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Tuesday, June 6th
12:00 AM

Developing Global Graduates with Portable employability Skills through and Industry engaged international student experience set with a "local" context

Barbara Howell
Lidia Bombin Martinez

12:00 AM

Developing Intercultural Leadership Competencies through Virtual Reality: A Model Collaborative Research Design

Mesut Akdere
Kris Acheson-Clair

12:00 AM

Development and Assessment of Minimum Global / Cultural Requirements for all Undergraduates in the Purdue Polytechnic

Robert F. Cox, Purdue University

12:00 AM

Digital Fabrication + Overseas Partnerships

Jennifer Astwood

12:00 AM

Incentivizing Faculty-led Study Abroad and Intercultural Learning Outcomes: A Grant Program Model

Michael A. Brzezinski, Purdue University
Kris Acheson-Clair, Purdue University
Robert Cox, Purdue University

12:00 AM

Internationalisation: from quantity to quality by evolving collaborations across academic teaching and research

Michael Kellerhals

12:00 AM

Leading Learning in the 21st Century: Engaging Educators and International Partners in the Practice of Online International Learning (OIL) through Collaborative Projects

Louise Wilson
Sisko Mällinen

12:00 AM

Successful University Collaboration in the areas of Industrial Engineering and Innovation

Sascha Götte
Iris Reychav

12:00 AM

Trends in International Higher Education - Russian Outlook

Olga Ushakova
Vasif Faradzhov

12:00 AM