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Physical Review B 70,19 (2004) 193201;


Photoluminescence and wavelength-modulated transmission spectra displaying phonon-assisted indirect excitonic transitions in isotopically enriched Si-28, Si-29, Si-30, as well as in natural Si, have yielded the isotopic mass (M) dependence of the indirect excitonic gap (E-gx) and the relevant phonon frequencies. Interpreting these measurements on the basis of a phenomenological theory for (partial derivativeE(gx)/partial derivativeM), we deduce E-gx(M=infinity)=(1213.8+/-1.2) meV, the purely electronic value in the absence of electron-phonon interaction and volume changes associated with anharmonicity.


indirect energy-gap;; temperature-dependence;; isotope dependence;; single-crystal;; absorption;; diamond;; si;; ge;; luminescence;; germanium

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January 2004



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