Aims & Scope

The Journal of Human Performance in Extreme Environments accepts empirical and theoretical articles with relevance to human performance in extreme environments, defined as settings that possess extraordinary technological, social, and physical components that require significant human adaptation for successful interaction and performance.

The publication reaches researchers, practitioners, and professionals from industry, the armed forces, and academic institutions from around the world who specialize in issues related to extreme environments. In order to support this mission, the Journal actively encourages authors to consider multimedia (e.g., audio and video content) to supplement their contribution.

The study of human performance in extreme environments is an interdisciplinary field. The journal welcomes submissions from many different traditions of research including; cognition, engineering, human-environment interfaces, human factors psychology, human-technology interfaces, physiology, psychiatry, psychology, sensation and perception, sociology, and team performance.

The Journal seeks to publish three general types of articles:

  • Research Papers provide scientific analyses or empirical studies of factors affecting human performance in extreme environments.
  • Notes from the Field reflect first-hand accounts from explicit extreme environment experiences and broader lessons for human performance in similar extreme conditions.
  • Technology Evaluations provide critical reviews of equipment or assistive devices that enable and extend survival and performance in extreme environments.
  • All types of article submissions will be evaluated through appropriate peer review.