Originally presented: Garritano, J.R. and Eisert, D.B. “On the Go with CHM 125, ECON 210, PHYS 218, and BIOL 205: Coursecasting at a Large Research University.” American Chemical Society 231st National Meeting. Atlanta, GA, March 2006.


Considered one of the larger and broader coursecasting programs currently in the United States, Purdue University's BoilerCast system offers many challenges and opportunities for faculty, staff, and students on and off campus. The ease of accession of audio course lectures online and their integration with RSS feeds allow students to review lectures before exams, can supplement in-class talks, and even let faculty critique their own lectures. However, a podcasting or coursecasting service is not without its tribulations. For those exploring the possibilities of coursecasting, this paper will discuss the ongoing costs and benefits of a large-scale coursecasting system, lessons learned, and future directions. Reactions from both faculty and students will also be presented, focusing on Chem. courses involved. The implementation of an audio tour of the Undergraduate Library to be used with circulating Apple iPods will also be discussed. [ACS Abstract]


podcasting, online, audio

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