Danling Fu


To cut off Vygotsky from Marx is to look at him fragmentally and to separate his work from its theoretical basis. The very act is anti-dialectical materialism, the fundamental principle guiding Vygotsky's research and shaping his analysis. A discussion of Vygotsky in the context of Marxism will help us reach an understanding of the theoretic framework of Vygotsky's thinking. This understanding will lead us to a more profound interpretation of Vygotsky's theory and approach. Hopefully this discussion will also help readers understand Marxist theory and methodology in some way. In this article, based on two of Vygotsky's most known works among American educators: Thought and Language and Mind in Society (they are referred as Thought and Mind in the text), I will examine how Vygotsky applied Marxist principles to his study of human psychological development and present in what way he was a Marxist. In doing so, first of all, we have to review Marxist principles.