Curriculum mapping is a process by which curricula are methodically examined to determine where information literacy (IL) capabilities are, or should be taught during formal coursework. Curriculum integration is the process of intentionally integrating IL capability at the points in coursework when students need to master those capabilities and competencies. During this session, librarians will develop an understanding of curriculum mapping and how to integrate IL in curricula. This knowledge prepares librarians for campus leadership, since the curriculum is the primary focus of teaching and learning and affects the entire campus.

The curriculum in higher education can be viewed as: the intended curriculum (the institution's expectation of what is to be taught or learned), the offered curriculum (what teachers teach or plan to teach), and the received curriculum (the knowledge and skills that are actually learned by students via the courses).

Curriculum mapping analyzes the offered curriculum and maps it against the intended curriculum. The purpose of curriculum mapping is to identify the gaps in IL capabilities in the curriculum and to fill those gaps by integrating IL into the curriculum.

This presentation will demonstrate how to analyze the offered program curriculum; how to map it against the intended curriculum; and how to integrate IL into the curriculum. It will provide higher education faculty, librarians, and administrators with strategies for integration of information literacy into the curriculum.

Finally, the presenters will discuss a project to assess the degree to which IL is integrated into curricula. This is a collaborative project that will involve US and New Zealand colleges and universities. This project will result in cross institutional comparison data that should strengthen justifications for engaging in curriculum mapping and integration projects.

Participants will:

  • Understand the meaning of "intended curriculum" and "offered curriculum" to gain new understanding of curriculum structure in an institution
  • Understand how to identify potential academic courses for integrating IL across the curriculum and how to redesign course curricula by integrating IL into the curriculum
  • Understand the institutional perspective for assessing the achievement of IL curriculum integration


information literacy, curriculum, curriculum mapping, librarians, institutional assessment

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