Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Studies

Committee Chair

Marilyn A. Hirth

Committee Member 1

James Freeland

Committee Member 2

Anne Traynor

Committee Member 3

Richard Olenchak


The purpose of this qualitative study is to examine how high school principals’ perceptions about the teacher mindset affects how principals provide teachers with coaching and feedback. The research was conducted using the theoretical framework of phenomenology. Data was derived from interviews with two high school principals who have extensive experience in teacher evaluations and coaching. These interviews were recorded, transcribed, and confirmed prior to the coding process and data analysis. The study found a link between principals’ perceptions of teacher mindset and the coaching that ensued. This study pointed to that when principals’ perception increases, coaching effectiveness can increase. When teachers receive more effective coaching, they become better at delivering instruction. Creating better teachers helps students learn more which ultimately leads to increased academic achievements of students. These results, when combined with existing and future literature, may help improve principals’ perception abilities and coaching effectiveness toward their teachers, which may ultimately enhance the schools’ academic outcomes.