Journal Advisor

Prof. Dale Whittaker, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs at Purdue University

Chair of the Faculty Advisory Board

Prof. Greg Michalski, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Chemistry at Purdue University

Journal Coordinator

Brooke Halteman, Sophomore, Professional Writing Major and Mathematics Minor

Writing Consultant

Dan Kenzie, Business Writing Coordinator

JPUR Faculty/Staff Advisory Board

Prof. Eric L. Barker, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

Prof. Christopher A. Bidwell, Animal Sciences

Prof. Kristina Bross, English

Prof. Sugato Chakravarty, Consumer Sciences and Retailing

Prof. Todor Cooklev,Wireless Communication and Applied Research, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne

Prof. Melba M. Crawford, Agronomy and Civil Engineering

Prof. Eckhard Groll, Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Chris Holford, Biology and Chemistry, Purdue North Central

Prof. Daphene Koch, Building Construction Management

Prof. Panayota Y. Mantzicopoulos-James, Educational Studies

Prof. Catherine F. Riehle, Purdue University Libraries

Prof. Michael J. Salvo, English

Prof. Dennis Savaiano, Nutrition Policy

Prof. Gabriela C. Weaver, Jerry and Rosie Semier Director, Discovery Learning Center

Prof. Sharon A. Weiner, W. Wayne Booker Chair of Information Literacy

Student Editorial Board

Tim Bolton, Sophomore, Liberal Arts

Sarah Claucherty, Sophomore, Liberal Arts

Velvet Fitzpatrick, Graduate Student, Engineering Education

Martha Hay, Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering

Runkang Hu, Junior, Krannert School of Management

Abigael Johnson, Freshman, Exploratory Studies

Kasey Kaisershot, Sophomore, Education

Gayatri Narayanan, Senior, Microbiology

Lindsey Nelson, Graduate Student, Engineering Education

Paige Pope, Freshman, Liberal Arts

Kelsey Schnieders, Freshman, Liberal Arts