Construction safety has been overlooked and the construction industry is now ranked 2nd in top fatalities (Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 2009). As new laws and regulations are being set forth and incentive programs being produced, companies are becoming more aware of safety issues. This report investigates why construction industry safety record is so poor and identifies ways to get the workers in the construction field involved with safety. The study proposes to answer questions regarding what makes people want to be safe - is it the risk of dying, the risk of losing their job, or will incentives increase safety compliance? A poor safety record reflects negatively on a company and by improving their safety records companies will save money. The proposed study will conduct a survey of employees of the Bechtel Corporation, looking at specific reasons why safety procedures are not followed and why accidents occur. The information obtained from the survey will provide insight into the reasons why accidents occur and provide useful information as to how to improve compliance and safety records for the company.

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