Author Background

Sarika Tyagi is pursuing PhD at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Her areas of interest are innovative technologies, passenger processes, and the impact of technology, in the aviation sector. Email: sarikatyagi72@gmail.com

Gabriel Lodewijks is an adjunct professor in the School of Aviation at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. His areas of interest are logistics and transport engineering in the aviation cluster. He earned his PhD from TU Delft. Email: g.lodewijks@conveyor-experts.com


Due to the severe global competition in the aviation industry, airports give top priority to passenger services. Therefore, a study of characteristics associated with passenger services is one of the most important measurements in the aviation industry. The objective of this study was to analyze the impact of passenger characteristics on the use of self-service technology (SST) for the check-in process at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport. A survey was conducted online amid the COVID-19 pandemic for data collection. Based on the collected responses, this study analyzed the sociological and demographic characteristics of the passengers and situational factors related to characteristics of SST usage. T-test and Chi-square test were used to gain an understanding of the impact of these characteristics in the context of SST usage. With these analyses, this study was able to show the impact of passengers’ sociological and demographic characteristics such as level of education, flying experience, and age on the use of SST. In addition, this study showed the impact of situational factors related to characteristics such as better signage to locate the service, better corporation by staff members, less crowd or waiting time, and less processing time on the use of SST. Further, the results obtained in this study showed that traveling frequency impacts the passenger processing time at self-service kiosks, and that the use of a self-service kiosk impacts passenger arrival time at the airport. The findings in this study could potentially help airports in improving passenger experience and SST usage.