About the Ray W. Herrick Laboratories

Mission: An institution dedicated to graduate education and engineering research with emphasis on technology transfer to industry.

Vision: Overcome barriers between knowledge creation, transfer, and utilization in engineering research, industry application, and graduate education.

The main technical areas are:

  1. Thermal Systems and Air Quality
  2. Noise and Vibration Control
  3. Electromechanical Systems: controls, signal processing, sensing, estimation,diagnostics and prognostics.
  4. Modeling of Human Response for Machine and System Optimization


Submissions from 1993


The Modeling of Anisotropic Fuselage Lining Material, Yeon June Kang and J Stuart Bolton

Submissions from 1988


The Use of Intensity Techniques for Noise Source Identification in Small Machinery, Urs D. Dietschi and J Stuart Bolton

Submissions from 1984


An Improved Technique for the Valuation of Structural Dynamic Response, J Stuart Bolton and M.D.C. Dyne

Submissions from 1982


Sound Absorption by Double Panel Factory Roof Constructions, J Stuart Bolton and Neil C. Baines

Submissions from 1977


Excitation of an Acoustic Resonator by Turbulent Flow, J Stuart Bolton