Streaming Media


Video analytics powered by artificial intelligence shows high promise in making our society smarter. Harnessing large amounts of video data, however, requires the development of processing systems demonstrating high performance and high efficiency. To this end, this work has contributed to a video analytics system powered by artificial intelligence for object detection and recognition. Rather than streaming all the video frames to the cloud, the system analyzes images on-camera and only returns those of interest to the cloud. This edge analytics research-grade software is available, but it lacks a simple web interface for general use by scientists, engineers, and other experts. To make the system versatile and user-friendly, a web interface was developed for receiving user queries (including parameters such as camera geolocations, video time span, and object class of interest) and presenting the query results. This web interface will make our video analytics system more accessible to domain experts (those in law enforcement, health care, environmental monitoring, etc.).