The Purdue Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) supports innovative activities and programs in areas of academic research, curriculum development, and community business outreach. The Center endeavors to instill future business leaders with the knowledge, motivation, and confidence to think and compete globally, and it facilitates pioneering research in business related disciplines. Purdue CIBER collaborates with departments and colleges throughout Purdue, including Management, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Global Engineering Programs, Health and Human Sciences, and Liberal Arts to internationalize business-related education and learning within their respective curricula and faculty research agendas.

Working Papers from 2013

2013-001 Insider Trading Restrictions and Top Executive Compensation, David J. Denis and Jin Xu

Working Papers from 2011

2011-001 Price Postponement in a Newsvendor Model with Wholesale Price-Only Contracts, Yanyi Xu and Arnab Bisi

Working Papers from 2010

2010-001 Some Evidence on the Nature and Growth of Input Trade, David Hummels and Laura Puzzello

2010-002 A Symmetry Hypothesis and Measurement Biases in the Factor Content of Trade, Laura Puzzello

2010-003 Hedging Price Volatility Using Fast Transport, David L. Hummels and Georg Schaur

2010-004 A Periodic Review Base Stock Inventory System with Sales, Yanyi Xu, Arnab Bisi, and Maqbool Dada

2010-005 Internationalization of Manufacturing SMEs in Central and Eastern Europe: Which Capabilities Matter? , Aldas Kriauciunas, Audra I. Mockaitis, and Mona Bahl

Working Papers from 2009

2009-001 An Inventory Allocation System with Backorders and Sales Rejection, Yanyi Xu, Arnab Bisi, and Maqbool Dada

2009-002 Information Outputs and International Trade: Evidence from U.S. State Level Data on Business Air Travel, Anca D. Cristea

2009-004 Large Shareholder Diversification and Corporate Risk-Taking, Mara Faccio, Maria-Teresa Marchica, and Roberto Mura

Working Papers from 2008

2008-001 Sheltering Corporate Assets from Political Extraction, Lorenzo Caprio, Mara Faccio, and John J. McConnell

2008-002 Cross-Section of Option Returns and Volatility, Amit Goyal and Alessio Saretto

2008-003 The Social Construction of the Responsible Corporate Citizen: Sustainability Reports of the Global Automotive Firms, George Shinkle and J. William Spencer

2008-004 Determinants of Export Growth in Transition Economy Firms: Instituions, Aspirations, Incentives, and Inertia, George Shinkle and Aldas Kriauciunas

2008-005 Organizational Imprinting: Informing Firm Behavior in Domestic and International Contexts, Aldas Kriauciunas and George Shinkle

Working Papers from 2007

2007-001 Pricing of Advertisements on the Internet , Subramanian Balachander and Karthik Kannan

2007-003 The Goals of Antitrust and Competition Policy, Stephen Martin

2007-004 Cultural Effects on Price Format Choices: Evidence from eBay's International Marketplace, Xin Wang, Ye Hu, and Yun Kyung Oh

2007-005 Debt and Expropriation, Mara Faccio, Larry Lang, and Leslie Young

2007-006 The Characteristics of Politically Connected Firms, Mara Faccio

2007-007 Government Control of Privatized Firms, Bernardo Bortolotti and Mara Faccio

2007-008 The Quality of Accounting Information in Politically Connected Firms, Paul K. Chaney, Mara Faccio, and David Parsley

Working Papers from 2006

2006-001 Dominant Shareholders, Corporate Boards and Corporate Value: A Cross-Country Analysis, Jay Dahya, Orlin Dimitrov, and John J. McConnell

2006-002 Cross-Cultural Social Intelligence: An Assessment for Employees Working in Cross-National Contexts, Ma. Evelina Ascalon, Deidra J. Schleicher, and Marise Ph. Born

2006-003 Equity Returns at the Turn of the Month, John J. McConnell and Wei Xu

2006-004 Explaining Import Variety and Quality: the Role of the Income Distribution, Yo Chul Choi, David Hummels, and Chong Xiang

2006-005 How Long Are Product Cycles? , Chong Xiang

2006-006 How Strong is the Love of Variety?, Adina Ardelean

Working Papers from 2005

2005-001 Transforming an Indian Manufacturing Company: The Rane Brake Linings Case, Ananth V. Iyer and Sridhar Seshadri

2005-002 Trade Responses to Geographic Frictions: A Decomposition Using Micro-Data, Russell Hillberry and David Hummels

2005-003 Trading Horizons and the Value of Money, Gabriele Camera and Filip Vesely

2005-004 An Empirical Test of Stakeholder Influence Strategies Model: Evidence from Business Downsizing in Taiwan , Philip C.F. Tsai, C. Rosa Yeh, Shu-Ling Wu, and Ing-Chung Huang

2005-005 Dynamic Learning, Pricing, and Ordering by a Censored Newsvendor , Arnab Bisi and Maqbool Dada

Working Papers from 2004

2004-001 Business Languages in Multi-Lingual Switzerland, Margrit Zinggeler

2004-002 Building a French for Business and Technology Program Abroad, Lionel Lemarchand

2004-003 Measuring the Gains from International Trade Allocated Across Countries, Dongsik Chung

2004-004 Plant Roles and Decision Autonomy in Multinational Plant Networks, Catherine A. Maritan, Thomas H. Brush, and Aneel G. Karbabu

2004-005 Indian Auto Supply Chain at the Cross-roads, Karthik Balakrishnan, Ananth Iyer, Sridhar Seshadri, and Anshul Sheopuri

2004-007 Economic Insights From and About Literature, Drama, and Literary Criticism, Michael Watts

2004-008 What the Empirical Research Tells Us about Precollege Economic Education, Michael Watts

2004-009 Applying U.S. Employment Discrimination Laws to International Employers, Richard A. Posthuma, Mark V. Roehling, and Michael A. Campion

Working Papers from 2003

2003-001 The State of Practice in Supply-Chain Management: A Research Perspective, Leroy B. Schwarz

2003-002 Expatriate Assignments: Understanding the Skill, Ability, Personality, and Behavioral Requirements of Working Abroad, Shung J. Shin, Frederick P. Morgeson, and Michael A. Campion

2003-003 Board Composition, Corporate Performance, and the Cadbury Committee Recommendation, Jay Dahya and John J. McConnell

2003-004 Wealth Creation for Acquirers of Listed and Unlisted Targets, Mara Faccio, John J. McConnell, and David Stolin

2003-005 One minute in the life of the DM/US$: public news in an electronic market, John A. Carlson and Melody Lo

2003-006 A Comparison of Capitalist Systems Examining the Roles of Culture, International Trade, and Global Competition, Paul Drnevich

2003-007 The Role of Cultural Distance in International Negotiations, Paul Drnevich

2003-008 Outside Directors and Corporate Board Decisions, Jay Dahya and John J. McConnell

2003-009 Trade and the (Dis) Incentive to Reform Labor Markets: The Case of Reform in the European Union, George Alessandria and Alain Delacroix

Working Papers from 2001

2001/2002-001 Gresham's Law versus Currency Competition, Gabriele Camera, Ben Craig, and Christopher J. Waller

2001/2002-002 The Variety and Quality of a Nation's Trade, David Hummels and Peter J. Klenow

2001/2002-003 Explaining Home Bias in Consumption: The Role of Intermediate Input Trade, Russell Hillberry and David Hummels

2001/2002-004 Participation Input and Participation Equality within Cross-Cultural Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) Environments, Roberto J. Mejias

2001/2002-005 Participation Equality: Measurement Within Collaborative Electronic Environments-A Three Country Study, Roberto W. Zmud, Roberto J. Mejias, Bruce A. Reinig, and Isabel M. Martinez-Martinez

2001/2002-006 International Monetary Trade and the Law of One Price, Gabriele Camera and Johannes Winkler

2001/2002-007 International Corporate Governance, Diane K. Denis and John J. McConnell

2001/2002-008 The Value Relevance and Reliability of Brand Assets Recognized by UK Firms, Sanjay Kallapur and Sabrina Kwan

Working Papers from 2000

2000-001 Heterogeneous Matching, Transferable Utility and Labor Market Outcomes, Alain Delacroix

2000-002 A Disinflation Tradeoff: Speed versus Final Destination, John A. Carlson and Neven T. Valev

2000-003 Buyer Liability and Voluntary Inspections in International Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading: A Laboratory Study, Timothy N. Cason

2000-004 Alternative Hypotheses and the Volume of Trade: the Gravity Equation and the Extent of Specialization, Jon Haveman and David Hummels

2000-005 Internal Capital Markets and Investment Efficiency: Evidence from Janpanese Industrial Groups, Mark D. Walker

2000-006 The Evolution of Hot Spots in the U.S. Biotechnology Industry, Timothy B. Folta and Yoon-Suk Baik

2000-007 Time as a Trade Barrier, David Hummels

2000-008 Selective Asymmetric Interventions, John A. Carlson and Melody Lo

2000-009 Global Production Planning under Exchange-Rate Uncertainty , Maqbool Dada, Herbert Moskowitz, and Burak Kazaz

2000-010 Information and Inventory Recourse for a Two-Market, Price-Setting Retailer , Maqbool Dada and Nicholas C. Petruzzi

Working Papers from 1999

1999-001 Stores, Prices, and Currency Substitution, Camera Gabriele and Johannes Winkler

1999-002 Sources of Dispersion in Inflation Forecasts, John A. Carlson and Neven T. Valev

1999-003 Voluntary Participation and Spite in Public Good Provision Experiments: an International Comparison, Timothy N. Cason, Tatsuyoshi Saijo, and Takehiko Yamato

1999-004 The Cadbury Committee, Corporate Performance and Top Management Turnover, Jay Dahya, John J. McConnell, and Nicolaos G. Travlos

1999-005 Global Diversification, Industrial Diversification, and Firm Value, David J. Denis, Diane K. Denis, and Keven Yost

1999-006 The Effect of National Culture on Partner Buyouts in Cross-Border Biotechnology Alliances, Timothy B. Folta and Walter J. Ferrier

1999-007 The Impact of Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade in Agricultural Commodities: A Disaggregated Approach, Jon Haveman and Jerry G. Thursby

1999-008 Stock Index Futures Trading and Volatility in International Equity Markets, Huseyin Gulen and Stewart Mayhew

1999-009 Skills, Labour Costs, and Vertically Differentiated Industries: A General Equilibrium Analysis, Stefan Lutz and Alessandro Turrini

1999-010 Reforming Undergraduate Economics Instruction in the Former Soviet Union, Michael Watts and Alexander Kovzik

Working Papers from 1998

1998-001 Financing Publicly Traded U.S. Corporations in Public and Private Security Markets, 1970-1997: Where, How, How Much, With What, When and Why, Kenneth A. Carow, Gayle R. Erwin, and John J. McConnell

1998-002 Voluntary Participation and Spite in Public Good Provision Experiments: an International Comparison, Timothy N. Cason, Tatsuyoshi Saijo, and T. Yamato

1998-003 International Integration and Growth: a Survey and Empirical Investigation, Jon D. Haveman, V. Lei, and J. S. Netz

1998-004 Comparing Working Capital Practices in Canada, the United States, and Australia: A Note, Nabil T. Koury, Keith V. Smith, and Peter I. MacKay

1998-005 Expectations Formation and Inflation Persistence, J. A. Carlson and Neven Tomov Valev

1998-006 Determinants of Currency Risk Premiums, J. A. Carlson and C. L. Osler

1998-007 Trade Reduction, Diversion and Compression: Empirical Regularities in the Effects of Protective Measures, Jon D. Haveman, Reichert U. Nair, and Jerry Thursby

1998-008 Can Subsidies for MARs be Procompetitive, Kala Krishna, Suddhasatwa Roy, and Marie Thursby

Working Papers from 1997

1997-001 Shareholder Wealth Effects on Joint Venture Termination: A Transaction Cost Analysis, J. J. Reuer

1997-002 What Can We Learn from Bilateral Trade? Gravity and Beyond, Jon Haveman and David L. Hummels

1997-003 Cross-National Empirical Generalization of a Supplier Selection and Usage Model for Foreign Exchange Services, D. Bowman, J. U. Farley, and D. C. Schmittlein

1997-004 Measurement of Perceived Environmental Uncertainties: Response and Extension, K. D. Miller

1997-005 Rational Speculators and Exchange Rate Volatility, J. A. Carlson and C. L. Olser

1997-006 Procompetitive Market Access, Marie Thursby, Kala Krisna, and S. Roy

1997-007 Currency Boards, Expectations and Inflation Persistence, J. A. Carlson

1997-008 The Effects of Protection on the Patter of Trade: A Disaggregated Analysis (a), Jon D. Haveman, U. C. Nair, and Jerry Thursby

1997-009 Economic Lessons of the Kobe Earthquake, G. Horwich

Working Papers from 1996

1996-001 Managing a Network of Plants Within Multinational Firms, Thomas Brush, Catherine Maritan, and Aneel Karnani

1996-002 A Survey of Evidence on Domestic and International Stock Exchange Listings with Implications for Markets and Managers, John M. McConnell, Heidi J. Dybevik, David Haushalter, and Erik Lie

1996-003 Implementing Market Access, Kala Krishna, Suddhasatwa Roy, and Marie Thursby

1996-004 Trade Creation and Trade Diversion: New Empirical Results, Jon D. Haveman and David L. Hummels

1996-005 Antecedents of Expatriate Spouse Adjustment: An Analysis of Japanese Spouses in the United States, Riki Takeuchi and John Hannon

1996-006 Determinants of International and Intercultural Human Resource Control: The Case of Taiwanese Subsidiaries int he People's Republic of China, Bih-Shiaw Jaw and John Hannon

1996-007 Adjustment and Job Satisfaction as Antecedents of Intent to Stay: The Case of Japanese Expatriates in the United States, John M. Hannon and Riki Takeuchi

1996-008 Using International Human Resource Management to Inform the Business Intelligence Function, John M. Hannon

1996-009 Agency Costs and the Performance Implications of International Joint Venture Internalization, Jeffrey J. Reuer and Kent D. Miller

1996-010 International Lending by US Banks, Neven Tomov Valev

1996-011 Implementing Market Access, Kala Krishna, Marie Thursby, and Suddhasatwa Roy

1996-012 The Effect of Trade Induced Displacement on Unemployment and Wages, Jon D. Haveman

1996-013 Inflation an Asymmetric Price Adjustment, Robert A. Buckle and John A. Carlson

Working Papers from 1995

1995-001 Sovereignty conditions and governance modes: An option theory approach, John A. Carlson

1995-002 Monetary Coordination, Fixed Exchange Rates and Noisy Markets, John A. Carlson and Dong-Geun Han

1995-003 Can Barriers to Trade Make a Differential?, Jon D. Haveman

1995-004 Asymmetric Corporate Exposures to Foreign Exchange Rates, Kent D. Miller and Jeffrey J. Reuer

1995-005 Money Growth Variability and the Term Structure of Interest in Japan, Gerald J. Lynch and Bradley T. Ewing

1995-006 Inventory and Pricing in Global Operations: Learning From Observed Demands, Nicholas C. Petruzzi and Maqbool Dada

1995-007 Whither Flat Panel Displays?, Kala Krishna and Marie Thursby

Working Papers from 1994

1994-001 Between Realignments and Intervention: the Belgian Franc in the European Monetary System, Kees G. Koedijk, Phillip A. Stork, and Casper G. de Vries

1994-002 Stylized Facts of Nominal Exchange Rate Returns, Casper G. de Vries and K. U. Leuven

1994-003 Operational Flexibility Responses to Environmental Uncertainties, Kent D. Miller

1994-004 Economic Exposure and Integrated Risk Management, Kent D. Miller

1994-005 Diversification Responses to Environmental Uncertainties, Kent D. Miller

1994-006 International Human Resource Strategy and its Determinants: The Case of Multinationals and Their Subsidiaries in Taiwan, John M. Hannon, Ing-Chung Huang, and Bih-Shiaw Jaw

1994-007 International Human Resource Strategy and Control: The Case of Multinationals and Their Subsidiaries, John M. Hannon, Ing-Chung Huang, and Bih-Shiaw Jaw

1994-008 Customer-Driven Human Resource Policies and Practices in Japan, John M. Hannon and Yoko Sano

1994-009 Leaning Against the Wind: Do Central Banks Necessarily Lose?, John A. Carlson and Insook Kim

1994-010 Beyond the Lecture: Case Teaching and the Learning of Economic Theory, John A. Carlson and David W. Schodt

1994-011 Key Information Systems Management Issues in Developing Countries: Differences in the Indiana and US Contexts, Alok R. Chaturvedi, Hemant K. Jain, and Derek L. Nazareth

1994-012 The Influence of Changing Trade Patterns of Displacements of Labor, Jon D. Haveman

1994-013 Financial Reporting for Foreign Exchange Derivatives, Stephen R. Goldberg, Charles A. Tritschler, and Joseph H. Godwin

1994-014 An Experimental Investigation About the Structure of International Commerce, Ron Ruey Duh and Shyam Sunder

1994-015 Patent Races, Product Standards, and International Competition, Richard Jensen and Marie Thursby

1994-016 Firm Strategy and Economic Exposure to Foreign Exchange Rate Movements, Kent D. Miller and Jeffrey J. Reuer

1994-017 The Determinants of Corporate Attractiveness, John Hannon and Yoko Sano

1994-018 The Mediating effects of Pre- and Post-Assignment Activities on the Quality of Work Life of Expatriates: Evidence for Managers in the P.R.C., John Hannon, Ing-Chung Huang, and Cheng-Chen Lin

1994-019 The Mediating Effects of Organization Commitment and Job Involvement on the Relationship Between Quality of Work Life and Customer Service Attitudes, John Hannon, Ing-Chung Huang, and Cheng-Chen Lin

1994-020 A Model for Filter-Rule Gains in Foreign Exchange Markets, John Carlson and Marc Surchat

1994-021 The Principles of Exchange Rate Determination in an international Finance Experiment, Charles Noussair, Charles R. Plott, and Ray Riezman

1994-022 On the Determinants of Corporate Hedging with Financial Derivatives, Stephen R. Goldberg, Joseph H. Godwin, Myung-Sun Kim, and Charles A. Tritschler

Working Papers from 1993

1993-101 Information and Normal Backwardation as Determinants of Trading Performance: Evidence from the North-Sea Oil Forward Market, Gordon M. Phillips and Robert J. Weiner

1993-102 The Association Between the Level of International Diversification and Risk, Stephen R. Goldberg and Frank L. Heflin

1993-103 Risk Aversion, Foreign Exchange Speculation and Gambler's Ruin, John A. Carlson

1993-104 Penalties and Exclusion in the Rescheduling and Forgiveness of International Loans, John A. Carlson, Aasim M. Husain, and Jeffrey A. Zimmerman

1993-105 Industry and Country Effects on Manager's Perceptions of Environmental Uncertainties, Kent D. Miller

1993-106 Foreign Currency Translation Under Two Case-Integrated and Isolated Economies, Stephen R. Goldberg and Joseph H. Godwin

1993-107 A Comparison of Managers' Uncertainty Perceptions and Country Risk Indices, Kent D. Miller

1993-108 The Effect of Trade Induced Displacement on Unemployment and Wages, Jon D. Haveman

1993-109 Some Welfare Effects of Dynamic Customs Union Formation, Jon D. Haveman

1993-110 Central Bank's Expected Profits from Intervention, John A. Carlson and Insook Kim