Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Chair

Yong P. Chen

Committee Member 1

Daniel S. Elliott

Committee Member 2

Chris H. Greene

Committee Member 3

Erica W. Carlson


In this thesis, we have measured PA rates to a spin-dependent molecule in a 87Rb BEC, and also, in a separate line of experiments, excitation and subsequent spontaneous decay of ultracold 7Li85Rb d3Π molecules. The main contribution of the experiment on 7Li85Rb was the observation of multiple new a3Σ` molecules that resulted from the spontaneous decay of the excited d3Π molecules. From those exper3Σ` iments, we were able to predict a feasible pathway to produce a molecules in its lowest virbational level at significant rates. The main contribution of the experiment on 87Rb BECs was the observation of an anomalous reduction of the fractional loss for high values of the Raman coupling with zero Raman detuning. From this, we developed a theoretical model based upon two-pathway destructive interference and our observations suggest that scattering states of atoms in various quantum superpositions may offer a new approach to coherently control photochemical reactions.