This research consisted of two parts; this report is volume 2 of 2 volumes; Volume 1 is Report No. FHWA/IN/JHRP-96/10. The first part developed a set of incident clearance time prediction models for the Borman Expressway. The second part consisted of modeling driver’s route choice behavior under the influence of advanced traveler information systems.

Volume 2 of this report describes the modeling driver's route choice behavior under the iinfluence of Advanced Traveler Information Systems. These models can help in understanding the behavior and response of travelers under the influeince of Advanced Traveler Information Systmes.r

The products of this research project will be incorpored in the Advanced Traffic Managment System that is being implemented on the Morman Expressway, a 16-mile segment of *-80 n northwest Indiana.

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freeway traffic management, incident response, decision-making system, SPR-2114

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SPR 2114

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Joint Highway Research Project

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