classification in Minnesota, Roy A. Mead and Merle P. Meyer

Analysis and Location of a Forestland in Western Massachusetts for a Direct Input to the Resource Analysis Procedure, Giles T. Rafsnider, Robert Rogers, and Anthony Morse

LANDSAT Image Analysis for Terrain Investigations, B. E. Ruth, R. L. Ferguson, and H. K. Brooks

Applications of Machine Processing to Hydrology/Geology

Use of Landsat Multispectral Imagery in Estimating Snow Areal Extent and Snow Water Content Cost-Effectively, Siamak Khorram

Application of Image Principal Component Technique to the Geological Study of a Structural Basin in Central Spain, Antonio Santisteban and Laura Munoz

Computer Location of Drainage Networks by an Interactive Line Following Algorithm, L. Montoto

A Multiband Remote Sensing Study of Melting Shorefast Sea Ice, Richard E. Moritz and Luis A. Bartolucci

Applications of Machine Processing to Land Use Mapping I

Tabular Data Base Construction and Analysis from Thematic Classified LANDSAT Imagery of Portland, Oregon, Nevin A. Bryant, Anthony J. George, and Richard Hegdahl

Applications of Machine Processing to Land Use Mapping II

Advancements in Machine-Assisted Analysis of Multispectral Data for Land Use Applications, Philip H. Swain

A Land Use Change Monitoring System Based on LANDSAT, Gary L. Angelici and Nevin A. Bryant

Classifying Vegetative Cover with Landsat Digital Data, Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia and North Carolina, Patricia T. Gammon, Lurie J. Shima, and Virginia Carter

Effect of the Size of Training Samples on Classification Accuracy, R. Kumar, M. Niero, M. S. S. Barros, L. A. M. Lucht, and A. P. Manso

Landuse Analysis Using BASIC+ Interactive Image Processing for Teaching: A Comparison with LARSYS, John R. Jensen, Earl J. Hajic, John E. Estes, and Fred Ennerson

Data Analysis I: Non Parametric Classification

A Least-Square Error Approach to LANDSAT Image Classification, Albert Y. Hung

A Four-Dimensional Histogram Approach to the Clustering of LANDSAT Data, Morris Goldberg and Seymour Shlien

Temporal Correlatability of Digital Thermal Infrared Scanner Data, Edmund H. Conrow and Bennett Basore

Clustering Multispectral Data without an Algorithm: An Interactive Approach, F. P. Palou

Data Analysis II: Classification Methods & Systems

A Table Look-up Procedure for Rapidly Mapping Vegetation Cover and Crop Development, Arthur J. Richardson and C. L. Wiegand

The Use of Analysis of Variance Procedures for Defining Ground Conditions of Categories Generated in an Automatic Analysis of LANDSAT MSS Digital Data, Steven J. Daus and Michael J. Cosentino

A Versatile Classifier Model for Multiobservational Analysis, Philip H. Swain

MaXL4X - A Large Area LANDSAT Classifier, Ronnie W. Pearson

SEARCH - An Efficient, Automatic Training Sample Selection Algorithm, Ronnie W. Pearson

Data Analysis III: Classification Methods & Systems

ISURSL Levels Classification: A Low Cost Approach to Multispectral Data Analysis, Richard F. Hyde, Samuel N. Goward, and Paul W. Mausel

Estimation of Error Probability for Multidimensional Gaussian Maximum Likelihood Classifiers Using a Controlled Space Quantization Technique, G. Mobasseri and C. D. McGillem

Plenary Session

Some Applications of Remote Sensing Technology for International Funding Agencies, Pierre-Marie Adrien

Preprocessing I

Rectification and Registration of Digital Images and the Effect of Cloud Detection, M. L. Nack

The Correction of Landsat Data for the Effects of Haze, Sun Angle, and Background Reflectance, John F. Potter

Effects of Spatial Distortion on Image Registration Performance, Martin Svedlow, Clare D. McGillem, and Paul E. Anuta

Assembly and Analysis of SAR/LANDSAT Data Sets, Harold Maurer and Paul Clemens

Preprocessing II

The Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Signature Transformation (MLEST) Algorithm, S. G. Thadani

The Use of Negative Spectral Bands in Photointerpretation and Classification, Mario Hernandez

Feature Space Transformation for Improved Interpretability of Color Images, H. K. Ramapriyan

Principal Components and Canonical Analysis for Skylab Channel Evaluation, G. J. McMurtry and F. Y. Borden

Airborne IR Line Scanner Data System at the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, H. R. Edel

Processing Systems I

Parametric Design of Ground Data Processing Support Systems for Advanced Sensor Systems, Clinton Denny, Earl M. Johnson, and Eugene L. Davis

A Remote Sensing System for a Nationwide Data-Bank, H. Dell Foster, Jacob Bos, and William C. Richie

On the Transfer of Remote Sensing Technology to an Operational Data System, Denton J. Tarbet and Timothy T. White

Processing Systems II

A Technique for Real-Time Data Preprocessing, Mario R. Schaffner

Estimating Costs and Performance of Systems for Machine Processing of Remotely Sensed Data, Richard J. Ballard and Lester F. Eastwood

IMAPS, a Minicomputer Array Processing System for the Earth Sciences, G. W. Smith, O. K. Huh, and L. J. Rouse

The Atmospheric and Oceanographic Information Processing System (AOIPS), Peter A. Bracken and John T. Dalton

Research Frontiers: Applications

On Determining Unharvested Winter Wheat Acreage from Landsat, J. C. Harlan and W. D. Rosenthal

The Effect of the LANDSAT Cloud Cover Domain on Winter Wheat Acreage Estimation in Kansas during 1976, George A. Hanuschak

A Method for the Determination of Surface Emissivities of Multispectral Data in the 8 µm - 13 µm Region, W. H. Carnahan and S. N. Goward

Effects of Atmosphere, Temperature and Emittance on Remotely Sensed Data, Ravindra Kumar

Ship Detection from LANDSAT, M. J. McDonnell and A. J. Lewis

Digital Analysis of Landsat Data for Geological Studies in Sangagiri-Tiruchengode Namakkal Area in Tamilnadu, India, V. Guruswamy, S. J. Kristof, and M. F. Baumgardner

Research Frontiers: Machine Processing

Weather Displays Containing Gridding on a Minicomputer System, Andre Van Gysegem and Ronald H. Irlbeck

A Measure of Relative Normality for LANDSAT Data Multivariate Distributions, Robert M. Ray

Estimation of Sampling Requirements for Track-Type Remote Sensing Surveys, Paul E. Anuta and Clare D. McGillem

Scene Modeling

A Practical Method for Correcting Bidirectional Reflectance Variations, Dwight D. Egbert

Correlation of Intensity Variations and False Color Displays of Multispectral Digital Images, Jorge Burkle and Elias Baron

An Overview of Vegetation Canopy Modeling for Signature Correction and Analyses, Joseph K. Berry and James A. Smith

Monitoring Earth Albedo from LANDSAT, Richard K. Kiang and Stephen G. Ungar


A Multidimensional Look at Remote Sensing

Applicability of Landsat Data to Water Management and Control Needs, J. W. Jarman

Remote Sensing Technology - A Look to the Future, David Landgrebe


Automatic Detection and Classification of Infestations of Crop Insect Pests and Diseases from Infrared Aerial Color Photographs, M. Ali and J. K. Aggarwal

Landsat Forest and Range Inventory of Southeast Texas Counties by Administrative Boundaries, C. A. Reeves, T. Austin, and A. Kerber

Evaluation of Classification Procedures for Estimating Wheat Acreage in Kansas, L. M. Flores and D. T. Register

Machine Estimation of Timber Volumes for Use in Sampling Surveys, Jan W. van Roessel

The Tasselled Cap -- A Graphic Description of the Spectral-Temporal Development of Agricultural Crops as Seen by LANDSAT, R. J. Kauth and G. S. Thomas

Computer Analysis of Remotely Sensed Wheat Canopy Data, M. S. Sohel

A New Computer Approach to Mixed Feature Classification for Forestry Application, E. P. Kan and J. K. Lo

Data Analysis I

Linear Dimensionality of LANDSAT Agricultural Data with Implications for Classification, S. G. Wheeler, P. N. Misra, and Q. A. Holmes

Tree System Approach for LANDSAT Data Interpretation, R. Y. Li and K. S. Fu

The Use of Spatial Characteristics for the Improvement of Multispectral Classification of Remotely Sensed Data, D. J. Wiersma and D. Landgrebe

Stratification of Landsat Data by Clustering, Marvin E. Bauer and Barbara J. Davis

LANDSAT Signature Development Program, Royce N. Hall, Ken G. McGuire, and Roy A. Bland

HINDU: Histogram Inspired Neighborhood Discerning Unsupervised Pattern Recognition System, Belur V. Dasarathy

Processing Multispectral Scanner Data Using Correlation Clustering and Nonparametric Classification Techniques, Richard E. Haskell and David E. Boddy

Data Analysis II

An Approach to the Design of a Linear Binary Tree Classifier, K. C. You and K. S. Fu

Selecting Class Weights to Minimize Classification Bias in Acreage Estimation, W. M. Belcher and T. C. Minter

Estimation of the Probability of Error without Ground Truth and Known A Priori Probabilities, K. A. Havens, T. C. Minter, and S. G. Thadani

Bayes Estimation on Parameters of the Single-Class Classifier, G. C. Lin and T. C. Minter

Number of Signatures Necessary for Accurate Classification, W. Richardson, A. Pentland, R. Crane, and H. Horwitz

Classification by Clustering, Alex Pentland

Improved Signature Definition through Boundary-Edited Clustering, Daniel P. Rice

Natural Resources

Resource Inventory Using LANDSAT Data for Areawide Water Quality Planning, Roger N. Schecter

Analysis of Geophysical Remote Sensing Data Using Multivariate Pattern Recognition Techniques, Paul E. Anuta, Hans Hauska, and Donald W. Levandowski

The Automated Recognition of Urban Development from LANDSAT Images, P. Carter and M. Jackson

Natural Resource Classification from LANDSAT Data Using a Film Recorder, Roy A. Mead and James A. Brass

A Remote Sensing-Aided System for Evaporation and Watershed-Wide Evapotranspiration Estimation, Siamak Khorram and Randall W. Thomas

Use of Digital Landsat Data to Map the Geology of Ambrosia Lake, New Mexico, John O. Bennett


Effects of Misregistration on Multispectral Recognition, R. C. Cicone, W. A. Malila, J. M. Gleason, and R. F. Nalepka

Experimental Examination of Similarity Measures and Preprocessing Methods Used for Image Registration, M. Svedlow, C. D. McGillem, and P. E. Anuta

A Landsat Digital Image Rectification System, Peter Van Wie and Maurice Stein

Filtering to Remove Cloud Cover in Satellite Imagery, O. R. Mitchell and P. L. Chen

Experiments in Iterative Enhancement of Linear Features, Gordon J. VanderBrug

Signature Extension through the Application of Cluster Matching Algorithms to Determine Appropriate Signature Transformations, Peter F. Lambeck and Daniel P. Rice

Research Forum

A Non-Parametric Approach to Classifying Remotely Sensed Data, Jack Tubbs and John Engvall

Evaluation of Image Registration Accuracy in the Large Area Crop Inventory Experiment, Toyohisa Kaneko and John Engvall

Generating Character Maps on a Remote Terminal by Use of Simplified Software, Premsukh Poonai, W. J. Floyd, Royce Hall, and Carl J. Upp

Determination of Planimetric Features by Interactive Image Processing, John Y. C. Wang

Automated Ground Coordinate Sampling, George E. Lukes

Sequential Classification and Clustering Methods Applied to Digitized Photographs, Chapman P. Gleason

Linear Atmospheric Transform on LANDSAT Measurements, Richard K. Kiang and William E. Collins

Digital Image Processing of LANDSAT I MSS Data Specifically Designed for Linear Enhancement in Southwestern Jordan I MSS Data Specifically Designed for Linear Enhancement in Southwestern Jordan, Pat S. Chavez, Lennis G. Berlin, and Alex V. Acosta

SAR Enhancement of LANDSAT Imagery, Harold E. Maurer and Paul K. Clemens

Correcting LANDSAT Data for Changes in Sun Angle, Haze Level, and Background Reflectance, J. F. Potter

Application of a Class of Sequential Classifiers to Multitemporal Remote Sensing Data, Hans Hauska and Philip H. Swain

Research Forum II

Comparison of Vegetation Classes in the Great Dismal Swamp Using Two Individual Landsat Images and a Temporal Composite, Patricia T. Gammon and Virginia P. Carter

Computer Location of Citrus Trees Using Color Aerial Infrared Transparencies, D. H. Williams and J. K. Aggarwal

Land Use Studies with Skylab S-192 Data, D. S. Simonett, R. L. Shotwell, and N. Belknap

Remote Sensing Applications for Identifying Potential Recreation Resources, William C. Beattie and Kenneth A. Wenner

Thermal Sensing of the Chihuahuan: Feasibility Study with the NOAA-4, William R. Hazard

A Real Time Freeze Prediction Model Based upon Remotely Sensed Surface Temperatures, R. A. Sutherland and J. F. Bartholic

Statistical Analysis of Texture in LANDSAT Images of the United Kingdom, R. M. Lee, P. Gray, and M. E. Barnett

Forest Type Mapping Using Computer Classification of LANDSAT Data, Emily Bryant and Arthur G. Dodge

Digital Analysis of Human Impact on Tropical Vegetation, Suzanne Textor and Jerry C. Coiner

A Computerized Mapping System for Forest Resource Management Planning, D. W. Smith, S. A. Nottingham, and C. W. Wade


IBIS: A Geographic Information System Based on Digital Image Processing and Image Raster Datatype, Nevin A. Bryant and Albert L. Zobrist

KANDIDATS Image Processing System, Robert M. Haralick, Gary J. Minden, Dale R. Johnson, Amrendra Singh, William F. Bryant, and Craig A. Paul

The Earth Resources Interactive Processing System (ERIPS) Image Data Access Method (IDAM), A. E. Pape and D. L. Truitt

PROCAMS: A Second Generation Multispectral-Multitemporal Data Processing System for Agricultural Mensuration, Jon D. Erickson and Richard F. Nalepka

The Application of a Parallel Processing Computer in the Large Area Crop Inventory Experiment, Sherwin Ruben, John C. Lyon, and Matthew J. Quinn

General Polygons Used to Determine Training and Test Areas in Digital Remote Sensing Imagery, Ross H. Hieber

Processing Remotely Sensed Data with Array Processors, A. S. Margulies

Transfer of Technology

University Education in Remote Sensing: Ill-Defined and Ill-Equipped, Stanley A. Morain

So You Think You Are Ready for Remote Sensing -- Implementation Considerations of Remote Sensing Technology in a Private Industrial Environment, G. R. Barker

Pacific Northwest Resources Inventory Demonstration, J. D. Nichols

Remote Sensing - The Role of the Supplier, S. S. Viglione

Needed: A Better Approach to State and Federal Agencies, Chris J. Johannsen


Current Methods and Policies of the Statistical Reporting Service, Charles E. Caudill

Use of LANDSAT Technology by Statistical Reporting Service, William H. Wigton

LANDSAT Estimation with Cloud Cover, George A. Hanuschak

Illinois Crop-Acreage Estimation Experiment, Robert M. Ray and Harold F. Huddleston


Analysis Algorithms

Adaptive Bayes Classifiers for Remotely Sensed Data, H. S. Raulston, M. O. Pace, and R. C. Gonzalez

Canonical Analysis for Increased Classification Speed and Channel Selection, Walter Eppler

Divergence Analysis of Bendix Feature Extraction and Classification System, R. M. Dye and C. S. Chen

Combined Sequential Analysis of Multiple Features, J. D. Nichols and W. M. Senkus

Signature Extension Using the MASC Algorithm, R. G. Henderson

The Decision Tree Classifier: Design and Potential, Hans Hauska and Philip H. Swain

Analysis Techniques for Forest and Agricultural Applications

The Use of LANDSAT Data in a Large Area Crop Inventory Experiment (LACIE), R. B. MacDonald, F. G. Hall, and R. B. Erb

Data Resolution Versus Forestry Classification and Modeling, E. P. Kan, D. L. Ball, J. P. Basu, and R. L. Smelser

Processing Remotely Sensed Data for Dimensional Analysis, T. L. Cox, H. C. Hitchcock, and S. G. Weber

Agricultural Analysis of LANDSAT Digital Data from Williams County, North Dakota, Using G.E. IMAGE 100 System, D. D. Egbert, D. L. Dietrich, and R. E. Fries

Computer-Aided Analysis of Landsat-1 MSS Data: A Comparison of Three Approaches, Including a "Modified Clustering" Approach-1 MSS Data: A Comparison of Three Approaches, Including a "Modified Clustering" Approach, M. D. Fleming, J. S. Berkebile, and R. M. Hoffer

Estimation of a Large Area Crop Acreage Using Remote Sensing Technology, R. S. Chhikara, R. P. Heydorn, and P. L. Odell

Results from the Crop Identification Technology Assessment for Remote Sensing, F. G. Hall, R. M. Bizzell, A. H. Feiveson, M. E. Bauer, B. J. Davis, W. A. Malila, and D. P. Rice

Clustering and Feature Selection

Classification of Multispectral Image Data by Extraction and Classification of Homogeneous Objects, R. L. Kettig and D. A. Landgrebe

Single-Class Classification, T. C. Minter

Line Detection in Satellite Imagery, G. J. VanderBrug

Acreage Estimation, Feature Selection, and Signature Extension Dependent upon the Maximum Likelihood Decision Rule, John A. Quirein and M. C. Trichel

Recursive Estimation of Proportions in Earth Observations, Demetrios Kazakos

An Incisive Neighborhood Discerning Iteratively Aggregating Nomenclator (Indian) System for Pattern Recognition in Unsupervised Environments, Belur V. Dasarathy

Automatic Classification of Aircraft and Satellite Images Using Mixed Integer Programming, M. Rebollo and L. F. Escudero

Image Processing

A 4-Channel Optical Film Annotator for Production of Planometrically Correct Images, Richard Steele, Mel Flores, Paul Ritter, J. D. Nichols, Michael Gialdini, and W. M. Senkus

Digital Image Reconstruction and Resampling for Geometric Manipulation, K. W. Simon

Exploiting the Temporal Coherence of Repetitive Satellite Imagery, William E. Evans

Resolution Enhancement of ERTS Imagery, C. D. McGillem, T. E. Riemer, and G. Mobasseri

Image Registration Error Variance as a Measure of Overlay Quality, C. D. McGillem and M. Svedlow

Software for Geometrical Transformation of Digital Data Used for Remote Sensing Applications, Nancy A. Jones, J. D. Nichols, Frank G. Harvey, Paul R. Ritter, and Michael J. Gialdini

Signature Extension Implications of Non-Identicity of Data within Overlap Regions of Successive Frames of an Orbital Pass for Landsat MSS Bulk CCT'S: Comparison of US and Canadian Pre-Processing, Surendra Raje

Temporal Registration of Multispectral Digital Satellite Images Using Their Edge Images, Myron L. Nack

Sharpening the Airy and Gaussian Spots, J. A. Stuller

Land Use and Geologic Applications

Use of Topographic Data on Land-Use Land-Cover Delineation by ERTS Imagery, S. I. Solomon, J. Cameron, J. Chadwick, and A. S. Aggarwal

Machine Aided Multispectral Analysis Utilizing Skylab Thermal Data for Land Use Mapping, L. L. Biehl and L. F. Silva

Computer-Aided Geologic Mapping Using Landsat-1 Data, a Feasible Task?, H. Hauska, B. Follestad, and D. Levandowski

Remote Sensing Data Processing in Sweden, Ingvar S. Akerston

The Performance of Unsupervised Clustering Techniques in the Classification of ERTS, A. C. Armstrong

The South Dakota Land Use Inventory System, Paul A. Tessar

Machine Processing of Remotely Sensed Data for Change Detection, Stephen G. Luther and Michael L. Yanner

Natural Resources Monitoring and Evaluation

Signatures Analysis and Recognition of Severe Weather Patterns, Paul P. Wang and Richard C. Burns

Environmental Monitoring from Spacecraft Data, R. H. Rogers, C. L. Wilson, L. E. Reed, N. J. Shah, R. Akeley, T. G. Mara, and V. Elliott Smith

Interactive Image Processing for Meteorological Applications at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, James B. Billingsley and Frederick A. Hasler

Summary of: Photographic Display of LANDSAT-1 CCT Images for Improved Geological Definition, T. G. Longshaw, R. P. Viljoen, and M. C. Hodson

Delineation of Udolls from Udalfs Using Multi-Spectral Scanner Data, J. B. Peterson, F. E. Goodrick, and W. N. Melhorn

The Use of the Analysis of Covariance Model in Spatial Point Estimation, Randall W. Thomas

Application of the Scheffe' Method of Multiple Comparison to Determination of Class Separability, Randall W. Thomas and George A. Vasick


Development of a Field Portable Bi-Channel Real Time Hybrid Image Processing System, Nelson Corby, Lester A. Gerhardt, and Edward Sims

The Image Display and Manipulation System (IDAMS), William L. Alford

An Acquisition and Processing Equipment for SR and VHRR Picture Data of Weather Satellites of the NOAA 3 Type 3 Type, R. Buecklein, E. Krauth, M. Mozer, and R. Stoiber

Analysis of Spectral Bands in Comparing Different Multispectral Scanners, J. N. P. Beers

Evaluation of All-Digital Precision Registration Methods for LANDSAT MSS Data, S. Rifman, B. Peavey, R. Caron, and K. Simon

ERTS Direct Digital Printing & Multitemporal Data Registration, Robert F. Burke and William Marshall

Interfacing of a Color-TV-Monitor and a Processor with the Aid of an External Core-Memory for Interactive Picture Processing, R. Buecklein, E. Krauth, M. Mozer, and R. Stoiber

Satellite On-Board Processing of Earth Resources Data, Paul Wintz, Robert Rochelle, Robert Bodenheimer, and Ralph Gonzalez

Description of an Image Processing System for Multispectral Scanner Data, J. Gredel and W. Rattei

An Integrated System for Computer Processing of Landsat-1 Imagery Largescale Photography, and Ground Data to Produce Resource Inventory Estimates Based on Stratified Multistage Sampling Techniques, Stephen J. Titus

The MIDAS Processor, F. J. Kriegler, M. Gordon, R. McLaughlin, and R. J. Marshall

Considerations & Techniques for Making a High Quality Three-Color Print from Skylab 5192 Data, Margery Harris and Kenneth Livermore

Water Resources

Digital Processing of Infra-Red Scanner Data for Radiometric Temperature Analysis of Thermal Plumes, D. Langner, J. Michael, and D. Wright

Determination of Groundwater Inflow to Prairie Lakes Using Remote Sensing, J. M. Whiting

Fisheries Utilization of Remotely Sensed Data, Thomas M. Vamelous, Thomas D. Leming, Andrew J. Kemmerer, and Kenneth J. Savastano

A General Non-Parametric Classifier Applied to Discriminating Surface Water from Terrain Shadows, W. G. Eppler

Mapping Wetlands from Their Spectral Properties Recorded by ERTS System, S. J. Kristof and R. A. Weismiller

A Study Utilizing Automatically Processed Multispectral Data to Delineate a Flood Plain, George R. Harker

A Layered Classification Technique for Water Resources Applications, Luis A. Bartolucci, Roger M. Hoffer, and Stephen G. Luther


Classification and Feature Selection

An Iterative Approach to the Feature Selection Problem, Henry P. Decell and John A. Quirein

Feature Selection Via an Upper Bound (to Any Degree Tightness) on Probability of Misclassification, Cecil R. Hallum

Extraction and Classification of Objects in Multispectral Images, Thomas V. Robertson

The Use of the Modified Cholesky Decomposition in Divergence and Classification Calculations, D. L. Van Rooy, M. S. Lynn, and C. H. Snyder

Iterative Techniques to Estimate Signature Vectors for Mixture Processing of Multispectral Data, Pete Salvato Jr

Deriving Spectral and Spatial Features to Establish a Hierarchical Classification System, James E. Skaley and Randolph J. Hoffman

Feature Extraction of Multispectral Data, R. B. Crane, T. Crimmins, and J. F. Reyer

Estimation of Proportions of Objects and Determination of Training Sample-Size in a Remote Sensing Application, R. S. Chhikara and P. L. Odell

Machine Boundary Finding and Sample Classification of Remotely Sensed Agricultural Data, J. N. Gupta, R. L. Kettig, D. A. Landgrebe, and P. A. Wintz

The JSC Clustering Program ISOCLS and its Applications, E. P. Kan, W. A. Holley, and H. D. Parker Jr.

Multivariate Interactive Digital Analysis System (MIDAS): A New Fast Multispectral Recognition System, F. Kriegler, R. Marshall, S. Lampert, M. Gordon, C. Connell, and R. Kistler

Classification and Feature Selection II

Deriving Spectral and Spatial Features to Establish a Hierarchical, Classification System, James E. Skaley and Randolph J. Hoffmann

Data Management and Processing Systems

The Design and Use of Special Purpose Processors for the Machine Processing of Remotely Sensed Data, G. R. Allen, L. O. Bonrud, J. J. Cosgrove, and R. M. Stone

Combining Human and Computer Interpretation Capabilities to Analyze ERTS Imagery, J. D. Nichols and W. M. Senkus

The Role of Computer Networks in Remote Sensing Data Analysis, P. H. Swain, T. L. Phillips, and J. C. Lindenlaub

On the Management and Processing of Earth Resources Information, C. W. Skinner and R. C. Gonzalez

Earth Resource Measurements and Applications

Mapping Soil Associations Using ERTS MSS Data, Jan E. Cipra

Analysis of Remotely Sensed Data for Detecting Soil Limitations, L. A. Benson, C. J. Frazee, and F. A. Waltz

Numerical Classification Procedures, Glen C. Gustafson

Computerized Interpretation of ERTS Data for Forest Management, Leonard Kirvida

Classification of Turbidity Levels in the Texas Marine Coastal Zone, E. A. Weisblatt, J. B. Zaitzeff, and C. A. Reeves

Pattern Analysis and Recognition Techniques Applied to the Identification of Ecological Anomalies, Randolph J. Hoffmann and James D. Turinetti

Geometrical Transformations and Mapping

Correlation of ERTS MSS Data and Earth Coordinate Systems, William A. Malila, Ross H. Hieber, and Arthur P. McCleer

Experience with the Program System KARIN for the Mapping of Remote Sensing Information, E. R. Bosman, E. Clerici, D. Eckhart, and K. Kubik

Weighting Function Techniques for Storage and Analysis of Mass Remote Sensing Data, James R. Jancaitis and John L. Junkins

Image Registration and Calibration

Multitemporal Geometric Distortion Correction Utilizing the Affine Transformation, R. A. Emmert and C. D. McGillem

A Method for Digital Image Registration Using A Mathematical Programming Technique, Stanton S. Yao

Techniques for Image Registration, W. F. Webber

Land Use Planning Applications

A Land Use Classification System for Use with Remote-Sensor Data, Ernest E. Hardy and James R. Anderson

Urban Land-Use Mapping by Machine Processing of ERTS-1 Multispectral Data: A San Francisco Bay Area Example, Richard Ellefsen, Philip H. Swain, and James R. Wray

Land Use Classification of Marion County, Indiana by Spectral Analysis of Digitized Satellite Data, William J. Todd and Marion F. Baumgardner

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