For Dewey, growth in the educative process means education that enriches and expands one’s experience as it prepares students for not only a vocation but also entry into and transaction with the world. In few places can we see growth, generally understood, to be occurring as fast as in big data technology. This essay begins with an overview of what big data is, specifically what big data looks like in education as understood through learning management system platforms but also data as understood generally on a college campus through dataveillance, or data surveillance understood as the monitoring or possibility of monitoring of one’s data or online activity. In so doing, this essay acknowledges a selection of privacy concerns and educational challenges resulting from big data. I then proceed to the employment of intelligent technology in education with particular emphasis on algorithms and “algorithmic nudging.” I conclude with a Deweyan analysis of technology as continuous with culture and a discussion about the educational needs for technological environments to aid in the proper cultivation of individuals.

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