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The Journal of Aviation Technology and Engineering (JATE) is an Open Access, refereed publication serving the needs of collegiate and industrial scholars and researchers in the multidisciplinary fields of aviation technology, engineering, and human factors. A key focus of the JATE is to promote the bridging of these fields by publishing scholarly articles related to the integration of theory and application in an academically rigorous, theoretically sound manner. This process may consist of researchers working collaboratively toward a mutually supported end product or process improvement that is properly conceptualized using theory and made practical through application.

JATE publishes both quantitative and qualitative peer-reviewed research articles. Relative topics include air carrier and general aviation flight and ground operations, the technological aspects of airport operation, aviation maintenance and engineering, aviation human factors and applied training research in both collegiate and industry settings, and significant developmental and historical topics related to these areas.

The JATE is an Open Access journal. This means that articles are free for users, immediately on publication. In a global industry such as aviation, with many practitioners as well as academic researchers, the founders of the JATE regard free access to evidence-based research as essential for the development of the discipline.

Open Access publication is made possible by generous support from the Purdue University College of Technology and the James and Sherry Raisbeck Foundation.

How to Subscribe

The JATE is an Open Access publication. This means that content is free to read and download for all users immediately on publication. This is made possible through sponsorship of the Purdue University College of Technology and the James and Sherry Raisbeck Foundation. Users are requested to abide by the usual conventions of crediting and reusing content from academic journals.


As a newer journal, the JATE is not indexed yet. However, a list of indexers will gradually be added here.

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The JATE is primarily an electronic journal, but it is possible to obtain a print copy of any issue published.


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