This book chapter provides context of how the Purdue University Libraries identified the need to support e-science and how it changed organizationally in response to this need. As an example of this support in action, the authors' work with CASPiE [the Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education), an NSF-funded Undergraduate Research Center (URC) based out of the Purdue Department of Chemistry] is included as a case study.


e-science, cyberinfrastructure, organizational change, scholarly communication, case study

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Carlson, Jake R. and Garritano, Jeremy R. “E-science, Cyberinfrastructure and the Changing Face of Scholarship: Organizing for New Models of Research Support at the Purdue University Libraries.” In The Expert Library: Staffing, Sustaining, and Advancing the Academic Library in the 21st Century, edited by Scott Walter and Karen Williams, 234-269. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2010.

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