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Opportunities are opening up to create and promote new roles for librarians, identifying and building new services, and ultimately increasing funding and visibility for the academic library, especially given the evolving nature of research in a data intensive environment. Advocating the research enterprise means working with researchers on problems, and often on proposals for grants to pay for the work. But foremost it means making introductions, building rapport, being able to follow up and follow through on communication, developing relationships and forging partnerships.


Libraries, research, collaboration, advocacy, roles, innovation, engagement

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“Librarians, advocacy and the research enterprise,” in eds. William Welburn, Janice Simmons-Welburn, and Beth McNeil, Advocacy, Outreach, Postsecondary Education and America's Libraries: A Call for Action. Chicago, ALA/ACRL, 2008 (forthcoming)

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September 2008