Date of Award

January 2015

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Fabio H Ribeiro

Second Advisor

W. N Delgass

Committee Member 1

Jeffrey P Greeley

Committee Member 2

Dmitry Y Zemlyanov


An integrated approach for biomass upgrading to fuels requires catalyst synthesis, characterization, and kinetic evaluation. The work was divided in three areas, 1-preparation and characterization of model catalysts containing metal oxide overcoats and metal nanoparticles synthesized by atomic layer deposition (ALD), a gas-phase material deposition technique, 2-the study of structure sensitivity for formic acid decomposition on planar Pt catalysts, and 3-characterization of bimetallic Pt-M (M = Re, Mo) catalysts using surface sensitive techniques and theory.