This article, Tomalee Doan, Sammie L. Morris, (2012) "Middle managers and major gifts: fundraising for academic librarians", Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances, The, Vol. 25 Iss: 4, pp.190 - 195, 10.1108/08880451211292630, is (c) Emerald Group Publishing and permission has been granted for this version to appear here: Emerald does not grant permission for this article to be further copied/distributed or hosted elsewhere without the express permission from Emerald Group Publishing Limited.'



Purpose: Share successful strategies for mid-level management academic librarians and archivists for raising major gifts from individual donors

Design: Demonstrate growing need for fundraising in university libraries and participating in fundraising activities as an increasing expectation of librarians; provide case studies of successful fundraising by librarian and archivist including their work with donors and collaboration with development professionals; conclude with suggestions for maintaining donor relations

Findings: Fundraising is increasingly rapidly as an expected activity of librarians but a slowly growing part of their education. More literature is also needed on the topic. Successful fundraising is dependent on clear definition of fundraising goals, effective communicational and other interpersonal skills, continuing donor follow up and regular collaboration with development staff.

Value: Librarians and archivists can apply to their own fundraising needs the experiences narrated in the case studies of two successful major fundraising efforts utilizing a team-based approach to raising major gifts from individual donors


fundraising, donors, middle managers

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