2018 Journal Advisor

Prof. Frank Dooley, Senior Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning at Purdue University

2018 Chair of the Faculty Advisory Board

Prof. Greg Michalski, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Chemistry at Purdue University

2018 Journal Editorial Coordinator

Eliza Van, Sophomore, Liberal Arts and Health and Human Sciences

2018 Journal Marketing Coordinator

Liz Coats, Sophomore, Business Management

2018 JPUR Faculty/Staff Advisory Board

Carrie Berger, Purdue Polytechnic Institute

Prof. Christopher A. Bidwell, Animal Sciences

Prof. Kristina Bross, English

Prof. Sugato Chakravarty, Consumer Sciences and Retailing

Prof. Todor Cooklev, Wireless Communication and Applied Research, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne

Prof. Melba M. Crawford, Agronomy and Civil Engineering

Prof. Michael Flierl, Purdue University Libraries

Prof. Jennifer L. Freeman, Toxicology

Prof. Tamara Kinzer-Ursem, Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Panayota Y. Mantzicopoulos-James, Educational Studies

Prof. Vanessa Quinn, Biology and Chemistry, Purdue North Central

Prof. Michael J. Salvo, English

Prof. Dennis Savaiano, Nutrition Policy

Prof. Phillip VanFossen, Curriculum and Instruction

2018 Student Editorial Board

Sabriya Alam, Freshman, Economics

Anushka Bose, Junior, Political Science

Baylee Bunce, Senior, Anthropology

Anjali Byappanahalli, Freshman, Cell & Molecular Biology/Neurobiology

Hyesoo Chae, Senior, Pharmacy

Rebekah Cho, Junior, Linguistics

Marie L. Cinatl, Senior, Linguistics

Taryn Coyle, Freshman, Microbiology

Ethan Edwards, Freshman, Civil Engineering

Yichen Fan, Junior, Industrial Engineering

Caleb Hettinger, Senior, Biology, Biology Education, Educational Studies

Sabrina Johnson, Sophomore, English

Zian Liu, Junior, Biochemistry, Nutrition Science

Emma Marlatt, Sophomore, Philosophy and Industrial Design

Sabeen Nadir, Senior, Biological Engineering

Daisy Nichols, Junior, English

Caroline Peterson, Sophomore, Biochemistry

Josiah Rudge, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering

Bethany Simon, Senior, Sociology

Christina Stober, Senior, English

Madisen Toth, Sophomore, English

Hunter Wieczorek, Junior, Biochemistry

Hannah White, Junior, Literature

Emily Yang, Senior, Marketing, Finance

Alyssa Zook, Sophomore, English