This tutorial demonstrates how to perform a batch upload into a Digital Commons institutional repository by exporting the citations and attached files from an EndNote library to XML, using an XSLT stylesheet to convert it into the Digital Commons ingest package format, and then finally performing the batch upload. The tutorial can be downloaded as a Microsoft Windows executable (dcbatchtut.exe) or a Macromedia Flash file (dcbatchtut.swf). The stylesheet from the demonstration is also included (tranform.xsl) as well as the input and output data files (demofiles.zip).


Digital Commons, batch deposits, digital repositories, institutional repositories, repository management, EndNote

Date of this Version

September 2008

dcbatchtut.swf (16218 kB)
A Shockwave Flash version of the presentation

transform.xsl (4 kB)
The XSLT stylesheet used in the presentation

demofiles.zip (8 kB)
The sample input and output files used in the presentation