This review covers major trends in the field of chemical information over the past ten years and how they influenced information literacy and collection development practices of chemical information specialists. Particular attention is given to changes in information literacy and discovery practices as they relate to developments in chemical information resources, the integration of various resources online, and the creation of information literacy standards in the 2000s. Also, changes in licensing and purchasing for online resources as they relate to pricing models, ownership, platform, and distribution are discussed as major influences to new collection development practices.


Chemical information, Chemical Abstracts, SciFinder, Beilstein, Gmelin, Reaxys, Crossfire Commander, Knovel, Kirk-Othmer, Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, DiscoveryGate, information literacy, back files of chemistry journals, Google, Google Scholar, Web of Science, structure searching, EndNote, CRCNetBase, Project Prospect

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Garritano, J. R., Trends in Chemical Information Literacy and Collection Development, 2000–2009. Science & Technology Libraries 2010, 29 (3), 235-257.

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