Copyright © 2011 The Johns Hopkins University Press. This article first appeared in Library Trends, Vol 60, Issue 2, Fall 2011, pages 297-311.


There is growing recognition that information literacy is a critical skill for educational and workplace success, engagement in lifelong learning, and civic participation. To be considered for allocations of financial and human resources, information literacy must become a policy priority for institutions and societies. There is no published examination of factors that may influence the adoption of information literacy as a policy priority. This article explores aspects of the policy process from a U.S. perspective that can favor or impede the inclusion of information literacy on political agendas. It examines these questions through the multiple streams framework of policy processes. It proposes recommendations to help those who advocate for information literacy to effect policy changes. It identifies areas for research that would help information literacy policy advocates demonstrate need.


information literacy; multiple streams framework; policy studies

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