Created for and presented at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., June 2007.


Purdue University Libraries are resurrecting a 1906 Soil Survey of Tippecanoe County, Indiana and mashing it with itself in order to add value, access, and interaction beyond the more traditional scan/describe/store model of collection recovery. It is an attempt to leverage the evolving technologies of librarianship (description, yes, but also text markup, web application-building, and geographic information systems [GIS]) toward the benefit of our users' maturing needs and expectations.

This poster provides some context to the materials and the project and documents the process of taking beautiful, important, but underused analog materials and decompiling them in order to re-build a more useful, accessible whole.


Digitization, Soil Surveys, GIS, Segmentation,

Date of this Version

June 2007