Jake Carlson, University of Michigan
D. Scott Brandt, Purdue University

A Data Curation Profile is a resource for Library and Information Science professionals, Archivists, IT professionals, Data Managers, and others who want information about the specific data generated and used in research areas and sub-disciplines that may be published, shared, and preserved for re-use. Data Curation Profiles capture requirements for a specific data set generated by a single scientist or lab, based on their reported their needs and preferences for the data. More information about the Data Curation Profiles Project is available at http://datacurationprofiles.org

The Data Curation Profiles Directory provides a stable, citable home for completed Data Curation Profiles. Each completed profile is subjected to review before being formatted, published with a DOI, and distributed through the information supply chain. More information about this process can be found in the "About" section of this site.

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