To successfully maintain the existing bridge inventory, expertise is needed in the areas of deterioration, fatigue, fracture, corrosion, repair/retrofit, coatings, materials, non-destructive evaluation, riveting, welding, and fabrication. Using Purdue's existing strengths in education and research, the S-BRITE Center engages faculty within and beyond the College of Engineering to explore partnership opportunities in training and research and fills a growing need in the transportation industry. Additional information about the S-BRITE Center is available at

The S-BRITE Center Reports series contains reports written by researchers from the S-BRITE Center.


Submissions from 2018


Fatigue Life Improvement of Welded Girders with Ultrasonic Impact Treatment, Jonathan F. Hui, Jason B. Lloyd, and Robert J. Connor

Submissions from 2017


Load-Induced Fatigue Category of Hand Holes and Manholes, Francisco J. Bonachera Martín and Robert J. Connor


Maintenance Actions to Address Fatigue Cracking in Steel Bridge Structures: Proposed Guidelines and Commentary, Robert J. Connor and Jason B. Lloyd

Submissions from 2015


Fatigue and Fracture Library for the Inspection, Evaluation, and Repair of Vehicular Steel Bridges, Phil Fish, Curtis Schroeder, Robert J. Connor, and Phil Sauser