About This Journal

Gifted Children is the official journal of the AERA Special Interest Group (SIG) for Research on Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent. It is published up to two times each year. Gifted Children is a medium for sharing the latest research and other resources that are relevant to those interested in gifted, creative, and talented populations.

Since the publication of the first issue of Volume 5, articles have undergone a double-blind peer review process prior to publication.


Cutting Edge—These articles focus on innovative, interesting methods that will spark readers' thinking along new lines of data collection or analysis. For example, an article describing a method to analyze data from social media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) would be a suitable article for Cutting Edge. Authors of these articles should illustrate the method through a study or sample data, but the emphasis should be placed on describing how the innovative method is applied.

On Deck— Articles for On Deck will describe in-progress research for which the full results and findings will not be ready for publication for two years or more. These short briefs (1,250-1,500 words) will keep the research community abreast of the important projects that are happening across the field and alert readers to what they might expect to see published in several years. Articles that are submitted to this category will not be peer reviewed.

Welcome to the Field—In this ongoing column we will announce recent dissertations focused on giftedness, creativity, and talent. One or more of the dissertation authors will be invited to write a short article (1,250-1,500 words) describing implications for researchers and practitioners and next steps for their research.

Empirical Research– Submissions to this category should contain a detailed account of a research study that examines some component of giftedness, creativity, or talent development. Authors should present their study in the format that is the excepted standard for the methodological approach used in the study. Literature Reviews – These submissions serve to highlight or otherwise consider the critical facets of the current discourse surrounding research on giftedness, creativity, or talent. These facets may include substantial findings, as well as assorted theoretical, methodological, epistemological contributions to the field of giftedness.

Book Reviews – These articles critically analyze contemporary books that would be of particular relevance to researchers focused on giftedness, creativity, or talent. Reviews should describe, analyze, and evaluate the book based on its quality, relevance, and significance to the field. Reviews should not simply be reports or retellings of the book. Rather, after including a statement of what the author was trying to do, the review should examine the various strengths and weaknesses of that pursuit.

ISSN: 2326-1544

Editor: Kristina Ayers Paul, Purdue University