Poster for 2008 BNC Research Review


Thermomechanical compliance, electrical and thermal contact resistances in miniaturized thermoelectric devices Miniaturized thermoelectric (TE) heat-pumps seem to be the ideal candidate for localized heat-flux dissipation challenges in microelectronics . It is unfortunate that despite of sustained research in this field, the realization of widespread TE applications in society still remains elusive. Here we report a new strategy to enhance the performance and reliability of TE devices by integrating TE films with carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays by an economical electrodeposition process. We demonstrate significant improvements in the thermomechanical compliance (increase in &#;Tmax > 200K), and the electrical and thermal contact conductance of the CNT/TE integrated contact over the usual electrodeposited metal-interconnect/TE (M/TE) contacts. Improvements in thermomechanical compliance, and contact conductance at the M/CNT/TE contact will lead to development of various highly efficient and reliable applications like microelectronic cooling, waste heat recovery, precise temperature control and measurement, thermochemistry, etc.

Date of this Version

April 2008