Editor-in-Chief: Barrett S. Caldwell, PhD, Purdue University

The Journal of Human Performance in Extreme Environments is a peer-reviewed journal that accepts empirical and theoretical articles with relevance to human performance in extreme environments, defined as settings that possess extraordinary technological, social, and physical components that require significant human adaptation for successful interaction and performance. The publication reaches researchers, practitioners, and professionals from industry, the armed forces, and academic institutions from around the world who specialize in issues related to extreme environments.

In 2012, the journal became an Open Access publication so as to better serve readers beyond the academy and in developing nations. Open Access publication is currently made possible by publication support from Purdue University, so the journal is free to publish in as well as read. As a born-digital publication, the journal encourages the publication of multimedia (e.g., audio, video, computer simulation animations) as well as text and static images.

Recent Content

Research Articles


The Influence of Tropical Climate on Cognitive Task Performance and Aiming Accuracy in Young International Fencers
Nicolas Robin, Aurelie Collado, Stephane Sinnapah, Elisabeth Rosnet, Olivier Hue, and Guillaume R. Coudevylle


Impact of Tropical Climate on Selective Attention and Affect
Guillaume R. Coudevylle, Maria Popa-Roch, Stéphane Sinnapah, Olivier Hue, and Nicolas Robin


XP-Antarctik Expedition: The Effect of a Month-Long Expedition in Antarctica on Physiological Performance
Andrée-Anne Parent, Daniel Martin, Sandra Morales, Jean Boucher, and Alain-Steve Comtois


Habitual Heat Exposure and Acclimatization Associated with Athletic Performance in the Multistage Marathon des Sables
Leonidas G. Ioannou, Lydia Tsoutsoubi, Lars Nybo, Georgios I. Tsianos, and Andreas D. Flouris