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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Mahdi M. Abu-Omar

Committee Chair

Mahdi M. Abu-Omar

Committee Member 1

James Caruthers

Committee Member 2

W.N. Delgass

Committee Member 3

David R. McMillin


The story of Group IV metallocene polymerization catalysts has been a tremendous success in the ability to tune chemical reactivity through structural design. As new, nonmetallocene catalyst systems are being investigated, there has been a lack of quantitative relationships for predicting optimal catalyst design for both desired reactivity and polymeric properties. By utilizing a rational catalyst design strategy that focuses on obtaining a quantitative kinetic analysis of all relevant chemical steps from a family of related catalysts, we have attempted to correlate the fundamental reactivity within the olefin polymerization mechanism to distinctive chemical structures. Such studies have revealed both predictive, quantitative correlations and new, unexpected reactivity in a family of Group IV amine bis-phenolate catalysts.

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Chemistry Commons