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writing center, online writing lab, OWL, intercultural rhetoric, L2 writing


This presentation for the 8th Intercultural Rhetoric and Discourse Conference discusses work on the Purdue OWL, focusing on the resources targeting L2 writers writing for particular contexts (e.g., Writing for the Chinese Business Context), as these resource-types tend to be some of the early Purdue OWL spaces where the findings of intercultural rhetoric maybe more readily applied. This discussion will also provide an overview of recent research looking at the place of and practitioner attitudes towards OWLs in general and, more specifically, the Purdue OWL. The presenter will conclude by discussing new content development initiatives at the Purdue OWL and how intercultural rhetoric may be used to prepare these resources for deployment to the Purdue OWL. In closing, the presenter will also discuss some of the ways in which intercultural rhetoric can help to inform the creation of OWLs outside of North American—focusing on issues of usability and ESP content development.